Migration to SA affecting Mzimba


M’mbelwa District Council in Mzimba receives over 25 people every day seeking to process travel documents, a situation that has raised concern.

Authorities in the district have said Mzimba is being negatively affected by the high number of young people who go to South Africa.

District Commissioner (DC) for the M’mbelwa District Council Thomas Chirwa told the local media that although people based in South Africa send money to their relatives in the district, Mzimba is losing a lot of young people who could contribute to economic development.

He added that many young girls drop out of school to get married to men who are based in South Africa while  married men leave their families to go to the rainbow nation.

“These men fail to sustain their marriages because once they migrate to South Africa, they stop supporting their families,” he said.

However, one of the young men in the district whose aim is to travel to South Africa said poverty and lack of opportunities in Malawi force people to go to South Africa.



  1. Our Country Malawi, No Electricity no jobs no business no money to go to school no money to buy my own coffin, What do you expect me to do in this blackout country?

  2. Luk at chakazi bridge and mnjili bridge b4 ustart complaining.

  3. Divide mzimba so that people can have job opportunities and open millennium mine so that people can stay. People move frm one place to another for better life and change whereby you are busy provoking good ideas to meet the requirements of their families. What a kak publisher.

  4. Mr DC first you should tell your president to see why people are moving out of their own country and he MUST sort out that problem then people will not leave their country.
    In TUMBUKA we say galu yikutemwa uko wakuyiponyera. Thank you.

  5. And its high time mbelwa should accept that mzimba needs to be divided into 2 or 3 districts…otherwise development will always go down in MZ

  6. Every citizen has rights to do wht ever he pleased, so stop blaming people who want better life,
    Malawi government doesn’t care for the citizens anymore, they are all selfishness, only concern for their on Stomach

  7. Think twice.Anthu akuona Kuti Malawi it’s not a country wealth to stay.They are tired with you doings that’s why they want to see changes kwina.

  8. I am not surprised and do not get surprised with it they are going back to there original home zululand. For your information Mzimba is the leading supplier of Malawian workers in Azania {South Africa}

  9. These so called chiefs they still want to keep people like chickens in a khola. People now are free to move and if you can give them jobs. These are people with their families and they want to support their families. Chiefs you are not the one created these people. Time will come that will go where they feel welcomed. Find a way before it is too late how to keep these people at your place

  10. I am worried because the # is very small…. I was expecting more than 500 per day… Malawi is a worst country to live… Let them go, yes thus a great move

  11. Kelvin, which province or region in South Africa Zongendaba came from? Inaddition, 25 people per day is not a big issue, they must go to Mangochi and see how many people left Malawi daily. This is bcoz, Government has nothing to offer to Malawians.

  12. Nobody wants to suffer being in Malawi, if the government itself has failed us, sharing our taxi payers, and calling themselves best leaders… while people are there with no any service delivery from the government to read them…. what do you expect, and what matters you???

  13. kuchokera pamene DPP inayamba kuramurira chiwerengero cha anthu opita Ku join chikwera kwanbiri mpaka bingu anasokoneza zinthu kuti tiziwoneneso 3000RS PA BEITBRIDGE choringa anthu asamapite ambiri kubweraso peter uyu anthu akuturuka kwambiri ,DPP sizinthu

  14. There is literally no developmental works in the Mzimba,high employment rates,poverty in general,the people have to fight for a better life.moving to RSA is like the best thing they can do to sustain their needs.am sorry you offended but maybe if the govt had anything to offer could have been better otherwise,noone.is in a position to judge.thank you

    1. Akulu apa mwakwiya. Wati mmalo mutukula boma lithu tikuluta ku joni. Kwene tilije pakukola titukule uli boma? Si tibelanenge waka olo kuviphiko waka mukumanya masese umo yakuwawaskira

  15. Hahaha I don’t eneything here mbelwa to complain because the who come here are not doctors lawyers or police people no they are poor people who just want to seek change in their life you must be concerned with tho who go to UK or American

  16. Let them raised their concern hence the government has nothing to provide to the youth, if the council is concern about situation of the youth being migrated to other countries, him and the government should start implementing strategic plan how they help the youth. Poverty that strikes in our villagers has also expressed the concern to the family and arouse the decision of letting their kids to seek the greener pasture to other countries, however those kids are the ones who contribute a lot in terms of infrastructure in mzimba, even if you can go to villagers, you can see that theirs high improvement and also In town , many pple has built a beautiful houses where the government are ranting on it . So stop being arrogant Mr D.C.

    1. Kkkkkkkkk , he is also getting bribes to the poor kids whose seeking to sign there document, this D.C. man is some how stupid , he want the kids to work into his farm . Is it contributing economy? I think you must undergo mental illness.

  17. The majority of people from Mzimba are the descendants of Zongandeba, who was from South Africa .
    So this should not be an issue, these guys are following where their ancestors came from.

  18. Its seems like the admin or journalist is a fool who didn’t do his homework before publishing this nonsense. Fine ke tiphalire iwe kuti ku Mzimba uko ukuyowoya mwawi wanthito uliko? Pala muma Gvt office waku Mzimba kulije kwadzula people from other districts what do u expect us to do?. Plus ninjani wakuti we are taking passports to go to SA. Kuli chitukuko uli ku Mzimba. Nothing,Zero,Nix kulije chilichose so tichitengekochi ise??. Ku Malawi kulije chakuchita nkhalaninge pala vamusuzgani nawe admin mwizenge.

  19. That’s the only way of beating offside trap, and this chief have baseless concerns hence Government is doing obsolutely nothing to cater these people with jobs.

  20. Who can love to stay in Malawi with the current situation? It’s not only in Mzimba but all in districts only Mberwa is the only one concerned

  21. Immigrants seeking for green pasture, these ngoni are too much lazy that’s why they went to South Africa to find a casual lab our to satisfy their laziness

    1. kkkkkkkkk Cassim, winawu umukhala ulesi aaaa usawayikile kumbuyo and Cathy Ma Quincy those are mashona a mu joni kkkkkkk

    2. Ninjani wakati waliyose waku Malawi wayowoyenge chichewa for what? Iwe chitumbuka ukumanya? Chichewa nivichiso

  22. so who is to blame?
    people r searching for better life which they cant find here. the leadership has failed us and there is no hope at all, better outside there,so live those people who wants to leave this country for greener pastures alone.
    As government u need ask yourself y your citizens are migrating to other nations and find solutions.

  23. Munthu kutenga passport doesn’t mean akufuna kupita Ku South Africa,…. Mwina akufuna kukatsegula Bank account, osayiwala kuti Ku ma bank akumafunsa passport or drivers license.

  24. Nkumakhara bwanji dxiko lokomera ma politician okha okha ili, just immagne ndinatumiza #mayonise kufika kumudxi ayamba kudzola kuyesa mafuta osadziwa kti nzakudya #shame on u

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