Abwenzi a Soul Savers Church to fundraise for the needy

Abwenzi a Soul Savers Church: To fundraise for the needy.

A charitable grouping called Abwenzi a Soul Savers under Soul Savers Church in Lilongwe has organized a fundraising event whose proceeds will be used to reach out to the needy and underprivileged people across the country.

Scheduled to take place on Saturday 18th November at Soul Savers church headquarters in area 25, Lilongwe, the event will be spiced up by music from Mike alibewawo, Farai Chazima, Maxwell Olloto, Saul Savers Praise team, Soul Savers youth choir and the worshippers.

Speaking in an interview, Chairperson of the grouping Emily Kaipalima said as Christians they do realize that they need to portray the love of God through their deeds which include the spirit of sharing.

“Jesus Christ taught us to love one another, as Christians we believe that any help we can give to the needy and underprivileged can make a huge difference, we know there are more people who are going through tough times than what we can imagine, that is why we have come with this event so that we reach out to them with the little we can get,” Kaipalima said.

He added that their main focus is not only reaching out to underprivileged church members but also people from other churches who are also facing problems like lack of food and shelter.

“The main aim of this event is to raise funds for the group, in so doing we can reach out to many people, especially now that the rains have started, in rural areas many churches are grass thatched and they struggle to worship the Lord when it is raining, so our mission is also to reach out to them so that they worship and serve God without obstacles.

“We will soon be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, it is another good time that we also need to show our love by sharing,” she said.

Entry fee is pegged at K500 per head and there will be other food items for sale including snacks and soft drinks. For the children there will be jumping castle and swimming pool for them to relax.



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