Malaria deaths reduced by 63%


National Malaria Control  Program says it has managed to reduce deaths which usually occur due to Malaria by 63 percent.

Speaking to local media, program manager for the program Dr Michael Kayange said for the past six years they have reduced deaths and Malaria prevalence rate by 33 percent.

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Malaria deaths reduced by 63%.

He said the program has made a great achievement and their target is to further reduce the deaths that result due to Malaria.

“For the past six years we have reduced deaths due to Malaria by 63 percent which is a good progress and we are looking forward to further reducing the deaths,” he said.

He explained that it has not been easy for the organisation to come this far but the hard working spirit that they put in first made them to reach this point.

According to him, deaths that occurs due to Malaria can be controlled if patients are tested in time.

He went on to say that for the past years, Malaria has been considered as a deadly disease due to lack of medical knowledge and proper medicine for the patients.

He therefore pledged that his organisation will continue working hard by putting more efforts as well as resources in the fight against deaths that occurs due to Malaria.



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