Rice farmers lament low prices


Rice farmers who were expecting to sell their rice crop at a good price this time of the year have lamented over low prices.

Malawi24 caught up with the farmers in the district who have expressed  concern over prices of the crop up to date.

Malawi rice farmers crying out loud. (Image credit- The Scotsman)

In an interview, one farmer Moreen Nkhandwe said farmers expected that the crop will have a good price from November going into the next year but the case is not the same.

“Indeed the crop is abundant and that is why we were selling at low price thinking that as the time goes by the crop will start be sold at high price,” Mrs Nkhandwe told Malawi24.

According to Nkhandwe, rice farmers in the district tried to liaise with the buyers so that the price should be hiked a bit but it did not work.

“We have no choice since we want to use the money to cultivate another rice. This is forcing us to sell the crop at the maximum price of MK11,000 which is unfair,”

“Last year the maximum was MK20, 000 which gave farmers hope that this year the price will also reach that far from November ,” she told Malawi24.

Rice farming in Nkhotakota primarily was done only for food but things turned around when people realised that the crop is gold.

Last year the crop was not abundant which led it to be pegged at higher price unlike this year.




  1. How can the country get rid of poverty like that? I feel with the farmers after a year of hard work, and they get peanuts. Very sad indeed.

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