Only Malawians will receive IDs – NRB


The National Registration Bureau (NRB) which is under Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security has stressed that it is putting all measures to make sure that only eligible Malawians should have a national identity card.

NRB has made the sentiments amid commencement of the final phase of ID distribution across the country.

Only Malawians will receive IDs.

According to the statement that NRB has issued which has been signed by its Chief Director Tresphore Kang’ombe, some citizens may receive their IDs late because the bureau is making sure to only give the IDs to Malawians.

“The general public is informed that the government of Malawi has the duty to verify every individual’s record to ensure that IDs are issued only to eligible citizens, depending on the authenticity of information and documents with attestations provided,” reads the statement.

NRB has in the statement stressed that if an ID card is not available for collection, it may be because some records need more verification, vetting and ground checks of the information submitted.

“NRB has to investigate these records before printing so that IDs are issued to only eligible citizens,” reads the statement.

“Some records have been flagged as duplicates. NRB and other stakeholders have to investigate these records before printing in accordance with the National Registration Act,” adds the statement.

However, NRB has said the delays of ID production will only affect about 10 percent of registrants.

“If an ID is not part of the first batch being distributed to respective district, registrants should wait for the arrival of the next batches to get their ID. Head Teachers have been oriented to explain to all registrants when to expect their IDs,” reads the statement.

NRB has since assured Malawians that all eligible citizens will get their IDs and it is free of charge.
The mass registration project is led by Malawi government with technical support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
The project is being funded by Malawi government, DFID, EU, Irish Aid, the Government of Norway, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and UNDP.



  1. Aaah if you say only Malawians will access for ids panaliso ena omwe siamalawi mukanayenela kuika chitetezo chokwana poyamba paja not now ,

  2. Tinaziwa kuti boma silinaganize bwino pakalembetsedwe ka ma ID , chifukwa kuno Ku malire a Malawi ndi Mozambique anthu amapereka za m’manja,ndiye mwaganiza bwino, chitani kafukufuku chilungamo chioneka

  3. Munamize Ndani inu! Mmesa in most border districts mafumu were colluding with foreigners upon buying of reg papers to get IDs! Maka chigawo chijachi!

  4. Putting measures now pomwe tikufuna kulandira ziphaso you could have done this poyamba pompaja now its time to collect no more questions lk nsima yogona timat chan? Ans mgaiwa

  5. I forgot my phone at home, later I got back, found 10 missed calls from the house help, asked her why she was calling me? She told me she wanted to tell me I forgot my phone.

  6. eya pali akapo ena aku Mozambique but anajambulitsa nawo cholinga azizalandira mankhwala mosavutika mxipatala zathu chonsecho ife tikapita kwawoko amachita kuyerekedwa

  7. Mukufuna mundiuze kuti mungathetse zachinyengo mdziko muno? Penanso zikumayamba ndi inu nomwe kumeneko. Njira zomwe zinagwiritsidwa ntchito polemba ma foreigner, ndi zomwe zingagwirenso ntchito popereka ma ID.
    Mind you: every problem has got a solution! Whatever solid way you can introduce, people have keys to unlock it.
    Munalephera pa chiyambi kupereka chitetezo. Ingoperekani ma ID basi. Zavuta zavuta basi.

  8. what abt those that were born outside the country to Malawian parents and reside in those countries of birth where do we register

  9. Mudadziona kuti munthu in ur home land u-Citizenship ukupanga expired? ndidikira wanuwo ukadzapanga Expire … ndipomwe enafe tidzajambiritse nawo… iyaaa… Expired citizenship ndiye iti imeneyo busines zilizonse basi mwaona ngati ndi ma passport kuti mudzakweze mtengo?!

  10. Just to make another sect to be rich….corrupt…. And violent
    ,….in takes shall be unfair but in a secret way…..for those with a voice shall have them so as Foreigners with influence. The sons of the soil shall be treated as aliens in their own Land. Yes its all world over but you can’t run from you its negatives
    Stop lying to us and let those who are able have it Malawians and the rest. So if they are developing my country Malawi as am doing in my diaspora.

    1. there iz no problem with that. Munthu ukamakula maonekedwe amasintha that’s y akufuna kuti munthu azikapanga renew ID yake

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