Malawian murder suspect roaming freely in South Africa


A Malawian man suspected of killing his aunt in Malawi is roaming freely in Honeydew informal settlement in South Africa.

The suspect Ntchindi Nyirongo jumped bail and fled to South Africa where he is living.

He was arrested in Malawi in 2003 for killing his biological aunt by decapitating her.

Embangweni police arrested Nyirongo and referred him to Mzimba to wait for his day in court back in 2003.

Luckily for him, he was granted bail. He then sneaked out the country for South Africa.

In South Africa, Nyirongo changed his surname to Moyo as one way of disguising himself from people who may know him.

It is reported that Nyirongo killed his Aunt to use her body parts as business charm.

On his arrest he implicated a well-known businessman at Embangweni trading centre in Mzimba saying that the businessman told him (Nyirongo) he would buy body parts at a healthy price.

Police arrested the businessman in question but due to lack of evidence and disappearance of Nyirongo the court acquitted him for murder.

Nyirongo hails from Kakoma, Embangweni area in Traditional Authority Mzikubola in Mzimba



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