Zambians rap Malawians over Lusaka mayor sleeping saga


A cyberwar has ensued between Malawians and Zambians over comments that the former made on a viral photo that shows the Mayor of the Capital City of Zambia, Lusaka, taking a nap at a public function.

Although the mayor has come under fire in Zambian publications and has been an inspiration of rude memes across the Zambian social media, Zambians have come to his defence when a Malawian social media publication published his photo.

Sleeping on the job or dreaming big for Lusaka?

In a post by Malawi Daily Mail, the mayor is seen sleeping. A photo that has the sleeping mayor is captioned: Lusaka Mayor in Zambia sleeping on job. International embarrassment?

The photo and subsequent comments seem to not have gone well with the Zambian populace that has come to attack Malawians in the comments section.

“International embarrassment? Malawi, you don’t have what it takes to be considered international, you are just a district in our Eastern province,” wrote Mulenga Makanu from Zambia.

“Foolish post from a foolish journalist from a foolish country headed by a foolish leader who was voted by foolish people,” wrote Carter Clepa.

“Learn to mind your own business, so what if he is sleeping? Is he sleeping *on your job* in Malawi? Just drink Sob osha! We are the only ones entitled to make fun of him,” wrote Saboi Inyambo.

“Malawians who told you that our mayor is your mayor? From today onwards no Zambian musician will be coming to make you dance. You will die of boredom,” wrote Kasololo Chisenga.

Delia Chaila wrote: “You are busy talking about Zambia when your country has no single development. The only development in your country is about wizards, witchdoctors and the new bloodsuckers.”

Most of the Malawians who came to comment on the post lighted up the post by apologising after enduring the rap.



  1. The problem with Bemamba Zambians is they overate Zambia in terms of development even when we all know they own NOTHING in Zambia. Very poor people just like Malawi with a dead education systems.. shame. And they go on to defend a Mayor who is failing to bring water to Lusaka city SHAMEEEE

  2. My Father Zambian My Mum a Malawian isee no different” Proudly Zambian Malawian { What z ur experience} all Nice people enjoying free God given life.

  3. Zambians are idiots they alwez defend everyone even criminals like General Kanene who raped an lnnocent Child and later released from Jail.

  4. when our mp slept in parliament we grilled him left and right and this dude mayor slept in his office like a baby he deserve the same roasting!! should we be forced by these arrogant zambians calling malawi a village that their mayor was working hard?? the dude was sleeping on duty !! what a worst of a mayor!!!!

  5. Zambians should not boast much as if they r from planet mars pa chipata pompa pa mchinji apa after all some of their presdents r deemed to be from malaw mind u malaw zambia was one country before colonialisim.

  6. Zambians should not boast much as if they r from planet mars pa chipata pompa pa mchinji apa after all some of their presdents r deemed to be from malaw mind u malaw zambia was one country before colonialisim.

  7. Now its a draw game coz ours scored first and now its yours . Neighbour really we are one coz we experience same problem

  8. Bamalawi ninshi nimwe vipuba chabe Zambia its not your country concentrate on your foolish things done by foolish people mwandi

  9. Let’s promote our unity tisadane ndizinthu zopanda pake n to my undstndng I don’t c a proper reason Zambians shld defend their mayor here ngat anali pa duty ayenera kupanga zantchito n ngat Malawi amalowelera inali mbali imodz show a health love to our good neighbor to fight nchtdwe waulesi ma office……

  10. At least Malawians can learn what it is to be patriotic. To love their leaders more than others leaders no matter what mess they are in. We are uselessly vitriolic and truculent in vilifying and pillorying our leaders in the face of international observers. It is a sign of stupidity. Look at how Zambians are defending their sleeping mayor. Most of us Malawians pretend to be clever and learned when we are virtually fools in the eyes of other countries. Let’s learn to be patriotic and support our country men out of the mess they have plunged themselves into. Even in worst scenarios our eggheads must work out and not raise alarm for international keepers. Learn a leaf from Zambians how they have supported their sleeping mayor sanafune kuti tiwalowe. Tikanakhala ife bwenzi kuli kumuyalusa mayor wathu uku tikuziyalusa tokha. Bravo Zambians kukhala ndikumeneko.

    1. Very true.mostMalawians only see the bad in a person.only a few can be said to be patriotic.very good Zambians

    2. we should be patriotic even to corrupt and lazy officials?? the zambians are just showing their arrogance and selfishness!!!!!

    3. Fumukale Gondwe Ndikupusatu kukhalira kukamba za m’banja mwako kuuza ena. Amuna anga sagula ndiwo, amakoza pogona, mwana wanga ndiwakuba then what? If you are smart you fight to correct it indoors. Malawians are loony they talk too much you wonder kuti amafuna kuti awamvere ndani. Like Allan Ntata ndi ena onse amene ali kunja they expose our weakness faster than usual in such a way that they turn themselves fools and the trust for our nation is lost. Are we ass holes than none of us can solve the problems around? Why kuziyalusa? Zambians aren’t arrogant and selfish they are wiser and smart. By the way to be patriotic isn’t letting culprits free, nope.

    4. tell me which platform should a common malawian like myself should use for him to be heard by the ruling elites?? how are zambians smart when they go about defending an official sleeping on duty?? thats not smart to me but embarrassment at highest level!!

    5. Fumukale Gondwe you seem to be too shallow to understand my sentiment, I’m just sorry for you. There isn’t any simpler way I can explain myself. But you have completely not understood me.

    6. The Allan Ntata have been there defending the wrong side when they were in the inner circle of the elites?? its sheer frustration but the zambians are not all that clever, they have a broken political system, there are a number of in fighting within their society!! they just want to show their arrogance to us malawian!! the mayor was sleeping on duty and what do call that?? working hard? lets call a spade a spade!!

    7. #willie biton, so you want me to have the same opinion as yours pertaining to the sleeping zambian mayor?? its you who is being unpatriotic on the same!! because the zambians have called us names and you are there shaming me!! am defending the integrity of my mother nation!! i will never let soft and ungrateful people like you force others to support their weak opinion!! shame on you!!!

    8. Willes Bitoni I support all of your sentiments. However, Malawi is far far behind in terms of solving public problems in closed doors. We have very intelligent highly qualified individuals who have solutions to problems Malawi is facing but they cannot come in. They say if I tell this man solution to this problem then he will be the one recognized nationally. In the end they tend to report such problems to international community something which is unnecessary and uncalled for because donor community in turn call us all sorts of bad names. This is how Malawi’s image at international level had been tarnished by its own people. Let’s respect one another and help where necessary. There will not be any Malawi than this Malawi God gave us. Lets work together to develop our nation .One Malawi one People.

    9. There is no leader in Malawi whom a normal person can defend. .The Malawian government is shit,the opposition shit, mayors shit…The only people to defend in Malawi is the common Malawian …not those useless leaders. ….

  11. Don’t talk too much you fool Zambians…becoz we are going to give you another malawian president after Mr Lungu you are just idiots fool of the fools kungoti amkolo anga anamwalira akanakutukwanani kuti maphwala anu.

  12. One Zambia One Nation..! Malawians We Are Brother.. We Share The Same Hustle, Strungle Why Throwing Shots To One Another.. He Slept As Mugabe Also Sleeps .. #Zed Pass My Greeting To Munthalika P.

  13. it’s better you talk about football couse your country(Malawi) is in the same group with Zambia of the cosafa u20 championship

  14. Misplaced priorities and share waste of bundles. Argue about serious matter not just someone sleeping. Mind you u are also u you sleep also.

  15. Zambia and Malawi are best friends.The only problem with Zambians They take Zambia as England while we’re all poorest.check your ranking among poorest countries globally and compare it with Malawi.

  16. Nanga instead of focusing on our national issues why we poking our noses in their business.surely we deserve the proper roasting they have dished out

  17. Koma m24 am feeling so sorry about this arcle, think twice before u come up on with ur idea because sometimes u will see us like we hate u neh. A human being get tired after u or i work hard then we need to rest. But its not only by the house or on bed even by table u can rest for 10 mins. Vachipuwa mlembavo mairo tikuuzana kuti ni machuvi a ng’ombe.

    1. Nelson mwale they are not brothers for nothing, we gave them Kenneth Kaunda when white colonial man scared them dead,we gave them lungu when they were hopeless

    2. And Ghana gave u Kamuzu Banda!!!until his death sanalankhulepo ndi chichewa chomwe,and who told u that Rupiah z from there?these ar jst names bro,mawa tizamva ati Edgar ndiwaku nyasalandi!!

  18. kikikiki achaponda amagona ku palameti peter amasinza ali pasonkhano kumene mmene amachulukila anthu muja…ndeno uyu payekha ubingo unatopa agone basii….

    1. Your language is not good ….the issue concerns zambians and not Malawians ….munthu aliyense amatopa its only that someone captured him without him knowing…. A lot of people do dose after a tiresome work day….. Zambia and Malawi are one people same names same chieves ….same currency name … Same language so apa palibe nkhani zobvalila myele apa

    2. We’re one people; some of their relations are here and ours are there. Don’t let this petty issue strain our healthy relationship!

    3. Nzeru mulibe,why making a fuss just about a MAYOR!!better anakakha MP n parliament or the President!!that’s y mukupopedwa magazi,kugona mumdima

    4. Hahaha im here in Zambia .. Brothers and sisters Zambia is a better place to live than Malawi and I know this man .. He likes beer so much but he’s a hard worker you cant compare Lusaka city ndi Lilongwe .. It was during lunch time. . so u already know what hangover can do .. R u telling me that u haven’t been dozing at work?

  19. Malawian journalists stop writting no sense, he was sleep so what is the problem, he is also a human being and if you don’t have stories to write then resign

  20. Anthu amalimbana ndi zanzii bwanji munthu akakhala mayor ndie kuti sakuenera kugona????? Tulo its natural likanakhala man- made ndie tikanati anachita kufuna

  21. Nde amalawi timadana kale tokhatokha pankhani za tribalism, Zambians were roasting Malawians and no any Malawi could dare bail out the others. our friends sayin one Zambia one nation but who can dare help save our divided Malawi

    1. we are one! zambians i like them… im here with them i have never heard talking bad to me even one time….. its different when i do visit other countries. Zambians are friendly people.

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