LCC, Road Traffic unite on bylaws


Lilongwe City Council (LCC ) and Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that allows the two institutions to collaborate and carry out joint enforcement of traffic bylaws exercises.

According to Lilongwe City Council Mayor Desmond Bikoko, under the Road Traffic Act, Lilongwe City Council powers are exercised through bylaws; to regulate traffic and the parking of motor vehicles in the City.

Bikoko(Left): Powers are exercised through bylaws.

“The MOU allows for effective implementation of bylaws and in the next few weeks, we will be carrying out joint exercises to bring much needed traffic order within the city,” said Bikoko.

The Lilongwe City Council (LCC) on 4th August began enforcing revised city bylaws as one way of instilling sanity in the business operations within the city, improving the traffic system and increasing its revenue collection base.

The Council took a revision of its bylaws as far back as 2003 and many of its operations have faced serious challenges as the legal provisions currently were not in line with the present realities.

Some of the notable bylaws for enforcement were those regulating traffic in the city, selling of liquor, sanitation, business licensing, animal control, waste management and general merchandise trading among others.

Mayor for the City Desmond Bikoko said the council was challenged in many fronts because of low revenue collection which is crippling  service delivery.



  1. LCC yogona too much. Town yopanda ukhondo. Mungogona basi can’t you see Blantyre? Ukhondo kulibiletu. Zinthu zopangira ndalama muli nazo koma choncho mupeze njira zobera ndalama basi.

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