Malawi Govt. suspends hefty road traffic penalties

Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango, has suspended the new offenses and penalties and also the miscellaneous fees for the Department of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS).

According to a brief statement on Malawi Government page, Mhango says government has listened to the people and would like to get more feedback from all stakeholders and will find a way forward.

DRTSS confirmed the suspension in a statement issued today, saying the old fees will be retained in view of the suspension.



  1. Only in Malawi where a directorate would dangle and oscillate their balls to introduce such unjustified penalty fees without relevant and adequate consultation, its only here in Malawi where a directorate belonging to a Ministry seems powerful than the Ministry itself. Its a bare fact that there are more justified reasons to reducing accidents than this foolish penalty fee hike. Its clear this is a sign of a step towards “legalized” corruption. Foolishness at its best in Malawi yet you are busy pocking fun at a dozing mayor who delivers in his country!

  2. Amene ali ndi galimoto kapena iwo amene amayendetsa sangasangalare ndi ma penalties ofanana ndikumusaukitsa munthu. Ngakhale mutayesetsa kupanga zofunikira zonse za mseu koma chimakhumudwitsa ndichakuti anzathu owona za pamseu amayesetsa kukupezera chifukwa. Cholinga akupise Mthumba

  3. These traffic men are so mean and cruel on the roads and they also need to fear God. They think they have all powers to intimidate citizens of this land

  4. Yes it’s good news. Where does someone get a K30 or K100 thousand instantly with peanut salaries in Malawi. Living standards of people is so miserable that those in power no nothing about. Middle class and below middle class are living in misery.

  5. Koma anthu azifa pa mseu kamba kothamangitsa galimoto?
    Komaso zoona osaukakafe azitipakira ngati matumba m’ ma mini bus kamba kosoweka chilango chokhwima?
    Anthu achumanu ndinu odzikonda kwambiri.May God deal with you.

  6. What is Malawi govt and what is Department of Road Traffic…? Maybe somebody wants to score some points from the public. We are talking of the same thing here because MalaWi Govt is lead by APM and the same APM is the one appointing who lead those departments. ONLY IF WE HAVE A GOVT OF CONTRADICTIONS, THIS FOOLISHNESS CAN MAKE SENSE

  7. Even if they had gone ahead with it they would have still been able to get away with it, thanks to the docility of Malawians. There was never really any serious challenge to this brutal measure. This government knows its people

  8. For me, those penalties won’t help at all. Fix our roads, make them more wider, give harsher punishment to corrupt traffic officials, ( both corruptees n Corruptors. Jail term not fine) increase road signs, give powers to our community leaders to look after the road signs in their communities, arrest any criminal found destroying those signs, then we can talk of increasing penalties. That’s my personal opinion

  9. Zimatere bwenzi zikoma. Osadzayambilaso kufuna kuyesa mkwiyo wa ma Nyasa eti

  10. The fines should take into account the current salaries and profits Malawians are getting from their employers and businesses, respectively. Anything beyond that is unreasonable.

  11. The government has taken the RIGHT STEP coz those penelities were for sheer punishments,what is required of them is to civic educate road users;imagine k2000,000.000,too much,beyond their salary:exobitant#

  12. Increasing road panalties will never control accidents happening in our country…..The most essential thing is to have good roads!!! Also drivers have to follow the road signs!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!

  13. nice development they have to go back on table and look it again…it’s not about introducing huge fine but put more gadgets for speed trap and find other ways of payment of the fines not zongopasana pamanjazi

  14. Do they just raise traffic fines on their own like tomatoes without consulting government…? I thot things have to go through Parliament and then president and minister’s signatures at last….meaning malawi iribe order,every department can decide what they think………

  15. The problem with mediocrity politics is that anything good or bad is thing as a tool or a threat to consolidation of power. It was quite such good policy but mean’t to decampaigning the ruling party hence an abruptly making a u-turn.

  16. Seems fines is a way of collecting cash from people. Now if we follow rules still they will look for small issue like your number plate is not straight, you car paint is not shiny. You seats are old. Just to get a reason to give you fine. While our roads are narrow and pothole everywhere. Ways of making money

  17. Tym to travel in sorentos, fortuners ..using somple equation…GR 200pin ukwanitsa zingati @least 100pin above les than that wakumaula… saraly kumailandira dairy…

  18. Thr problem is with road traffic. To get a service there you have to bribe someone. Had it been they are professional which includes timely service offering the accidents could have reduced. Sadly they have institutionalised corruption

  19. People are not against the fines, but rather the exorbitant prices, such decision were made out of emotions! How many can afford such hefy fines! They should be there but with consideration, Such fines could have just increase the rampant corruption atleady on the roads of Malawi.

  20. I was about to sell my car. Zinandiopsa ine. A police traffic apse mtima zedi coz anayamba kupangiratu mabajeti ogula ma mansions mmataunimu

  21. Why are you sliding back? Are serious when you say you want to control road accident? Or you think that will make you win support in 2019?

  22. I don’t think so, putting those strict penalties was a step ahead for controlling some of these accidents happening in our country. Much as people are saying these accidents are also perpetrated by poor roads, reckless driving is at the centre of all this. I don’t know what people think government can do to control this. Let us not politicise this as many people are loosing lives. Look at the statistics given by Road traffic directorate, it’s too much. I stand with the directorate to stand for implementing the penalties

    1. No our roads are very bad. Eg same spot soldiers died and this week same thing. Our roads are narrow and funny blind curves. No visibility of danger warning signs. Glass growing higher and you will notice a car like 50 metres now you put emergency brakes. These modern cars are wider than old cars.

    2. @ Michael Mkandawire thanks for whatever you have said and I live happily with what I have sorry if I insulted you I only aired out my point of view over the issue. There are other issues of national interest which requires sober minds when discussing without political interference. There are countries in this world which implemented tough policies but at the end people became happy. study how China,India did to control the then high population growth and you will see that these policies would have helped though with other. Study also policies implemented in Rwanda and you will see that soft policies are not always good

    3. @ Ronald Nachipo I was not talking to you but Joe Hassan. You didn’t insult me in anyway. Its these primitive people don’t know how to debate. This is not a platform to show off what you have.

    4. Amodzi ayiwo omwe amapindula nawo Ndindalama za pamseu. Munamva kuti mwana akalakwa koma kumuotcha ndi madzi amoto salakwanso?

    1. Funny enough notorious robbers hit the very same streets u don’t want cops to move with rifles. They work to protect lives and property regardless of the location.

    2. Protection and Shooting ar two different things. Protecting properties is not a bad thing but shooting any how As am sayn this our frend is no more Is that wat u call Protection sir

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