41 girls rescued from child marriages

In a bid to protect vulnerable children in Chikwawa district, Youth Coalition for the consolidation of Democracy (YCD) engaged an extra gear towards reducing child marriages by rescuing 41 girls from child marriages.

According to YCD Executive Director Francis Folley, all the girls rescued from child marriages are from areas of Paramount Chief Lundu and Senior Chief Ngabu in the district.

Rescued from child marriages.

Folley said on Thursday afternoon at Chimadzimadzi Primary School under Senior Chief Ngabu that the exercise was done through the project called Child Justice Project with support from well-wishers from countries like the United States of America, Germany and United Kingdom.

He said: “Apart from calling off such marriages, our organization has also today given school support to 28 primary school children we removed from child marriages.”

Such support includes school fund, school uniforms, school shoes, notebooks and pens. All the girls are in primary schools.

The YCD’s Executive Director emphasized on the need to take a deliberate pro-girl school child support efforts as one way of reducing child marriages.

“If the communities are aware and understand the implications of child marriages on the lives of the children especially girls who are usually the victims of the vice; child marriages will be reduced in the area,” he pointed out.

On his part Group Village Headman Jasi II thanked YCD for the project which he said served many underage girls from child marriages.

He further warned his subjects saying if anyone dares forces any of their children into marriages he will make sure they face the law.

During the function, Head Teacher from Chimadzimadzi Primary School commended the work YCD is doing in the area adding that some of the girls removed from child marriages by YCD were readmitted to the school.

Speaking on behalf of the girls, one of the girls Estere Biasi expressed her gratitude to the organisation for the support. She also thanked the schools for welcoming them back to school.




  1. point of collection admin, there is no rescue to the little girls here in chikwawa, lier totally teenagers are get marraige so early, and most are impregnated with 13 – 16 yrs old, ana’wa chigololo akuchimva kukoma kosatheka, ndipo police yakhala ikuopseza ana’wa kulowa m’banja motere kuti apite kuusukulu, ataah! kuthandiza, every night they are in boys room to have sex. so I don’t know where yu get this sentencesv

  2. …these r last dayz,..zmenez zkuyenela kuchtka bas,ndpo skt zil ku CK kokhako ayi…mmakwalaramu zil mbweee!..nde pot ma NGOs achuluka akyenela kgwra ntchto yawo…kma result yake ndkungokhumudwa coz skt angazkwanise ayi…BUT OVERALL,..lets work hand in hand to curb ths malpractice.

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