More controversy for LL water project:Khato wanted to bribe lawyer

Lake Malawi

Lawyer representing the Malawi Law Society (MLS) in a case against Lilongwe Water board (LWB) has expressed concern over the conduct of an interested party, Khato Civils Pty Limited.

The lawyer has disclosed that Khato offered him bribes to compromise the case.

Lake Malawi

Khato joined the judicial review case that challenged the implementation of Salima-water project .

Khato Civils is reported to have offered a bribe to a lawyer Bright Theu to recuse himself from the case that challenged the implementation water project Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

In a report to his client, MLS, Theu disclosed that the case was  mishandled leading to frustration by “phantom ruling” that witnessed Khato winning the case.

Theu explained that in desperate situation for fear of losing the project, one of the lawyers for Khato offered to give a bribe from his client for Theu to dump the case.

“Some days after joining the proceedings as an interested party, Mr Frank Mbeta, one of the lawyers representing Khato Civils approached me with a proposal that there was money, I should call my figure and compromise or walk away from the case, he stated that he and his client were more concerned if the issue of contravention of the procurement law was made part of the judicial review.

“The fear being the risk of the contract being cancelled by the court. He asked me not to file the application to amend Form 86A as part of the possible settlement of the case,” reads part of the report made available to Malawi24.

He further explained to have denied the offer and reported to MLS EXCO and filed to add the issue of contravention of the Public Procurement Act.

Theu has since urged MLS to pursue the matter arguing environmental rule of law whose objects serve the current and future generations should not be “confronted with those that would use their political, economic and social power”.

Meanwhile MLS is yet to take the next action against the ruling made by the Zomba High Court.



  1. The machines arw arleady on site. This job has comnenced. Come at kaphatenga as we are going to lilongwe.eart moving machines are on camp site

  2. All Lawyers in Malawi graduate from Chanco.. What do you expect from them? Brotherly treatment.. That’s why cases live to stay without conclusion.. MHC tenants through Jai Banda obtained a an injunction against MHC, but deliberately the Lawyer absented himself and the injunction was lifted.. Numerous complaints at MLS only 7% have been concluded.. No issue on Khato from MLS.. We simply need water in LL.

  3. As a nation we are happy the project is given to a Malawian, lawyers where were you when shire Zambezi waterway project commenced without feasibility study ? Now am starting to think you are working under influence of foreign companies who might be bribing you . Leave our Mchinji boy do the job cause no one has problem with his capacity to do the job.Zamaprocedures kaya chani chani zitayeni after all procedures have always been flouted here kaya Ku Escom, Admarc, macra etc bwanji sumunakatengeko chileso? Eti amanganso mu Lilongwe chinyumba chamwamba inuyo chitukuko mumabweretsa ndichiti? Apa ndakwiya choti muziwe kwathu kukaronga ochosa mafupa sanatherethu . KHATO OUR OWN MALAWIAN ALL THE WAY.

  4. kodi amalawi ameneyi osangonchita tintini bwanji? ndiyakutiko nfiti imeneyi? bwanji ikufuna kusoneza chinthu chopindulira amalawi osauka? chonde amalawi gwiranani manja kumudziko mthireni nkhondo yangitawo achileke kuti yemwe akuntumawo apse ntima zeni zeni. thats y malawi sapita patsogolo coz of envy, dyera, nkhwinthi ndi kudzikonda plus ndale zija zopusa

  5. So many strings attached in Malawi projects, kenako tiziti boma lalephera, they want to delay the project mpaka 2019 so that things will turn out according to there favor whilst poor Malawians are drinking suwor water

  6. Who has been hired?= Malawian
    Who wants water?= Poor Malawians
    Who is currently suffering?= Poor Malawians
    Whom will khato employ?= Malawians

    zacahamba basi tapangani zamadziwo apa zanuzo muzikambirana anthu akumwa madzi..

    musanditaise yesu

    1. What will happen when more water is pumped out of lake malawi- water level gies down. Then more electricity problems…who will suffer- poor malawian.This is the other side of the argument baba osamaona mbali imodzi wawa magetsi akavuta makampani amatha ulova umakula chifukwa chamadzi mu lake malawi mwamva

  7. Its a little bit late to make this disclosure wen the highest court of the land has ruled against you. You will dilute your credibility and We will begin to thing you are agents of the opposition working against a ligitimate gavamenti…..haha


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