Propee denies quitting music production

Malawi’s renowned audio producer Percy Propee Manyozo has said he is still in music production despite his noticeable break from the studio.

Malawians who appreciate his work have been driven to believe that Propee is no longer in music production.

Percy Propee Manyozo
Percy Propee Manyozo: I a’m still in music production.

They owe this to his distance from the studio which has been vividly noticed this year.

The retirement rumours propelled Malawi24 to find out from Percy himself the reason behind his silence. In response, he revealed to this publication the reason behind his music production break.

Manyozo told Malawi24 on Friday that he has been occupied with Nyimbo Zathu projects, hence not being active in music production. He heads the company which also has a music site under the same name.

However, he hinted on returning to active music production soon.

“I will return to active music production either this month or in December. I have recently updated the social media community about this through Facebook,” he said

Manyozo is among the local audio producers who form what is claimed to be the golden generation of Malawi’s music production. He got into the limelight late last decade having produced chat topping hits for some gigantic Malawian urban artists.

He is considered to have elevated the fame statuses of some of the artists. Some of these artists are Maskal, Piksy and Onesimus (then Armstrong). People believe that although the aforementioned artists are talented, Propee played a paramount role in making them big.

The Blantyre based beat maker is also argued to be the pioneer of recorded producer signals, which indicate who produced the song. At the beginning of every song he gets his hands on, the listener is welcomed by the sound signal “Propee eh!!”

With the absence of the signal in most top songs produced in these two years, his fans could not wait but jump into the conclusion that he quit.




  1. propee we miss your production ….your the best producer incase you dont know.

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