Witchdoctor banned for duping client


Herbalists Association of Malawi (HAM)-Dedza chapter has closed down a facility used by a witchdoctor who duped a client of K1.2 million after lying that he could resurrect the client’s two daughters.

According to the association’s chairperson Dr Mwasiyambuyo Njolomole, the association has closed down the facility of Dr Masamba asiyana Janatu for gross misconduct demonstrated by their member.


“I want to confirm that one of our members who does his practise at Katsekaminga village in the area of Traditional Authority Kamenyagwaza embezzled money from Lucius Atupele Matapwata Who comes from samba Village in the area of Traditional Authority Msamala in Balaka,” he said.

Njolomole observed that the behaviour demonstrated by Janatu is counterproductive.

He then assured the general public that the association will do everything possible to enhance code of conduct and condemn bad behaviour among some herbalists.

“People should not lose trust in us because it is only one member doing the malpracrtise, but not all healers can do this, so we are saying from now on those with Identity Cards bearing our Association should be the only healers operating in the area,” he said.

On his part, the victim Matapwata said his business has gone down as he used his capital to pay the traditional healer who promised to resurrect his two daughters who were washed away by water in Mfulanjobvu river at Samba village in Balaka on their way back from school in February, 2015 which he believed was based on acts of witchcraft.

He indicated that one of his daughters was coming from Kankao community day secondary while the other was coming from Mfulanjobvu primary school when the incident occurred.

He said after paying Dr Janatu the money, the witchdoctor has been making various excuses including demanding extra money from him until now that the healer is nowhere to be found.

He then urged people in the country to refrain from unscrupulous behaviours of some herbalists in the country.

He said: “What I want now is Dr Masamba Asiyana Janatu to give me back my money and someone out there should take this as an example to never trust some of these so called traditional doctors.”

Confirming the development, Dedza Police Public Relations Officer Sub Inspector Edward Kabango said the Police received complaint from Matapwata and a Mozambican.

Kabango explained that the complainants and defendant agreed to settle the matter out of court.

“Yes we received a complaint of that nature from two people, the other one from Mozambique and another from Balaka. All lost relatives and believed Masamba Janatu would resurrect them only to be duped of their money.
“He was arrested but the two complainants closed the case at the station saying they would rather settle on their own after Masamba start paying them back,” he said.

He therefore urged people in the country to be wary of herbalists who claim they can resurrect the dead.

Kabango said: “We just want to warn people that they should be extra careful with these tricksters who claim that they can resurrect the dead, they are false.”



  1. The only person who has power of resurrection is Jesus Christ the of the living God because him too did resurrect from the dead not those witch doctors, amangeni amenewo azolowera kudyera wanthu,eish!