Old employees failing to retire

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Over 20 retirement age workers in Dedza are failing to retire due to lack of funds.

The Dedza District Council has said it does not have money to pay terminal benefits to workers who have reached or are past the retirement age of 60.

The employees include revenue collectors, messengers, ground workers and cleaners.

MoneyAt a full council meeting on Thursday, one of the councillors wondered why the council secretariat is maintaining employees who have reached retirement age while youths in the district are jobless.

In his response, Chief Director of Administration, Chikhawo Mbewe said the council does not have money to pay the workers their benefits but assured the councillors that all old employees will retire by the end of 2017-2018 financial year.

“It is true we are maintaining some staff that are past the normal retirement age. This has been the case because we do not have adequate financial resources to cater for their terminal benefits,” he said.

“We are currently making calculations to find out how much will be needed for their pensions. Thereafter, we will devise means of raising those funds and pay them off,” Mbewe added.

However, some of the concerned staff members expressed displeasure at being forced to retire saying they are still energetic.



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