Sukez preaches giving back to fans


Malawi’s award winning video director Gift Sukez Sukali has said giving back to fans is key to enhancing artists’ skills in their respective fields.

Sukez said this in the past week, having surprised his fans with gifts and one on one motivational talks in the capital Lilongwe. He pointed out that achieving high status in a certain field makes most public figures to ignore their fans.

Sukez: fans will help me

“These people are out there talking good things about us but most of us public figures give them a blind eye,” said Sukez

He described the move as productive on his part, as it will help him improve in as far as videography is concerned.

“Taking time to meet one or two of my fans will help me be a better videographer since I make videos for people like them, so am also learning by the end of the day,” he added.

The 2016 UMP award winner for best video director, through his brand, HD Plus creation, is known for making visuals that meet people’s desired standards. He is among the pioneers of Malawi’s high definition visuals, with a number of music videos and commercials under his name.

This year he has also been nominated in the same slot of the UMP awards. The recognition ceremony takes place this Saturday at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

With a number of his video products circulating across local and international media platforms, Sukez maintains that no matter how big he will become, his fans shall always be an integral part of his career.


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  1. Why do you pamper this skill-less dude? His videos are dark, the faces are not clear and they are repetitive. Did you watch that video by that Zomba guy (Tandigwire Dale). What was he doing? The visuals too dark and you wonder if he cant afford light equipment. Stop this madness in trying to get him votes.

    VJ is 100 times better than Sukez….. Ron Cz is 50 times better than Sukez….. Even that talentless videographer Dr Who is at par with him. The only video he shot that deserves a big thumbs up is Miracle Money.

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