Two brothers behind bars over Indian hemp


Police in Ntchisi have arrested two brothers for cultivating and being found in possession of Indian hemp.

Police have identified the suspects as Esau Banda, 20, and Samuel Banda, 21, of Ching’amba Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chilooko in Ntchisi district.

LilongweConfirming on this, Ntchisi Police Station Public Relations Officer Gladson M’bumpha said the two were arrested on Friday at Ching’amba Village in the district.

M’bumpha explained that police on November 15 received a tip from well-wishers that Banda and his brother had cultivated Indian hemp in their gardens.

“Following a tip off, criminal investigations officers went to Ching’amba Village in Malomo area and upon arrival at the village the second suspect Esau Banda was arrested who led the criminal investigations officers to his garden,” he said.

Having reached the garden, the officers started uprooting the Indian hemp and while in the process the first accused Samuel Banda came and was immediately arrested for the offences of cultivating and being found in possession of Indian hemp.

 Over 1,700 plants of Indian hemp were uprooted and 2 kilograms of loose Indian hemp was found wrapped in the house of the two.

Meanwhile, the two suspects are expected to appear before court soon to answer charges of cultivating and being found in possession of Indian hemp.




  1. za ziiiii hope ta police take ndiiti talowa kumenete coz ndizomwe anatiuza kut chamba ndicholetsedwa but a mkhala kale amadziwa kut kupezeka ndi gahnja sinkhani yomangana

  2. boobakah!!fire burn wick popo,it iz u de same popo who sold as weed & collect bride 4 us,free our brethen or else i will name all corrupt popo those collect bride & sell as weed.

  3. Malawi police is bullshit busy arresting someone who is cultivating or found in posetion of chamba but felling to fight against crimes like the killing of people with albinolism,shame!

  4. Ndye Mmalawi Ameneyo Kumanga Ogulisa Chamba Kusya Okuba Ndalama Zankhaninkhani Usru Mubwere Mundmange Nane Ndayamba Kugulisa

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