Thyolo, Mulanje declares ‘war’ on Malawi


…Wandale questions why his madness concerns another state

The ‘sketchy’ secession of Thyolo and Mulanje districts from mainland Malawi continues to take mind blowing twists.

Wandale Must

Wandale: Why should my madness test be called for by the state of a country?

The latest development is that the two districts which operate under the republic of MUST is that it has declared war on Malawi for instituting an order that its leader Vincent Wandale undergoes a mental test for leading the People’s Land Organization (PLO) on the calls for the secession of the two districts.

Apparently, the results of the test disclosed that Wandale is mentally challenged something which he has denied in totality.

“Why should my madness test be called for by the state of a country that I have moved out of. Let my family do that task. This is a breach of laws. The Malawi government has subjected a leader of another nation to a mental test without consent. This is a declaration of war,” he told reporters after he got of court in Lilongwe.

He has since disclosed that he has handed over power to some people who he did not mention who are serving as interim leaders.

The soft spoken land activist also said he fears the government of Malawi has an evil plot against him.

” What medicine do they want to give me? They want to kill me, but why should they do so when Malawi landed diplomatic ties with Kosovo which seceded from Serbia meaning they accept the ideals of secession,” he added.

Wandale was arrested hours after a failed official inauguration of MUST a few weeks ago.

He maintains Thyolo and Mulanje are no longer part of Malawi.

Among other things Wandale who was serving as District Agriculture Officer for Lilongwe says the Malawi government has failed to listen to the people of the two districts on matters of land.

The PLO wonders why government was coy on their calls to oversee an equal sharing of land with tea estate owners who they also accuse of exploitation.

The Malawi government however keeps on saying the said secession is not recognizable.



  1. Do DPP government is full of dunderheads, he Wandale started something in the ministry of agriculture. How come they employed wamisala. Akupenga ndi iwowo, he is not destroyed , Wandale remain strong.

  2. Interesting, I hear that mr Wandale is a civil servant with ministry of agriculture based in Lilongwe. If is true that mr Wandale is a mad person, does it mean that the government employed a mad person? Don’t manufacture Justice. Wandale is down but not destroyed, believe me.

  3. Ku Malawi kukanakhala anthu ngati Wandale dziko litasintha kale kale
    Wandale ali ndi idea koma anthu sakumvesetsa pati ‍♂️

  4. I have said repeatedly that we should be careful with this man.He is not alone.Taking this issue for granted might cost us alot.He needs to be jailed for years to silence all the drama.But I wonder wether these opinions are read by the president.

  5. ibwele nkhondoyo mwina population ingachepe ku Malawi. aaaah! kadziko kakang’ono koma kuchula anthu kuposa zimbambwe. eeeeeh! wandale panga zomwezo kkk

  6. Mr Wandale nkhan yanu simukuitenga bwino ndizoona minda ya tea yapangitsa kt anthu amaboma amulanje ndi thyolo asowe malo olima zomwe zinapangisa boma mokakamizikua kuwagulira malo mmaboma a balaka machinga ndi mangochi nthaw yakwana kt ina mwi mindayo muwagawile anuwake anthaka

  7. I am very confused to hear that the madness of Mr wandale has been unfolded by Mr President. My question, is Mr President a psychaetric(or whatever u call it kkkk) doctor? and to my surprise the doctors just produced a report for one reason only, yes i said one reason, that is to be on Mr President’s side. Though i am not surprised that “Khoswe sangawine mulandu pa maso pa A mphaka”

  8. Mmati Zidzakhala Chonchi, Mpaka Liti. Mbola Zikutuluka Ndithu Anthu tidzathamanga Kaya Ya Mikondo, Ndi Nkhondo. A MYP Osawapatsa zawo + wandale,magetsi ,blood suck,kuba,kumana,bodza now like zim apume 2019 madalawa,khkkkk…..]

  9. Why do you keep on telling us about what one mad person is saying. Don’t we have other mad people? Go in the streets and write what those mad people are saying. Wandale is a mad person and we also have other mad people.

  10. Ndazimvera chisoni ndekha ndi m’mene ndawerengera ndemanga zanu apa pa nkhani ya Wandale. Ndikadakhala iine Wandale ngati mu Tumbuka one, bwenzi ndili kale Ku ndende.. I’m sorry to say this. But it hurts how justice is delivered here in my home country Malawi?? I didn’t want neither applied to God to be such called ” Mtumbuka” from northern region. All governments in power have tried silencing all means.. Giving them positions in government, reducing their integrity.. I’m sorry!!

  11. inu tazichenjelani nokha kodi munthuyu ndiwamisaladi?inayamba liti? kodi anayamba kunena,kuti wandale ndiwamisale prezident olo adoctar?tiyeni tinene zoona munthuyu siwamisala koma vuto lili ndi boma kodi nkhope yotupayo chani chatupisa?kodi timaziwa kuti munthu wamisala amabaidwa jackison watulo?amene amapangisa,kuti ngati munthuyo alibe misala imayamba?, mapilisi ake amakhala mwa munthu miyezi4 mutu usakuyenda bwino,munthuyutu akuphedwa Tikuona,tikungosekelela tili ndi chibwanatu baibulo limati mfumu siikhala yabwino pa tchito Zabwino koma zoipa ndakhulupilira .kodi amabungwe ,atolankhani,amimpingo,ma mp mwangoti ziiiii munthu pakana afe?tonse Ziko muno tikuona?pulumuseni wandaleyu aphedwa ponamizila kuti misala,plZ plz plZ,mukawelenga uthengau muchitepo,kanthu .

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  13. Ine Ndi Waku Thyolo,idont Support Wandale.Kodi Anthu Akadera Kakang’ono Akamapanga Msete Zawo Musamati Anthu Aku Thyolo.Idont Even Know Wandale By Face,who Is Wandale Here In Thyolo.Do Not Make Us To Follow Him,ife Sitidya Wandale

    • Man ine siwaku thyolo koma una mwa minda ya tea ija ikufunika kuwapatsa anthu azilima mot kupanda kuigawa minda ya tea ija kutsogoloku kudzakhala vuto lalikulu losowa polima. Inde wandale ndiwamisala koma sziwan kt wamisala anaona nkhondo

    • Inu Kungogawa Minda Ulova Uzakula,munamva Kuti Ku Thyolo Kulibe Minda? Anthu Ali Ndi Minda Yosowa Olima,chabwino Ku Ntcheu, Neno Ndi Madela Ena Kuli Minda Yosowa Olima Amadikiranso Wandale? Kodi Munthu Kukupasa Munda Kumaulephera Kulima Pali Mzeru.Boma La Joyce Banda Linagawa Malo Kwa Bvumbwe Kunamtipwiri Estate Kwa Anthu Osowa,mukuziwa Kuti Minda Yonse Pano Akulima Ndi Anthu Amagalimoto Aku Bt,anthu Anagulisagulisa.Kwa Bvumbwe Komweko Bakili Anagawa Malo A ITG Kwa Anthu,mukuziwa Malo Ambiri Anagulisidwa Kwa Anthu Olemera?

  14. Which war do u want a small country like this,or u want to be like zimbabwe? Pls keep your peace many countries need peace like malawi. Pls malawian dont accept the policiens to devid u, tomorrow they will go with their families in canada or uk.and is u ll remain in trouble for nothing.

  15. Komanso boma ili! Akanakhala Mtumbuka atamumanga! Koma poti ndi Mapwiya palibe! Munthuyu ndi mbuli ! Chikhalirecho Ndalama akugwilitsa ntchito ya dziko la anzake, National registration wapanga kuti ndi Malawia coupon walandira, passport Ali ndi ya ku Malawi, akufunanso kudzaima u councillor 2019 ndiye mutu ukuyenda!

  16. Ameneyu akamubaya injection ija anthu amisala amangokhala docile kikikikikikikiki this is the end of Wandale,a kumunamizira misala just send him to jail for treason,not making up force claims?

  17. This news online is a nuisance should we busy reading this are you sure guys? Busy enquiring these so called news item s from a psychiatric patient what for? Be serious we are not children.

  18. kodi amatuma ndani kape ameneu ichikhala anthu ngt awa inendinkhoza mawapha ndekha ngat moz wandale akuvutisa kumusowesa mtendere president kutha nthawi ya khothi nanga atakhala 20 sangayambise bokoharam ya ku malawi ameneu angomuotcha ndimateyala atrack asativute aboma asolver za magetsi osati mbwelera zakezo akachita tindevu ngt adyo!! angalamlire dziko iyeyo nyapapi wachabechabe ngayambeso kundithera ink!

  19. Wandale reasoning of his claimed madness. Let the court judge him out of what he is defending himself. Malawi government that is duress which you have done to Wandale.

  20. it can attract the international community to have a state led by a mad person like Mr wandale. Malawi is not an exemption to express concern over unconstitutional leader leading another country as no any country legalise a mentally ill person to take the presidential sit.

    • i guess it jst the same to be led by a mental ill or ‘so called incompetent leader,……….. Its not guarantee that if they take mulanje & thyolo as a nation wandale will be presdnt……. Many of our laeders can be found mental ill if they can be tested………….. Misala njambiri

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