Chakwera ruled out of order


Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya on Friday ruled Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera out of order for calling President Peter Mutharika a ‘prince of thieves’.

The Speaker ruled that some of the words used Chakwera used when responding to President Mutharika’s address on Monday should be removed from the Hansard.

Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwera: his words removed from Hansard

Chakwera in his speech called Mutharika a ‘prince of thieves, ‘incompetent’ and ‘insensitive’.

After Chakwera’s speech on Monday, government chief whip Henry Mussa stood on a point of order saying words such as ‘incompetent’ and ‘insensitive’ reflected on the head of state.

In his ruling on Friday, Speaker Richard Msowoya said the words were not parliamentary according to Standing Order 97 of the National Assembly hence should be removed from the Hansard.

“Honourable members it is also a considered view that, remarks become disrespectful if it contains words that reflect on him personally or impute an improper motive on a part of a president.

“Therefore, I hereby rule that those words should be struck off the record of that day,” said Msowoya.

He then advised members of Parliament to avoid using insulting and inflammatory words.

Following the ruling, some Malawi Congress Party (MCP) tried to object but Msowoya told them that once the Speaker has made his ruling no one is allowed to make further contribution.

Mussa however hailed Msowoya saying this was the first time since 1964 that a leader of opposition has been ruled out of order.




  1. Yes it is,especially when considering that they are boss & the junior in the party. But here we see the speaker not being partisan. Thats good to respect one’s job.

  2. Dzichepetsen mdzanja LA yehova kut munthawi yake akukwezen munthu ukafuna kut ulandire zabwino cimafunika ndi kudzchepetsa mkutheka mulungu ana kukonxera mdaritso koma b coz of dishonest umapexeka kut sunalandire adziwika bwanji kut munthu ndiwabwino pamene anhu sakuwauxa chiri chonse chokhudza chitukuko koma akungotukwana pena pake amalawi tiphunzire kuzindikira munthu musasankhe munthu chifukwa cha chipan koma muthu oti akufuna kuthandixa dziko dziwan zoti chipan samasapota ngati mpira koma kupeza muthu Wa mZerù tidzasankha molondora zikômo.

  3. Even when Saul disobeyed God & be removed from his throne & David b anointed he(Davide) dd not speak any obscene language to Saul thats wat Chakwera z supposed to do bcoz the more obscene language he speak the more pipo losing confidence in him

  4. Who is Peter after all? Or what is he after all? Chakwera is NO match with idiotic professors. You will cry, u have just started!! PRINCE OF THIEVES INDEED! Why is he shielding his fellow thieves like Choponda maize?

  5. Kodi wa misala ndindani obela ndi kuononga chuma cha anthu osauka, ndi wina akuyimila mavuto awanthu osaukawo? Peter ndiye wa misala

  6. To me Dr. Chakwela he is right. Peter amakhalila kumbuyo mbava komaso iyeyo ndiye master of thieves. We used to have electricity all the time but under DPP government all this its gone for good. Believe me next will be fuel shortage water shortage, believe me or not DPP government never change this country. Malawi will suffering for ever

  7. mukudana mchulungamo zoti ku dpp kulimbava ndibodza? chaponda ndi wa dpp mbava,asowoya anatenga tharakita mwachinyengo,andalewa ngakuba ,

  8. A President atanena kuti a Chakwera ofunika ku mental bwanji osawadzudzula? Be fair a Chakwera nawonso ndi ofunika ulemu chifukwa pa ndale za demokalase a Chakwera is president in waiting. Choncho ayenera kulemekezedwa.

  9. chakwera amanena zinthu poyera alibe mantha ngati enanu,mukuvutika koma you are not expressing your views nde ukapewo

  10. In due respect to Mr Chakwera…I think he should grow up on the use of language. He should have some respect for the head of state despite holding the elections grudges.

  11. What Chakwera said is ufa woyera truth. Is he not a thief? If not why harbouring thieves in his cabinet like Nankhumwa at under standard City roads scandal which financed by elections campaigns? George Chaponda maize scandal which resulted in burning of Agriculture Capitol Hill building? Jappie Mhango who gets kick backs from Motor Engl for him and instead Motor gets every contract in Malawi? How about his advisors and aids like Ntaba and Ben Phiri who gets every printing contract at State House and government through BEATA COMPANY which Ben Phiri owns? Parastetal boards like Ligoya at ESCOM generator which costed the clean Chief Executive Mwapasas’ job instead. How about what DPP gets from parastatals through fake dinners? How about what he got from Khato Civil? How about fake Chauncerry house you bought in USA at K2 billion while at UNGA? Mr president where did you get the millions you gave to Ntaba, Nankhumwa, Katsayira and Jeffrey during by elections which they just kept in their pockets because they knew that they won’t win and 2019 is doubtful? Mr President where did you get the money (K200,000 each) you offered to chiefs in the north to rally behind you, fortunately our chiefs from North are full of conscious and said NO except Kyungu? Mr President look at the contracts given to your wife company called SAWA GROUP? The list goes and GOES on. So Mr Chakwera said you are a prince of thieves, was he lying or you stand clear some of the dirty deals you are doing.

  12. Straight talk…….straight to the point……Let him the president prove himself by doing right. As long as we can’t see light on maizegate, report on Issa Njaunju’s fate,missing moneys in water boards and other organizations……….then I can stand on a mountain calling him the same name. Let’s hate evil things and start loving our country please.

  13. Muyezo omwe umamuyezera mzako uzaezedwa ndi omwewo. Asazitenge kukhala ngati njero wakuunika, since 1964 this country has been ruled by inperfect leaders untill. He can never be the first perfect leader in this country. Be smart, think about tomorrow

  14. Akulu awa asupukatu akuona ngati kuwina by election afikapo et?nonse mukusatila ameneyu muzakhumudwa sangalamulire Malawi ameneyu osatheka

  15. I see nothing wrong in #chakwera coz sana lankure kumbari. Vuto la antufe ndilimeneri, wa opposition akhale chete mu parliament u’ll say he is stupid & he’s not fit to be a leader. Even in bible ther’s a words in proverbs 24v24-25 he who says to wicked, ”You are righteous,” Him the people will curse; Nations will abhor him. But those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, & a good blessing will come upon them. I rest my case.

  16. Chilungamo chimapweteka but to say the trueth he is the actor of corruption(major key)kodi aMalawi tiyeni tidzionetsetsa

  17. Chakwera mmalawi muno sazakhalako president wina ufune usafune…chakwera ndi president wapa facebook pa page ya malawi24 anthu omwe amavota ochuluka pa FB pano palibe…chakwera ndi mfiti yakuba …ngat amatha kuba mkachisi wamulungu kuli bwanj kubela dziko….APM akuzaimaso …inu mukukamba zamagesi peter amadziwa pomwe pali switch?? Kapena anayamba wagwetsako mvula?? Anthu opusa nomwenu mwadula mitengo ..nyengo yasintha ..madz mushire muli ..nde mumat magex axichoka kut?? ..kuziganiza ..osamakhala badmind..”NKHUKU YANJIRU SIMASWA MADZIRA” nwana wanzako akachita chabwino muzitha kuyamikira…achakwera inu nthaw yanu sinnafike mumadikirabe ngat Tembo ndi nthaw ya APM respect that …….

  18. Wanena wanena wachakwera ife tikuonaso choncho ndipo tikugwirizana nazo zeeeeeeeeedi.kodi mwati Vincent mulekezi mwakamuponya Ku mental hospa Ku Zomba? Bwinotu abambo Inu musakamulase nyerete ya tulo tosadzukaso mpaka muyaya.abambo inu

  19. Chakwera alibe mzeru komanso ndiopusa and samathakuganiza coz iyeyo wayiwala kt muthawi yaulamulilo wao wa mcp athu ambiri anaphedwa mukuyakhula mopusa ngat mene akuyakhulilamo nde akaona bonawona asayambe kuloza amzake zala ndipo ameneyi sangawine pa mpando wamtsogolelo waziko ndipusa

  20. Umbuli suzatha Ku Malawi kodi being a Pastor should it be a reason 4 not accusing APM, whatever Chakwera said its true ,ngati zakunyasa kakolope nyanja ,Chakwera go on kut mwana wa APM adzipsya mtima

  21. There is no leadership in chakwera.he is full jealousy and non leadership statements.he always opposes anything.being opposition leader doesn’t mean he should oppose anything. even if the president says today is Saturday he can oppose.

  22. There is no leadership in chakwera.he is full jealousy and non leadership statements.he always opposes anything.being opposition leader doesn’t mean he should oppose anything. even if the president says today is Saturday he can oppose.

  23. ifil so sad to pipo hu owez asociate politics and religions..dats y we are poor..mzungu came wit chipembezo wit rules so dat he shud control us easily..poor africans..zirizose chakwera wat,reverend wat, zazii..dis z politics.chakwera shd nt fail to critisize coz he oz onse a reverend…we are too religius guys kwathu kuno dats y we are poor

  24. Mungoti phee tione ,,, the late #EVISON..MATAFALE Says so
    ..APM Will change things. soon. Malawi will be a good well developed County in Africa
    …everything will be fine mitima pasi

    • Anthu enanu mmangoyankhula ngati nkamwa mwanu mulibe mano ,.ndichaka chiti chimenen chipan cha MCP chinalamulila anthu ndi kukhutila nawo ? chakwela cant lead this country and he is fucken guy munthu otembeleredwa kusiya kulalikila ndi kuyamba za ndale mmmmmmmmmmmm zanziiiiiiii

      chakwela no more kukhala presidet this warm heart of africa .
      professor Author Peter muthalika ndi one enawo akagwele ndipo enanu mungoyankhula kwanuko kunalibe mseu lelo akupangklan lelo mwayamba kunya mwano mxwiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zandinyasa

    • Very resilient person coz if this man was a true baptized pastor he would have to think twice b4 come up with this arrogant speech. Any way thats also happens at a football pitch whereby when you’re out of it you may be able to see someone’s mistakes but when you went in others might judge you

  25. No matter how bad leaders become during their term of rule, we are supposed to respect them since they are our leaders. Chakwera should be in a better place to know that being an ex religious leader,i expect better from him not this nonsense of calling these names. Never under estimate your friend in the shoes you have never wore coz when your turn comes you never know if the will fit or not…My views so mind yourself the way you reply

  26. Mu mcp muli democracy that’s why vice president amatha kudzudzula bwana wake zikalakwika osati Ku dpp siungadzudzule mthalika mpaka upakila ndikumangidwa

  27. Kodi pitala pamene amanena chakwela kuti apite ku chipatala cha anthu amisala munali kuti ndiye kumuyitana Peter basi khani zopusa muzionela zokambilana za ku South Africa muzasiyi kutokota zambili Peter is Peter

  28. Chakwera is right, mutharika is indeed prince of thieves. Zoona munthu azipanga zinthu mopanda kuganizira ena? This is rubbish. Zisamuwawe iyayi he must take those words coz they suit him.

  29. Ine ndikucheza ndi asilikali kuno ku Zimbabwe ndufuna ndiwauze kopita kukaphunzitsa zaozi klkkkkkk . Kwinaku kukuoneka kuti mpira uli #1 than their job byeeeeeeee

  30. Mdima umadana ndikuunika,chomwe akunena chakwera ndizofunika zedi maka kwa ozindikira mmene zinthu zikuyendera mdziko muno.kwa mbava mpake kumati chakwera adalakwa koma chulungamo sanalakwitse

    • Man mngola mukunena zowona athuwa zilikuwawa popeza ananena mtsogoleri Mbwampini Ndiye ndiwokwiya Koma zimenezo ndilibe nazo ntchito. Bwanji Peter adanena Chakwera kuti ndiwa misala. Ndiyeso Chakwera adakabwezera mawu amenewa Ndiye mudakenteredwa

  31. What time does Chakwera read the bible in preparation for sundy service?He is Godless reverend,thats spiritual incompetency. Ive asked this coz most of the time what he prepares is to rebuke the Apm and his government. May be he dont know tambala akumeza chimanga chimuima pakhosi?Ask Chakwera 4me does he find time t talk or chat with his family or always in magnified glass to c where the government is not doing well kut adzudzulepo?Koma apumako kunyumbaku! kkkkk

  32. Tikuti chakwera ndichitsiru! ndipo sangawine a Mcp akudalira munthu wopanda nzeru yemwe sawathandiza,chakwera vuto lake umbuli wake wonse ukuwonekera kutsogoloku action speaks louder than words Malawi atha kukhala pamavuto osasimbika kumatiso bola mmbuyomu ngati achitsirwa atawina koma sizitheka ndipo ngati ma plan ake ali amenewawa omawotcha cv ya anzako kuti iweyo ukome nde walemba mmadzi a Malawi anachenjera pano don’t waist your time with sweet talk ndati a Malawi pano anapenya! mr chakwera ndikhulupirireni simudzawina analakwa ndamene anakuyikni kutsogoloku chipani chija chikufa lero kutsutsa satero how many mistakes you have before president in 2019 nanga ukazakhala? kulamulira dziko sikophweka! chitukuko chimadana ndi pamalo pomwe pachuluka anthu a sanje/jelousy a Malawi akudabwa kuti sakuona kusintha koma ngati azitsogoleri sadzasiya kupangirana jelousy Malawi sadzasinthaso becauz nsanje simalora kuti china chake chitheke chakwera out of order ife timawona ngati that house its 4 discuss osati kunyoza

  33. chakwera’s greedy for readershp is driving him mad.if chakwera cannot control his own tongue how can he control the whole govt.chakwera is like a lost son he must go back to take care of the sheep he abandoned as a man of God.politics is not your field chakwera

  34. I like the way Chakwera speaks. He doesn’t use obscene language but it still pains others. Foolish, Prince of thieves… are the words he uses unlike these other politicians kutukwana kwambiri

  35. Vuto pali mtundu wina wa anthu osaphuzira kuno ku Malawi womwewo umavometera kapena kuyimira munthu akangowapasa nsima a day stpd people sazatheka peter z nt a ruler bt taker our money n talk nothing on public

  36. kulikonse mdima umadana ndikuunika; amene akudana ndichakwela sakudziwa chomwe akuchita;mudzazindikila patsolo;pakuti amati mfulumila umakoma ukalasa’tionana 2019′

  37. chimodzi modzi president nayoso alibe ulemu akamalankhula, nayoso amakonda kunyoza asogoleri asusa kwambiri nde ususa amupasa bwanji ulemu iyeyo

    • Piter, kumakhala kubwezela chifukwa m’tsogoleli aliyese akangodzuka amangokhalila kunyoza kutukwana president. nthawi yakamunzu ungapange zimene? siwakung’ona basi.

    • Ine nakhumudwa ku Ijtimah msogoleri wa ziko amanyoza chakwera. Pomwe Ijtmah ndi msonkhano wa Mulungu ayankhula bwanji zandale😦 zimenezi zimapangisa kut ziko lisamatukuke munthu wanzeru pa msonkhano Wachisilam wapachaka sangamayankhule zandale😠


    • Ndichifukwa chake ine ndimanena kuti zandale sizofunika kumatenga gawo akanganya amenewa ndi anthu oyipa ndikhulupilireni anthu ambiri mbiri zawo zinaipa chifukwa cha ndale. Ndale ndizachabechabe maka kumalwi ziko lizakhala likusauka mpaka kale chifukwa cha akanganya amenewa Ine pomwe ndili msilam sindingapereke supot kwa akanganya amenewa ndi anthu ogawanisa mitundu ya anthu. Anthu kukhapana zikwanje chifukwa cha akapolo adziko ngati amenewa mashehk kusiya kupanga ma Dhikirllah chifukwa chandale

  38. bravo chakwera,apm akuwonjeza deserves such tough words if he is to correct things he has messed up. kumeneko kuimira anthu.chakwera woyeeeee!! bomaaaa!!!

  39. Paja mmasiku otsiridza anthu azafuna kumvazokoma zokha zokha. Next time a Chakwera azanene kuti because of good leadership of the professor, Magetsi akuyaka mdima.

  40. how many people have been ruled out of order b4 Chakwera?? same are even ministers…….koma pot mkuluyu ena akunjenjemera naye that’s Y every time he make a mistake nkhani imakhala yake

  41. This symbolizes the working democracy in Mcp whereby even the leadership can be corrected of anything wrongly done or said without leading into bad blood between the two unlike other parties whereby the scenario can lead into registering oneself in a black book!

    • Do you know the difference between correction and insult? Go back to the topic,there is no word corrected. He insulted the president!!! I thought you would have said “this symbolises that in MCP people are free to insult their leaders”

    • i guess this is a parliamentery issue not a party issue hence the speaker has all powers to correct whoever deems to be corrected, try to correct him outside parliament

    • Lero Chakwera wanena mtsogoleri ku ndi Prince of thieves tiwana ta Dpp takwiya tingotukwana dzulo Mbwampini adanena Chakwera kuti ndi wa misala tidasangala mokweza kwambiri ndiye poti Chakwera wabwezera tamba kuti opanda ulemu. Tapitani mukalange mbwampini wanuyo kuti akamalakhuta zokhuta otsutsaso azibwezera Ndiye zisamakuwaweni

  42. Amalankhula mopusa ngati sanali m’busa..even bible teaches us to respect each other but mmmm i doubt if he will rule malawi ndikuzimva kwake kumeneko…chakwera alibe umunthu, alibe ulemu, and i dont seeleadership skills in him…

  43. I neva, am not and i will neva respect a failer chatsika bcoz he is an idiot of idiots and i suspect him to join wandale at zomba the man is embaransed brainless who doesnt derseve any chair

    • how many years till it solved (BLACKOUTS, CORRUPTION, MAIZEGATE) see chilungamo is a problem…is only in malawi where you a member of pariament amayankhura chilungamo amati walakwisa

    • But who doesn’t know that the electricity problem is being delt with.. and a big money move 75million pounds it’s not a joke for a small country like Malawi

    • Evans,ndalama akubazo zikanatha kugwira ntchito imeneyo, tamuonani chaponda kuba osamangidwa and kunyumba kukapeza ma US Dollar nanga ndi nduna zingati zikuba nkumasunga makobidi ochuluka chonchowo? Wake up man

    • Mwamuna opusa amati mzake akumuuza kuti mkazi wakoyu amanyengana ndi uyu ndipo umboni ndi uwu amalusira womuuza uja.
      Wochenjera umayamba kupeza njira zoti umupezere zomwe akukuuzazo osati kudana naye.
      Umpeze wa ESCOM aliyense akuuze ngati izi akumanena a President za magetsizi zili zoona ndiye udzaime pano ndikumachita makani.Akumangoseka ukacheza nawo ndikumati a Malawi musamangokhulupirira zina zili zonse za pa msonkhano

    • kupezeka ndindalama mnyumba sindiye kuti munthuyo ngwakuba and umenewo si umboni okwanira kuti anene kuti anaba by just speculating, anafufuza kale ma transaction onse ndipo palibe khodo yomwe inasowa mlandu womwe akuzengedwa achaponda ndiwongo ganizilidwa, paja kuno kumalawi ukalemera ndiwe wa satanic,wokhwima olo okupha anthu izi zikutipweteka kwambiri mkoona kuli anthu ovutika kwambiri this bad spirit must go

    • Mkuzingwa Yohane Inu palibe substation ya Escom yomwe mwaona kuti aika ma provisions ama genset munadutsako Substation ya mapanga zomba road? nanga munadutsako mu mzinda wa Blantyre mkati mwa town mkuona kuti akukumba mphepete mwa miseu mkufunsa kuti akukumbiranji? wa escom munafunsayo ndi wa mcp kapena ndi guard chabe sadziwa chilichonse

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