Wandale declared mentally ill


A medical report presented by the state says leader of People’s Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale is mentally ill.

The state presented the medical report at Lilongwe Magistrate Court on Tuesday morning.
The report has since recommended that Wandale should go to Zomba mental hospital for treatment.

Wandale Must

Wandale: Mentally ill.

Wandale claims that he is president of United States of Mulanje and Thyolo (MUST).

He is agitating for the secession of the two districts from Malawi to form one country.

He was arrested last month and charged with publication of false statements likely to cause fear and alarm to the public.

But the court ordered that he should first undergo mental examination to determine if he is fit to stand trial.

He is also answering charges of obtaining money by false pretence. Members of PLO accused Wandale and three other leaders of collecting K3.1 million from them after promising the villagers land.

Wandale however said the money was membership fees which every member was required to pay.



  1. Wandale ndi misala , who is better off between wandale and peter munthalika. Judiciary must order the same people who examined wandala to examine our president , our president must be worst than wandala .

  2. Kuchile kuno wina aliyese amapanga zake mene akuyivelela… Uyoyo akupanga mene akuzivelela KO’d adayamba lit mukhala gat simukumudziwa bwanji… Osamago limbana zamagetsizi bwanji.. Pamapeto ake…

  3. wandale anayakhula kale kut wamisala ndiyemwe amanyamuka kwawo atavala suit yake ndukwera ford ranger kupita kuofesi mkukalamula kuti zimisani magesi… how do we expct kut dziko lipita patali pamene asogoleri akuba kwambiri.. malawi sazatukuka.. o wandale mulimbane nae mzopanda ntchito. osalimbana ndi vuto lamagesi bwanji

  4. Most comments are backing him.They say he is a bourd and strong minded.He might be strong but lacking personality.Civil war imayamba ndi abakha ngat amenewa.all who are backing him are as well mentally disturbed.

    • anyamata kuganiza pang’ono ngat nkhuku.Go to sudan and see.I think u r litte wandales.Mukamakhala mwamtendere u think nkhondo ndi masanje.That wandale need to be kept behi the bars for years.Umphawiwo sukukukwanani?mukufunanso nkhondo eti?

    • Arthur, do you mean it was proper to divide this already small land?Maiko amene amagawidwa amakhala akuluakulu osat mudzi wathu uno.Ndipo ukuganiza kut Wandale angakupangire chan ndi United States yakeyo?We need to think before doing things.Remember, political mistakes are never undone!!!

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  6. After atamuuza kuti akapange drain madzi mu bath tab..pogwilitsa ntchito cup…Iyedi busy katunga madzi nkumataya mmalo mongotsekula drain cover…kkkkkkkk

  7. He is their fellow mulakho and they can’t kill him but he would have a from central region or northern region , they would have killed him. Don’t forget of twenty people on twenty July

  8. what can we expect from him than madness.becoz a small country like malawi wina sangamanene kuti tigawane.only abnormal person like wandale can think that nonsense

  9. what can we expect from him than madness.becoz a small country like malawi wina sangamanene kuti tigawane.only abnormal person like wandale can think that nonsense

  10. whats wrong with government?someone has seen he better form his own country and government you are calling him mad person.eeeish.With this persistent power failures am planning to form my own government also.Dzulo tigawanepo ili palibe ali ndi misala apa fokolo

  11. So they will keep him admitted at the mental hosipiital eish this is why I tell my son junior that he should stop wearing those thorn jeans one day they will pick you and mistake you for a mad guy.

  12. Wandale knws things better than u people cometing that he is mentally ill
    Watch vincent wandale cruise 5 with joab chakhaza on youtube…if u gonna dislike wat wandale is talking

  13. Koma kaendesedwe ka boma kotere sikumathandiza zoona mwamunamizira munthu uja misala ndi cholinga choti asazengedwe mlandu oukira boma???? ndikanakhala ine ndanena kuti Bk ndi Mangochi ndi dziko mukanandipeza ndi misala olo abale anga atakuuzani kuti ndili ndi misala achina dausi angaimve?????? Mmene amathyolera mfundo mkulu ameneyu munganene kuti ndi wamisala????? Worry not justice for everyone iz coming so soon.

  14. Kkkk.. True.. Wandale is better off than some that are in Dpp led government.. The likes of Obama Chiume, Henry Mussa, Dausi, Ntaba deceased estate zealot, Goodall with Dementia, Peter hempmyritis, Nankhumwa epilepsy, Jappie vimbuza.. Just to mention a few.. Some are heads of government departments. Like those at ACB and Judiciary.. Chaponda is a plain thief without disregards.. All these need attention failing which will be disastrous..

  15. Honestly speaking am not sure of wandale’s mental state of health, as a neutral observer you could easily think he is mentally unwell, his mannerism, justification and the way he presents his arguments were so unusual. I thought it was better for him to organize his ideas and consult legal experts otherwise his approach leaves a lot to be desired. However it might be fair to have independent or external experts to assess him otherwise one may be easily compelled to think that the findings are politically influenced.

  16. If he make a decision to stand for presidency in 2019 for whole Malawi and not MUST, I will vote for him. At least he makes board decisions!!!

  17. I am of the following opinions : { 1} It is a deliberate ploy to protect him from facing prosecution and convicted of treason or any other offence that suits in , or { 2 } They { The Prosecution} are afraid to prosecute him for fear of diving 2019 votes in Thyolo And Mulanje therefore they thought of keeping him away from the public by confining him at a mental institution under insanity rules . but this is very bad and dangerous especially where there is police state albeit our is not.

  18. Kkkkkkk… Treason is for northerners and centralists’.. In south, it’s madness… And down lower shire, its blindness…. Kkkkkk. Wandale is very normal as earlier predicted.. How can madness earn somebody into jail first then later on to mental hospital??…. Mad case all over…

  19. the doctors that assesing Wandale they are belong to DPP and are themselves who are mentally ill. Wandale try to make much pposible to rescue the land from hands of the foreigner and give it to the owner Malawian. Thus why Dr Chakwera said our nation is run by the educated fools like the doctors who assese Wandale.

  20. Is this a fact or is it an insult? Nanga a Bambo Chakwera aja nawonso anawapititsa ku mental kukayesedwa? What is wrong with our president? Ali ndi ndale zakale lomwe zija za madslinging eti? Shame!!

  21. Za Nsanje Basi, Mr President Aku Must Angakhale Amisala? Nchifukwa Chan Mlandu Amenewu Akuuweluzira Ku Malawi Mmalo Mou2miza Kuboma La Must?