Malawi medical bills in SA total K0.6 billion


The price of poor health services continue to be steep as reports from South Africa show that Malawi is second in owing the country health service a substantial amount of money.

According to a report by a South African publication, foreign nationals owe South African hospitals a lot of money. Malawians are no exception.

Atupele Muluzi

Atupele: Malawi’s Minister of Health

The report has disclosed that in the past two years, the money that Malawians owe hospitals in South Africa (Gauteng Province) has risen to almost R11.6 million which is almost K600 million at the current exchange rate.

The publication has disclosed that letters have been sent to the Malawian embassy as a way of recovering the loans that have been long overdue.

Apart from Malawi, Zimbabwe and Nigeria are the other countries whose nationals have left bills in South Africa.

Meanwhile, authorities in South Africa have threatened legal action against individuals who owe them unpaid bills in healthcare of which Malawians are among them.

There have been doubts on the success of such a move.

Malawi has mostly relied on South Africa for specialist healthcare. Former President Kamuzu Banda died at a South African hospital while Bingu wa Mutharika was flown to South Africa after he was already pronounced dead.



  1. kkkkkkk koma kunya mwano mukakhala kujoniko mwati tinakutsiirani dziko lanulo zoti timakugulirani mankhwala kumeneko mukatenga zindoko zanu kumeneko simukudziwa musiye chipongwe mwamva?

  2. I love Malawi and Malawians are the most polite people in Africa. I met lots of them in SA when I was there and I was amazed by their hard work and their manners. They need good leaders and hope they can move soon to be a better developed country . Still remember my memories in lilongwe and Dedza..

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