I am young – APM


Malawi President Peter Mutharika says he will stand in 2019 elections as torchbearer for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) because he is still young despite being 79 years old and that Saulos Chilima and other DPP high ranking officials do not have what it takes to lead the party to a win streak.

Mutharika, who will be 81 when Malawi goes to the polls, blushed off people calling him an old guard.

Mutharika: I am still young

“These days, people want to be youthful. Some peope, who are 50, 60 and 70, call themselves, youths. So I am also a youth,” said Mutharika on Saturday evening at Katoto Roundabout in Mzuzu.

He claimed that the EU has already endorsed him as a young person.

“Remember I am European Union’s Champion for the youth; so I am a youth,” he added.

Speculations have been flying around that DPP was mentoring George Chaponda as heir to the throne. Others had claimed Ben Phiri would be handpicked by Mutharika as a successor.

However, it is an open secret that Mutharika’s second in command, Saulos Chilima is considered as an outsider within party ranks despite being a favourite by many Malawians.



  1. Ndipo timava kukoma DPP woyeèe ,2019boma!!!!!! Neba muthu sukugwila chifukwa angobwebwta chilichose limbikila mwina ulowa DPP woyee odi uko kkkk kkkk kk

  2. There is a disease in the African continent as a world, where politicians do not want to accept their failure and pave the way to their deputy’s this is a big disease in Africa as a continent hoping n waiting Jesus to come n rule us

  3. You lomwe people, please you must really know the diffirence, between Aking and A president. It’s not for your family you Peter and your late brother Bingo? Hence your administration is very poor, you’re just scrambling things in our Country. You was away, when Chihana brought Multiparty. No political in you.Who told you that ID is having expiring date? Then you made K2000.00. Just now-now. Then K5000.00. You don’t think about the Villagers who voted for you (change) where are they gonna get change? A President must be aperson of reasoning. Not a rubbish like you .

  4. Achinyamata aku Africa, a huge number in population than kids and nkhalamba. After all with our fresh brains 2019 tizidzavotera nkhalamba to be our President Ife nkumatinamiza kuti ndife atsogoleri a mawa. Kupusa eti. Worse more the first critic comment on my opinion will come from my fellow Youth. Shupit, Fweeeeeee!!!!!!!

  5. Inu machende anu mwamva. ngati mukufuna kuyima inu imani then muluza and its when you are going to know that your ideologies and decompanings are useless. For ur info,: you only have a vote bt pple who knows what a President is supposed to be have Millions of votes because they dont want what you claim to be important. zinazi angoyenera akonzeko ways ngati munthu. unless you tell me that you are God then no need to question your capabilities and position you are holding at your house, firm ,company and even in your village

  6. Mr President sir, i have to be your trainer in exercises so that you should be fit and look younger. Peter is a youth, asafuna apse ntima baxi

  7. Komanso zinazi? At kukanililabe ulamulilo, ndi izo za Goodwell Gondwe ndalama ikuwakanika kupanga manage chifukwa chosafuna anyamata kuti athamange. Kaya za voteleni mnkhalambayi kuti muzizakhalano mumdima kwa miyezi itatu timafoniti tizizatchaja mmagalimoto!

  8. Adzaime Adzaphopholedwe Sakudziwa Kuti Akumwaza Anthu Azake Maso Alipomwe Alilipo Kudikira Convetion Mwayesa Kuti Ndi Ufumu Ili Ndidziko Samala Mphwanga Nkhani Iri 2019

  9. I think he mean he is still fit and his age is not as too old as people may think,yes he can only if voted into power coz we’ve seen presidents around the world who are too old yet they’re still ruling

  10. Yes, our HISEXCELLENCY Prof APM is indeed still young in politics let’s give him another chance of winning come 2019. APM WOYEEE!! 2019 WOYEEE!! Adadi tmaknyadlani. Boma ilo Boma ilooo…lyoolyoolyolyolyolyolyolyoo…kkkkkkkkkkkk.

  11. All these words he speaks, because he is worried; when he think about 2019’s general elections because he doesn’t want to lose, he want to continue to undermine Malawi until 2023

  12. Dpp would have been better off with Saulos Chilima in 2019. But Chilima being a ngoni and from central cannot be favoured. This will give an edge to Chakwera of MCP. Chakwera is a born leader and is the most favourite to lead the 2019 polls. My opinion

  13. iwe zimenezo ukauze Getrude not ife ….tikufuna magetsi amphavu not nyasi zakozo ndipo 2019 tikuchotsapo pa mpando wamva uzipita kwanu ife sitimakudziwa palibe chomwe wapangapo ndie uziti ine mwana …..ndani angasekelele zopusazo

  14. So in 2019 elections we shall have a scenario of an 18 year old voter casting a vote for a 81 year old presidential candidate? Lord have mercy!

  15. Young is being in the first or early stage of life or growth; youthful; not old, for example a young woman. Yes, having the appearance, freshness, vigor, or other qualities of youth.
    Now, English is not our mother language – the man is 79, way passed retirement age.

  16. Ah vuto nd dyera kd kulibe ena kuchipaniko amene angadzayimile? Taonan m’mene pano zithu zilili mavuto nd abwe km pozafika 2018 tidzakhala tsyiwala mkuzawavotelaso omwewa akapume kwawo achita tione zina

  17. Malawian politics.. all we know is to stand in the next election basi.Why not siting solutions to our problems like Electricity crisis ,unemployment, Corruption, Road accidents ,no to K5000 bank note just to mention but few. bt busy dreaming to win in de next elections forgetting the well being of voters.

  18. kkkkk! he is still young! dont make me to laugh lungs out ihave not eaten anything morning. Ngati anagwa akudzala mtengo ndiye aziti he is still young koma abale hahahaha

  19. This only cement the fact that he is a liar , by definition ,according to youth policy of Malawi, a young person is someone aged Btwn 10 -35 years, how would you call a 79 year old young? is he comparing himself to Mugabe?. By the way everyone knows that he is a warehouse of old age diseases such as hypertension, diabetis, rheumatoid arthritis and swelling of the scrotum that we know. It is even disheartening to learn that he thinks chilima, as young, energetic and composed as he is cannot lead malawi. It is out of greed and power hungry that this geriatric president thinks he is fit to rule. His epileptic hallucinations are out of old age and body cell degeneration, everything including his thinking capacity has worn out his best place is an elderly home.

  20. Ndiye chifukwa chaketso anthu akumwera kwa Malawi mulungu amalanga chifukwa akumazuzitsa amalawi osalakwa kusankha kwao kosaganiza azamuvoteranso 2019 poti anabelekana ngati makoswe

  21. I cannot understand why 25yr old Malawian ysomewhere in Phalombe, Mchinji or Karong would wake up one day only to vote for an 81yr old president. Are you serious guys? We need energetibg people guy. If we really love this man the only thing we should do is to vote him out and only that way. An our president be going home to rest..he deserves rest…

  22. ZOONADI ADAKALI MWANA .chifukwa chake saona mavuto amene amalawi akukumana nao ngati Vito lamagesi limene lafika povuta,kufuna kukhala ndi k5000 ndi zina zotelo

  23. I think its true that he is still young, look in his empty mouth, teeth has not yet germinated. Is this not a clear indication kuti mgogoyu is still young? Kkkkkk! Komadi mtima suvala sanza ndithu.

  24. Uwona 2019 mfana azakuvotele ndi achina chaponda okuba chimangawo mkumangowayangan.mbuli mbuli ya president in the earth.apa ndye bola kuzatenga chidole kuti chizakhala president olo chisamazayakhule.khunda iyi simva zamunthu,watiphesela abale ambili zipatala iwe chifukwa chakusowa kwamagetsi ndye ukuona ngati tingazakuvotelenso kenako uzangotipha tonse malawi.

    Immigration fast with my passport ndikufuna kukaona zina pajoni

  25. ndiwachituķuko komanso wamasomphenya, deserve to get my vote osati YONA CHAKWERA oba ndalama za tchalitchi nde za boma angalephele kuba akadzawina 2067

  26. kkkkkkkkkk APM is a total disgrace vuto lake people from southern region of malawi ndi mbuli komaso anthu osaganiza all the problems we suffer in malawi its because of these people they vote without thinking and kumangonyamulana onse kumavoti ngti amakawapasa nsima kutereku you will see 2019 APM caarying the day because of the tremendous populations of these south districts voting for APM koma mavuto akuliza tonse apa nawoso magesi akuona mmene afikira apa… wake up people lets stop regionalistic and ubale pamavoti alaaaaaa lets see the future as one people..

    • U r an asshole…u qualify to be one for insulting us the southerners. Look at u mbuli. Ur goal is to be a southern resident.

    • Man ndinu opusa haevy why insulting us the southeners on public instead of posting comments which will unites all malawians to regionism

    • of course walakwitsa kalankhulidwe koma pali timadela tina with very high population and very low education tomwe timavota mosazindikira nkutipweteketsa tonse,kaya nkuwauza bwanji anthu amenewa?

    • southerners presidents atikwana tioneko za ena bcoz zeru zanu ndizochita kukokera koma mitu ikuyambira chigawo chapakati kukathera komwe ku mitu yeniyeyeni uko>>> kumpoto moti munthaliyo sakunama waziona ndikuzindikira zimenezi

    • Its so shallow and dumb for a person, who is claiming to know what he is talking about, to think that region of otigin makes people intelligent and smart.. It is indeed incomprehensible that someone can even think and believe such an unthinkable and unbelievable thing.. Ut is such mind sets which have pulled down our nation and will continue to do such as long as those claiming to be smart base their smartness and intelligence from region of origin.. Regions were marked by the white man and subsequently the succeeding Malawian governments for administrative purposes and not basing on intelligence.. i lament to see such shallow minds

    • iwe kondwani ndiwe mbuli ya chabechabe mulesi osazindikila, iwe umafuna ife a ku south tizivotela mcp yako ndiye walemba madzi my bro come 2019 uzaonanso mene tizamuvotelele peter uzaimbanso nyimbo yako ija atibela atibela ndipo iwe ulibe nzelu ndichifukwa ukunyoza anthu aku south pamene kuti mcp yakoyo kuti iwine pakufunika anthu aku south omwewo ukuwanyozao ndiye ukuona ngati angavotele mcp yakoyo wauponda my bro

    • iwas thinking voting mcp but with the altitude you guy’s shown here better just stay@ without voting sionse akumwela ali mbuli wayankhula mosazindikilatu pamenepo

    • mmmm munthali check your vocabulary and those commenting lets not have our blood boil with this empty and unthinkable nonentity from the dead north.r u tumbukas, serious that we shouldnt be nepotistic,tribalistic and regionalistic?? Uzinamiza amene sakukuziwani

    • Fana kondwani ziwa izi m dima umadana ndikuwara uyu pitala muthalika kunena zoona ine samandigwira mtima alibe fundo zanzeru bolaso bingu malemu uja

    • Kondwani Goma munthali likatha tsiku asanatukwane samaona bwino kaya ndizoonerana mmh zaonjeza!! Koma dziwa ichi munthali; usanaone umbuli wa mzako uone umbuli wako

    • funny thing is tht the very same Southernrs r rulling n will continue to rule come rain come sunshine….after all olo nonse frm the North dnt vote for him still the southernrs cn cast votes 3 times mor n he can still win nde inu muti chan apa….ndpo u northrnrs will neva rule Malawi….ngolo zongosatila inu bas

    • Atumbuka kujitemwa kwambula kuganizga mukhale nthenanthena nakujitemwa kwinu southernrs we r still lead U anthu ozindikila okhala pambuyo kkkk ndigwa ndi phwete

    • koma mavuto akuzunza tose ndimamakolo anu kkkkkk ndipo poorest people in malawi are in the south ndiye muzizitama ndima ma prezident ausilu awa ndichifukw tikuti we need to change things lets try new people

    • kulamulira kwake kwa anchina pitala uku munthu unganyadire akuzunza tose umphawi ukukulaso kwambri ku southern region kuno ndiye i dont see anything to brag about… if the country is to develop we need new people…. sourtheners have failed

    • Kupusa ngati Bambo ako! Mburi ya munthu ngati iwe! Atumbuka ndi Chiani cha mnzeru munapangapo? Anthu odzikonda ngati inu!! Wandikwiitsa heve! Munavotera Joyce Banda chifukwa choti a Banda ndi ambiri Ku mpoto lero mukurira iye anakuthawani ataononga, a bulu inu anakuuzani ndi ndani kuti a mnzeru ndi inu? Ma kape ma northerners!! Kupusa ngati bamboo ako!

    • sazatheka atumbuka,n its a worst of time to answer them, they think to have degrees is everything hence the bragging,but southerners,are more diverse, how many companies r owned by southerners,we know how to make money, timawona patali kuposa pride,we dont accept failure in life,if its not certificates, its business,unlike them,they go back kukaweta zifuyo,eish i got carried away.

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  28. Greedy he don’t wanna see someone chopping our taxpayers money, nyelele yokonda shuga imangozungulila pamulomo wakapu kenako kaya zinatha bwa akuuze ndaaneba

  29. Sure sure sure big man mumakwana simumatikhalila koma kutiimilila mkutimvesa ena atapanga malamulo ao okhwima kuti ziphaso zoyendesela magalimoto kuzikwezatu moipa inu mwaona kuti sizoona takunyadilani ndipo timakunyadilani

  30. Kwa anthu omwe muli olemera, mmakhara komwe magesi sazima, mmadya bwino, ndalama siimakusowani, ulimi mmadalira foteleza wa ulele, ana anu amapita ku xull za 1.milion pa mwezi, mumagwira ntchito coz achbale anu ndi right hand man wa boma in other words this government is feeding you, muzavotera young man, mr President.

    Kwa omwe kukacha timakwiya coz magesi azima, sitidya coz ku baber shop sitisegula, saloon sitisegula, chigayo sitisegula, nyama sitigulisa yawola, ma coupons sitilandila coz amfumu satiziwa, munda anatigulisila ku mabungwe, tizaona imuvotera, kaya miracle party, so that tizakhale ndi miracle everything, at least sitizadandaula.

  31. Yes you are a young, but lets talk this you are not afford to help all of us Malawians interms of electricity, to govern the Nation so that people can feel happy with what you are doing good, just to mention few

  32. ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◇◆
    ♡A word of meditation
    On a sunday:
    “Some will trust in chariots…..horses….”
    Some will trust:
    ★in God of Jacob
    ★in God of David
    ★in God of Major 1
    ♡But we will trust in God Jehovah Girah!
    ♡In him everything is beneficial & permanent!!

  33. wakalamba wafunaa,,,koma ine sindizavotanso,.,excuse me ,,am busy preparing to attend the world cup in russia,,,lol,,,.kukhala mmalawi nkupilira ndithu,,,mmmm my phone battery is shutting down,,,,mmmmm #blackout’xoooooooooo,,,,,,,,

  34. Hahaha Bwana ma jokes muwasiire achina Mr. Jokes ndi Daliso Chaponda. In 2019 and beyond nonse above 60 years we will send you into retirement. #youth_revolution

  35. If i were him, i wud not have dared to contest in 2019 polls. It is better for him to retire and enjoy his presidential benefits honourably than retiring bcoz of losing an election. Some times it is good to know when it is time to leave than to be told or forced to leave.

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