Load shedding to get worse – ESCOM


The dark age continues to haunt Malawi as consumers have been informed by the power body they will continue to experience power shortages.

ESCOM Malawi

Electricity generation not improving

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has clarified that it will continue to implement load shedding since water levels keep dropping in Lake Malawi.

In a statement that was posted on their Facebook page yesterday, ESCOM revealed that the available capacity for distribution is 147 Megawatts.

Three weeks ago it was 160 Megawatts which indicates a 13 Megawatt drop.

The electricity supplier warned that the available power capacity for distribution will reduce below the available 147 Megawatts. This will, force them to adjust their distribution of power to reflect the situation.

“As the water level in Lake Malawi keep on dropping and negatively affecting the flow of Shire River, it is also expected that the power capacity available for distribution will reduce below the current 147 Megawatts.

“In order to ensure equity and fairness in sharing the available power, ESCOM will continue implementing load shedding. ESCOM will also continue to monitor changes in the available power capacity and will constantly review the load shedding programme to reflect the situation on the ground,” reads part of the statement.

Malawi is experiencing persistent blackouts, just like the previous year. This year, it’s worse with areas in the countries having less than nine hours of electricity, every day.

In some parts, blackouts are lasting for more than 24 hours.

According to ESCOM, an average maximum power capacity is 300 Megawatts for Malawi. With the rainy season in its early stage, people only hope the situation will soon face mitigation.

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