Guard jailed 10 years for raping mentally ill girl


The Liwonde first grade Magistrate Court in Machinga has sentenced a 28 year old man to 10 years in jail for raping a 14 year old girl.

According to Machinga police spokesperson Davie Sulumba who spoke with Malawi24,  the convict Willard Chimwala was a watchman at Mangamba market.

MangochiPresenting facts in court, state Prosecutor Cliff Kalawa of Ntaja Police told the court that on 25th August, 2017 the victim who is mentally ill  was sent to buy household items at Mangamba market.

“On her way back she met Chimwala who coerced the 14 year old  victim and took her to Banana plantations where he forced himself on the girl,” Kalawa told the court.

The state  further said the mother Safia Adam was astonished to see her child coming home with her blouse without buttons.

“She asked her as to what had happened and the victim revealed that Chimwala had defiled her,” he said.

The mother reported the matter to Mangamba police unit where she was granted a police medical form  to Mangamba health centre for medical treatment and medical examination where it was proved that the mentally girl was raped.

During court proceedings,    Chimwala pleaded not guilty and this made prosecutor Kalawa to parade three witnesses.

Later he was found guilty and asked the court to be lenient when passing judgment for he is a breadwinner looking after children and his old mother.

Kalawa then asked the court to impose a stiff punishment to the convict because many children are being raped in the area.

When  passing his  judgment,   first grade magistrate Jones Masula said that the court will never stop giving stiffer punishments to the offenders because in Machinga  children are becoming victims to old men and this malpractice contributes to school dropouts.

He then slapped Chimwala with 10 years in jail with hard labour.



  1. This is rediculous,why punishing fellow malawians harshly whilst foreign nationals are greting fair trial in courts,are you pleasing bilateral friendship exist with other nation,the act of a crime is the same with that burundian,mabungwe take action here osamangothamangira ku msewu ku kamatcha, uyu wanchunu akakhale jail mzofuna izi kwinaku kumakhala kusowa mzimu wa umunthu

  2. Iiiiiiiii koma nayenso anangokhwekela Poona kuti ndi wamisala m’ene achulukilamu kulephela kusisa mfundo ali bola wamisala eeeee lelo siizo mkati basi

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