MCP threatens action over Electoral Reforms Bills


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has threatened to take action if the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government fails to table Electoral Reforms Amendment Bills during the current sitting of Parliament.

If passed and assented to, the bills will among other things change the system of electing president from the current First Past the Post system to 50+1 system.

Malawi Congress Party

Chakwera: His party is planning to protest

Government recently revealed that cabinet is yet to discuss the bills hence they cannot be tabled.

But the main opposition MCP has suggested that it will stage a protest in Parliament if the Electoral Reforms Amendment Bills are not tabled.

“We will protest that because everyone wants the bills after the government promised that they would be tabled. Therefore, we do not expect excuses,” a MCP legislator told the local media.

In his speech when he opened the 47th session of Parliament on Friday, President Peter Mutharika did not mention the bills.

Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera last week advised DPP government to keep its promise regarding the bills if the DPP administration wants people to continue trusting it.

“The whole world was told by an honourable minister that the Bills on the electoral reforms would be presented in the meeting beginning this month. We expect that they will live by their own promise, unless they want to tell Malawians that they should not be trusted anymore,” Chakwera said.



  1. Opusa chakwera muoneni ali phuno biiiii ndi ana kumanukhisana zovunda ziphwisi,yet peter ali pheeee ku state house kudya malido ndi ngenge yake uyu ali busy ndikutethaku shiiii nyasi.uzikula man,and phunzira respect kwa akulu.sukundipasa chilimbikiso

  2. Bill sidzavota chakula apa mchakuti,zipani izi mcp ndi dpp akufuna kumalowa m’boma using constition,section what so ever.Nkhanitu ndi pa ground.Kodi ikapasa bill tasiya kuvota?
    Kadziwawuzani anthu zowona nthawi yowopsezana poti mukufuna zabwino ndinuyo idatha.

  3. Am wondering …if the DPP is strong enough to win the 2019 election, then why are they reluctant on this bill? Akuopa chaaa?
    You never scared going to war knowing you are well equipped!…
    Bring the bill…50+…. then we see how favorable you are!!

  4. Greedy Dpp led gov will never change,kuzolowera kuba ,chimanga kuba,ma tractorz kusowetsa,lero ndi izo ma pathological liarz,they are happy with these blackouts that have totally killed all the small businesses in the country insteed kumanamiza anthu zama gensets nde u expect them to bring forward electoral reform bill in the house..??Dpp to hell, kuzolowera kuba…infact they are not only pathological liarz but also mbava,akawarara

  5. Stupid idiots civil servants getting 12% increament u clap hands, u fools getting k45, 000 per day, k24million no interest loan u clap ur stupid dirty hands, 1000litres of fuel per month u clap hands,, u divert CdF into ur stupid accounts u clap hand,, and because u know mcp cannot win 2019 because of majority south vote uthink the best way is to boycot sitting of parliament kkkkkk, inu zitsiru eti who cares after u will discus nothing important to arural person apart from getting allowances for sleeping in parliament u fools.

    To hell with u idiot chakwrra, to hell with who ever support u or clap hands for u…,, quoting one zambian ” afool voted by fools who think like fools and loved by fools”
    no sense,

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  7. zayambapo nyau party kupeza chifukwa cha chodzanamizila kuti atibera akaluzaso 2019 akuiwala kuti mizimu yachina gadama idaķwiila komanso aņthu aja amaponya mudziwe lang’ona sadzalowaso m’boma

  8. We are with you leader of oposition we do not wish to go back to doctatorship. We are a frer nation free from dictators and political dem gods we will go with you to protest in the srongest rerms to have our will done

  9. Iyi ndiyofunika kuposa zonse mwagundika kukumba mayenje kuti adpp agweremo koma Mulungu ndiwodabwisa mudzagweramo a mcp nokha ameneyo ndiye Mulungu mumati dpp inabera komatu sichinali m’boma bwanji pp isakaba bwanji yomwe imalamula Mulungu salakwisa

    • That’s also concerns citizens because If the party cheat then people suffer whereby unadzuka 4:00 mamawa kukavota where by they is corruption. So this bill must be address to give free,fair and transparent election. If you say this matter doesn’t concern citizens, who votes. And who suffer after votes.

    • this is also important issue they can not threatening for some thing which they have given already…… the bills of electricity, drungs & other important issues you are thinking was presented but this 1 was not presented thats Y threatening to do that…….had it been issues about electricity, drug e.t.c was not presented anakapangaso chimodzimodzi.

    • Talking rubbish…..we have important issues here ….what about if it is tabled and it fails to pass what will you achieve???….even if they table it now it still has to go to the president to sign it into law…..if they want to delay it they have many ways to do that …Tell your Leader to keep quiet so far He has nothing to offer….

    • That’s waist of tym, u can do any posibility to take on the throne, bt its not all about number of pple or what u call majority to vote someone, no…, God has already have his special pple or his own choosen 4m their mothers womb to lead on. Trying to worst money 4 helpeless bill, what ashame.

    • What important issues do you have Peter Frank Malungo Makamo. So you want to rig votes. So that you carry on with corruption. Who are special people Robern Prodoma and how do you identify them? Why are they scared to have free,transparent and fair elections why? The more you hide the more people what to know. Because we are
      M= magetsi
      A= adzimitsidwa
      A= abwelanso mwina
      W= week
      But you president failed to address the electricity problem in parliament but chose to say ndine kamnyamata not nkalamba. Is that you call important things. Geezzzz DPP cadets ndimbuli

    • My friend …either you are deaf or not listening ….What do you mean the president failed to address the blackout problem ????…..The president acknowledged that we have a crisis …and this crisis is because of two reason …1-apopulation of 17million relying on installed capacity of 350MW of electricity ..that’s pathetic …Malawi needs 1000+MW of electricity at the most …and you guys are coming with you calculations MCP did 160 MW ..-30yrsUDF did 65Mw-yrs….adding up to 350mw…looking at the population and the growth of the economy that we want that s a drop in the ocean …We need serious investment in the his regard if we are to develop as a country…..Currently we are only producing 160mw .due to lower water levels and cilting ….what do you expect ????….don’t be brain washed..

    • And when The president says no previous gov has ever seriously invested in electricity then you guys starts do defending them becs in your small brains you think 160 MW in 30 years is a lot …65 MW in 10 years is a lot for you ….against 17milion people ?????????you must be crazy….

    • DPP has been in power for 11yrs now, isn’t that enough time to reduce the status quo?? but to your stupidity you think previous Governments should have done more, PP stayed in power for just 2 years they added 65MW….what have you morons done to the power grid the 11 yrs you have been ruling? If its not more corruption and more misery to our country…..Electoral law reforms were the reasons Peter was voted into power, it was a marketing gimmick throughout your campaign in 2014, now this is 2017 almost 2018, the Electoral reforms laws are being kept under wraps by DPP despite promising to do reforms once elected? What does that tell you??… means if we remain silent the next general elections will be a disaster not free and fair, that’s what we dont want as a country, we fought for this and amtchona will not come to sit on the reforms and do nothing, Never!!

    • Celebrating midiocrity is the biggest problem Malawi has right now …..if you think I will praise you for commissioning 65mw turbines to the grid which were already put in place by others then think again ……you must really be stupid to believe that someone can build instore and commission a65MW power station in less than two years .. ????

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