Husband murders pregnant wife


Police at Ntaja in Machinga are keeping in custody a 23-year-old man for murdering his pregnant wife aged 21.

According to Machinga police publicist, Constable, Davie Sulumba, the suspect has been identified as Justin Andson who is being suspected to have murdered his wife, Esnart Fisha.

LilongweConstable Sulumba said Batrumeo Somanje of Chabwera Village, an Uncle to the deceased, told the police that the couple were staying together at an isolated place and the wife was 6 months pregnant.

It is reported that they had been in marriage since May 2017, but the woman had been complaining of regular assaults by the suspect.

On November 13, Batrumeo was informed by the suspect that the woman was not feeling well and when he went there he was surprised to notice that the victim had bruises on her forehead.

The woman was later pronounced dead and postmortem results from Ntaja Health Centre revealed that death was due to epilepsy secondary to assault.

The matter was reported to Ntaja police who arrested the suspect.

Justin who comes from Beni Village, Traditional Authority Liwonde has been charged with murder contrary to section 209 of the penal code.

The woman came from Maluma village, Traditional Authority Liwonde in Machinga.



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