Malawi electricity crisis: Hydropower project to be completed in three years


As a hydropower project is set to be completed in 2020, donors say they appreciate efforts government is putting to deal with the situation.

Tedzani Hydro Power station: To be completed in 2020.

The remarks have been made by Japanese Ambassador to Malawi .

The Japanese government is funding the MK500 Million Tedzani Hydro Power station expansion project.

The expansion exercise started last year and will be concluded in 2020.

This is one of the projects government through the Electricity Generation of Malawi (EGENCO) are undertaking to halt the situation.

According to Yanagisawa, Malawians need to appreciate that the problem may not be dealt with in a day but requires massive work as done in this project.

Blackouts have as Malawi24 has been reporting lately become the order of the day with some media critics arguing they are becoming so obvious to talk about therefore demeaning their value in the news.

A grouping of Civil Societies (CSOs) held protests yesterday expressing dissatisfaction with the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) accusing it of being incompetent.

ESCOM maintains the current power generation capacity does not meet huge demand for power due to lowering water levels in Lake Malawi.

Critics have blasted ESCOM for failing to come up with standing solutions to this problem which happens every summer time.

The blackouts are even going over 20 hours despite a recent announcement by ESCOM that Malawians will only be having 16 hours of no power.

For example, in Zomba city, as monitored by Malawi24, lights went off on Wednesday (8 November 2017) at around 11:50 and were not yet back on Thursday (9 November 2017) at around 11am.



  1. Mukuti vuto ndi madzi nde mukupanga zomanga hydro power plant ina nde mavutowo angathe???? Its time to switch to other sources of power!!! Wake up malawi

  2. Eyetu 2020 koma zinthu zayambika mu era ya gvt ina nde ena akazalowa m’boma and afta one year magets kusiya kuzima muzamva akuzitama nanga apanga ndi iwowo ………zopusa basi!!

  3. Eyetu 2020 koma zinthu zayambika mu era ya gvt ina nde ena akazalowa m’boma and afta one year magets kusiya kuzima muzamva akuzitama nanga apanga ndi iwowo ………zopusa basi!!

  4. Zabodza bax ndiliti adayambakutinamiza if I remember very well tym inayake amkati america yapereka 53 million dollars to b used in improving electricity. Zilikuti? Pali improvement? Zachamba basi.

  5. I am no longer Malawian am a foreign in this country coz am failing to enjoy in my own motherland as a citizen of this Country,,,,,Shame

  6. PITALA, imagine your daily life without electricity. Cooking and heating clothes irons on wood stoves, pumping water by hand, reading and working under Kerosene lamps. Many people outside state house live that life,Mr. PITALA. By the way, do you know that electricity improves the efficiency of work and the comforts of home life in every area? PiTALA, i have always questioned your phd thesis. Why would you be president knowing that many people don’t like you? PITALA, you need to get out of the office and you need to be replaced. Did you ever think when you were little that one day you would be president, as was the case with your brother? And guesswhat Phizoo? During my childhood, if you are given a task and you fail to do that perfectly, My grandpa, would shout at you,whip you with a big whip, and he would say ‘ Get out of my sight!! You, a person of minimum culture” . .

  7. World is moving to fast now days another country making 5000 megawaat electricity in 1 year and malawi cant make 150 megawatt in 2014 to now 2017 now thay are said 2020 thats mean thay cant make also 2020 thay in 2020 escom will said wait 2024 150 megawaat electricity if u are siruse u will make in 4 month

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