Malawi inflation rate down to 8.3


The country’s inflation rate has dropped to 8.3 percent from 8.4 percent, latest statistics show.

Figures released on Wednesday by the National Statistical Office (NSO) show a 0.1 percent decrease in inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

It is believed that inflation has fell by a small value due to the increase in non-food inflation from 11.6 percent in September to 11.7 percent in October.

During the same period last year Malawi’s inflation rate was 20.1 percent.

The country’s inflation rate only reached single digit in August this year which was the first time in six years.

Economic experts earlier said that the continued drop of the inflation rate will reduce the speed of the rise in commodity prices.



  1. Inu ingotiuzani zoona apa ambirife kusukulu sitinapiteko. Mwina mukufuna kutiuza kuti tsano thumba lafetereza tizigula k8000, buledi k150, sugar k500 kapena ndi zomwe zikutathauza pamenepo

  2. Mzinamiza osagela inflation plan yofuna kuba imeneyo kusika kwa mandasi kapena masamba deflation palibe enanu ndimolaro chabe mavuto mkuwawonera limoz bweran Ku Botswana mzawone kuyendesa kwa ziko president wanuyo akuchosa ndalama moopya

  3. Is it automatic that when inflation rate is down then prices go down? I think what it means is that businesses will become favorable. Once businesses are grown further with even more effort commodities will subsequently become affordable. It is not as 2 is equal to 2, nope. Realizing from a grown economy is a result of even more work. If from lallygagging I get a job and get my first salary that is just a green-light of future goodies it doesn’t mean I have automatically solved my poverty, I steal have a long way to buy a nice shirt and pair of shoes. Similarly the single digit inflation is a green-light of the goodies lying ahead of us. We have to seize this opportunity and work even harder. Malawians are fast becoming fastidious, very finicky.

  4. Kachirombo kamene muli kukachemerera tsiku ndi tsiku ine phindu lake sindikuliona. Zinthu mitengo yeke yogulira ikuthufukira mwamba tsiku ndi tsiku.

    • Water board prices up 15% domestic use, 20% commercial use. Prices of basic commodities like sugar, bread…are also going up. Koma inu simungazidziwe iwe, mumangokhalira kutsutsa the TRUTH. Mumangokhalira kunena to those who speaks the truth kuti they hate your leader. But remember, 5-1 was just the pic of the iceberg. What you saw is on the surface, yanganani mmadzimo, a bigger ice block is gonna break your failed party in 2019.

      • Addition on those 15% and 20% they also introduced 16.5% VAT Making Water very expensive and yet they busy professing about inflation going down….Dzuka Malawi

  5. it hasnt been easy, this has been achieved with our backs against the wall….bravo government you deserve a big big pat on the back

  6. thus a good news , we are moving forward as a nation ,when inflation was at 24% why then were you so quiet?? you mean you were so happy with that rate???? you hypocritical leaders you don’t love your country, your minds are full of hates for nothing…..just remember this,people will treat you very same way you have treated the Great one professor Peter muthalika if you win 2019……mukuchenjera pagona tizaona podzuka……God bless mother Malawi and bless our visionary leader muthalika..

  7. If u dont know the meaning of inflation and how it works please stay away from the argument

    Coz reduction of inflation does not mean a decrease of pricing in the short run

  8. Malawi inflation going down is so synthetic not the ones we know that makes buying power less hectic! Everything in Malawi is for political gains as is always rhetoric!

  9. Where is the conscience of those people responsible for conceptualizing and compiling such kind of provocative data? This isn’t humane. Surprisingly, some NGOs rely on such politically doctored data when making decisions to effect salary increments. Malawi today!

  10. Drop of inflation does not have any benefit to poor Malawians,commodities increase day and night,prolonged blackouts,low maize prices.Life is miserable.

  11. Why cheat Malawians? Where do you get your data? Everybody knows that prices are increasing at an alarming rate!!! Reason: extremely erratic power supply creates more downtime for industries thus causing shortage of goods and services on the market!!! Are you halfbaked economists? Check the law of supply vs demand!!!

    • Is it automatic that when inflation rate is down then prices go down? I think what it means is that businesses will become favorable and once businesses are grown further with even more effort commodities will subsequently become affordable. It is not as 2=2, nope.

  12. go and calculate those figures on the real ground, not that paper and theoretical work. That’s when u will realise what Malawi is going thru.

  13. aaaaa and aomeone will be over the moon coz rate yatsika ndi 0.1 % zaziii sizisintha kanthu izi…..tell mr president to remove taxes on generators batteries and solar panels tizipangire tokha magetsi ife