Transglobe angers MPs again

Lazarus Chakwera

Parliamentary deliberations were suspended this morning after members were angered by Transglobe’s decision to sue legislator Joseph Chidanti Malunga.

This comes weeks after Transglobe Limited angered the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture for blocking implementation of Farm Input Subsidy Program (Fisp) through obtaining court injunction.

Maize scandal
Malunga has backing.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Rumphi East constituency Kamlepo Kalua said the Business Committee of Parliament should discuss the issue of Chidanti Malunga for being sued for his duties.

Kalua added that Transglobe must consider suing Parliament and not Chidanti Malunga arguing the Parliamentary Committee chairperson was carrying his duties.

The sentiments were echoed by several MPs including MCP lawmaker Jessie Kabwila who faulted Transglobe’s decision.

Transglobe is reported to have sued Malunga who is the chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture for threatening that he is to ask Parliament to ban operations of the company in the country.

The company is demanding damages Chidanti Malunga might have caused for threatening to investigate the company and banning its operations.

Transglobe earlier applied for a judicial review after it was dropped off the list of suppliers of Fisp materials this farming season.

The development angered the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture that demanded Transglobe withdraw the case.



  1. don’t forget in a democratic cntry every person has the right no matter how powerful the one being sued z,being mp doesn’t mean u can insult, ill-treat or defame other people.

  2. ….by the way, who are these Transglobe people? Why are they shaking the nation and scratching our heads anyway? They were here as foreigners doing business right? Now they have the audacity to shake the whole existing system controlling Our Government? TELL ME WHY??????????????????

  3. Kodi mu Transglobe muli ma share a wina wake eti…Ndikudabwa nazo…si Tayub yekha ayi…Alipo akumutokosa kuti azizunguza mitu ya ena…

  4. Wat the hell do transflobe think they are bloody they are caught red handed in corruption with chaponda and they want to sue just deport the bastar

  5. Hmmmm anthu a ndalama amenewo? Kuthamanga ndi ma file pa town. Just watching through the window, mukazembazemba malamulowo, mukaonongaononga ndalama za boma nthawi idzafika mudzasiya. Ili ndi dziko lapansi tikuiwala kuti tikhala kwa kanthawi kochepa. 200 years ago there were people living on earth, doing their stuff. And they are all gone. Chisoni chimandigwira some people in the villages can’t even afford salt to add to their simple meals. They just don’t know what’s going on.

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