Load shedding to get worse – ESCOM


The dark age continues to haunt Malawi as consumers have been informed by the power body they will continue to experience power shortages.

ESCOM Malawi

Electricity generation not improving

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has clarified that it will continue to implement load shedding since water levels keep dropping in Lake Malawi.

In a statement that was posted on their Facebook page yesterday, ESCOM revealed that the available capacity for distribution is 147 Megawatts.

Three weeks ago it was 160 Megawatts which indicates a 13 Megawatt drop.

The electricity supplier warned that the available power capacity for distribution will reduce below the available 147 Megawatts. This will, force them to adjust their distribution of power to reflect the situation.

“As the water level in Lake Malawi keep on dropping and negatively affecting the flow of Shire River, it is also expected that the power capacity available for distribution will reduce below the current 147 Megawatts.

“In order to ensure equity and fairness in sharing the available power, ESCOM will continue implementing load shedding. ESCOM will also continue to monitor changes in the available power capacity and will constantly review the load shedding programme to reflect the situation on the ground,” reads part of the statement.

Malawi is experiencing persistent blackouts, just like the previous year. This year, it’s worse with areas in the countries having less than nine hours of electricity, every day.

In some parts, blackouts are lasting for more than 24 hours.

According to ESCOM, an average maximum power capacity is 300 Megawatts for Malawi. With the rainy season in its early stage, people only hope the situation will soon face mitigation.



  1. Better hire Germany engineers to plan for us, improvisation in education has killed Malawi technically, production at 25, barbershops 5 saloons 5 where can government get tax escom

  2. blackouts most everyday what is going on this too much blackout most everday find off early morning and come late night everday this is too much

  3. We can understand that lake levels are low and that due to no foresight and corruption we don’t have the required.infrustructire and probably will never have the infrastructure to supply.enough power to Malawi and that is expected but why do the political elite not share the pain.and everyone shares load shedding equally..it is after all the political elite that have done NOTHING to plan or sort out this problem. I think what is happening in Malawi is a catastrophe and a damn shame and embarrassment to the government. When is someone in government actually going to.wake up out of their continual slumber and actually do something

  4. ESCOM has to know that these BLACKOUTS are causing social and economic suffering in the country. This is a national crisis that needs a prompt action but it appears ESCOM has run out of ideas despite employing many qualified engineers plus a new broom. We are doomed really.

  5. What was the suprise visit all about?was is all about blinding malawians?was is a tactic government choose to employ to silence malawians for them to say its being acted upon?government could you please tell us the name of the game you are playing,escom has not failed but the leadership has.


  7. The government should come up with a better solution before this problem comes to the complete worse, this is the time that the government should show up itself for its people that it is always there for me

  8. Just recall PITALA as you president he’s a failure in everything equation solved end of story ndiliti tinayamba kumva kulira kwa mtundu wa Malawi enough’s enough

  9. Dear gogetters lipilani mwezi umodzi ndipo mudzaonera mwezi umodzi mwa ulere NDE ndimagetsi ake amenewa zikugwilizana?

  10. M ndi lemba lachabe oyamba anali ajawa ‘njala,ena anali malemuc “mafuta” lero ndiye awa “magetsi.Most politicians wisely rule Malawi when not in government.

  11. VUTO BOMA ILI SILOFUNA kulamula ai koma kuba za athu ifeo kumatizuza chochi koma ziwankuli mulungu akuluonani chomwe mukuzuzila athu ndi mages ndichan a DPP tatopananu plz mukanakhala ena mukanasitha

  12. We are a strong nation, we don’t ask for more. We have an ability to endure an indescribable pain. But now we are been drifted too far. We have one heart if it comes to changing situations. Our seasons are due. One Love one nation.

  13. Mphekesera Zikumveka Kuti Pali Anthu Ena Ambali Yosutsa Boma Omwe Anapereka Ndalama Kwa Akulu Akulu Aku Escom Kuti Azithimisa Magetsi.Ngati Ndichomcho Anthu Oterewa Siabwino Kuwavotera Kuti Alowe M’boma Chifukwa Apanga Miyoyo Ya Malawi Kukhala Yovuta Kwina Akuipisa Mbiri Ya Mtsogoleri Wa Dziko.Ngati Ndizoona Mulungu Atisogolere Kuti Tisazasankhe Anthu Amitima Yoipawa

  14. right now I’m visiting a friend in one of the high class locations in Blantyre, am surprised to hear that in this location, power outage/ load shedding is now a thing of the past they can’t even remember when they had blackout. What kind of load shedding is this that affect only some parts of the country and not others?

    • 4hours ago,my Facebook tells me yu posted 4 hours ago,meaning munakacheza nthawi ya lunch kwa bwanao,,ingosangalalani kuti anakuphikilani munadya cz magetsi amayaka basi.

  15. Escom, why do you beat us from every corner of your house on blackouts?? We have persevered alot and patient enough.. Just tell us if you don’t have the capacity to do the homework before such occurences experienced.. All this time you only managed to flush your office toilet just because it requires no electricity? Shame on you guys!!

  16. We have myiopic thinkers at ESCOM, I wonder why this institution which is dominated by educated people was able to forsee this problem. Do these guys plan for future problems or they just run an organisation on try an error basis. A serious organisation will always plan for future eventualities and deal with them in advance. Last year we had the same blackout, what mechanisims that were put in place for atleast to minimise these blackouts? very very shameful that the very same problems are repeated even worse of it,what were they doing in between? just procuring expensive Ford Rangers? where are the big brains here?. Honestry life has become miserable in these black outs.

  17. aiiii…. mkesa Dr Chakwera analankhulapo nkhani ya magetsi nde mkulu wina akuti Dr chakwera walankhula za misala ofunika apite ku zomba ‘mental hospital’ nde zili ndi ife amalawi kuona choonadi kuti chili mwa ndani?

  18. Escom fellas r happy coz they got employed….that’s all wat had been lookin for in their lives but not serving the nation…..u will get accounted for one day….


  20. ztsilu zkachuluka tmat dziko lawola mphutsi zokha zokha ndkuona kuchedwa #mcpchakwera wandsangalasa kutokota kweke nanga mbavi mumailemekeza poitchula messa nd mbava bac aarrrraaa

  21. ayitane anthu ena omwe ali ndi kuthekera kuzakhazikitsa ntchito za magetsi mu dziko muno…..koma vuto ndiloti boma ndi ladyera silimafuna kuti kubwere ma company dzina…….

  22. makape water level yake it….zaziiiiiiii…….. the past 2yrs amakambaso zomwezo….kod munalibe ma plan kut coming yrs madzi akazasika azatani…foools

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