We will have a golden boot winner this season — NRFA


Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) has said there will be a top goal scorer in the Simama League this season.

In the 2016 season, NRFA failed to identify a golden boot winner since referees were not submitting reports in the second round of the season.

Nyasa Big Bullets vs Karonga United

NRFA General Secretary Masiya Nyasulu told Malawi24 this week that something similar will not happen this season since they are relying on reports that referees are submitting.

He added that the league is not using statistics from team officials who usually cheat.

“Referees match report is the only solution that we are using to have a real top goal scorer this season, it is different with past seasons whereby teams gave goals to one player even though he did not score or sometimes not feature in the game,” he said.

“This time around there is no such cheating and the one to win a golden boot award will be the one who scored more goals than everyone,” said Nyasulu.

Nyasulu also told Malawi24 that they are working hard to make sure that the league should end on December 17th.

According to Nyasulu, the competition committee will soon resolve issues such as abandoned games.

He also expressed excitement with the competitiveness of the league as three teams are fighting for promotion.

“This time around you cannot predict which team is to win the league  as all three top teams  namely Karonga, Chilumba, and Bolero are fighting neck to neck with a small margin of points, that’s what we want because it helps the team to be strong once promoted into the elite league of Malawi,” he said.

The K4 million Simama Northern Region Football League has 16 teams and it kicked off on 22 April.




  1. Northern region football league playing at Kamuzu stadium in the southern region courtesy of Nyasa times… Kkkkk

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