Govt makes U-turn on MK5,000 note

Malawi kwacha

Malawi Government through Ministry of Finance says it has no plans to introduce a K5000 banknote.

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe earlier this week told the local media that his ministry was pushing for the introduction of a K5000 banknote.

Malawi kwacha
Govt makes U-turn on MK5,000 note

But according to a press statement issued by the ministry, the story that government plans to have K5000 note was just wrongly reported.

“The Ministry of Finance wishes to correct the misrepresentation that the Minister of Finance announced an eminent issue of a K5000 banknote.

“The Government does not have any such intention to issue a K5000 banknote,” reads the statement from Ministry of Finance.

Government claims that the minister, during an interview, only agreed with the supposition of a reporter that the issuing of K5000 note would be appropriate at this time now that the rate of inflation was in decline.

“The general public is therefore being informed that there is no likelihood nor plans of issuing a higher bank note than the K2000 note in the foreseeable future.

“As the Government and the international financial institutions have emphasised, Malawi’s macro economy, including the kwacha, is now stable and the Government intends to maintain this stability including the currency,” says the statement.

Malawi Government has reminded Malawians that the Reserve Bank is the currency issuing authority and is the only one that can make announcements about a new banknote.

The decison to introduce a K5000 banknote brought mixed responses from Malawians as some were seconding it while others were against it.



  1. Asowa chochita m’malo mothana ndi vuto LA magesi be busy to introduce k5000 kenako mumva k7000.komanso ngati atopa nayo mipandoyo ndi bwino kuisiya ,iwotu salandila kwacha yawo ndi U S samalani nawo anthu akubao

  2. The government never made the communication that it would introduce a MWK 5000.00 bank note, thus there is no U-turn.
    Sometimes we deliberately choose to misunderstand some media reports just to score our respective political ambitions.

  3. They have made the u turn on 5000 abd they are planning for 10000 maybe Kkkk minister of finance ndikudziwa kuti makalamba bwanji mukapume kumudzi uku mukumwa mkaka wa nkhumba chifukwa muchititsa manyazi dziko lathu and kuli achinyamata omwe angathe kuposa inuyo please tawasiyilani plz,Muzichita manyazi nthawi zina komanso kukapemphela mumudziwe Mulungu.

  4. Anthu DDP ndi ochenjera kwambiri, apanga ndithu chi 5000 angochita manyazi chabe chifukwa chakuwadzudzura,magetsi akuzima-zimawa ndidala akumaba ku reserve ku.usiku ndamuwo wina wakuda ngati chaponda atanyamula chi 90kg.

  5. President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has uneremoniously presided over a government of Trial and Error in modern Malawi with disastrous repercussions!

  6. Do not trouble trouble still trouble will trouble u that’s what this government doing to their people thy don’t think before thy decide to do something thy just do it .we r crying for our country look now millions of Malawians they r out of they country looking for better life now u come with K5000 bank notes nosence

  7. Hehehe confused government apa nde aona kuti akweze mitengo ya pamsewu ndikutulusa chi namapopa basi 2019 palibe kawo aganiza zozatulutsa zimenezi mu 2020 akazawinanso……keep on dreaming…dehydrated poor party

  8. More reasons to kick dpp out. They are very confused.There is need for an investigation. Ngati anapanga kale print ndalama zimenezi sindiye kuti angoononga ndalama zinanso apa? Mmesa amati effective next week.

  9. Kkkkkk…. There is no government here!!! Real government don’t just came out and talk something in morning from this other side and the other side reverses it institutionally.. That’s not government my people…

  10. Mukuganiza Kapena Kungodzuka Basi Tipange 5000 Kenako Aaah Basi Tisiye Akutitsutsa Kwambiri Aaaa Amalawi Azanga Tiganize Zatsogolo Lathu Oneday Zinthu Zomwezo Zidzapweteka Inu Nomwe Unduna Wakutheran,ma Retirement Ndizina Chonde Abale

  11. It sometimes bothers me to read comments here, The minister said it clear that h never said that. Instead of requesting apology from this Malawi24 for giving us false news, u are blasting the finance minister and DPP, what is wrong with us Malawis.

    1. No blasting here,It’s reality government had plans and they even made samples,they’re just dropping it off coz of negative responses and pressure from societies

    2. Ndibwino nthawi zinakukhala chete ngati tilibe evidence. I have not seen any samples from government. This comment has to be taken back.

  12. that Government where its going,if you can see in the village many shops fair to change two thousand so what about five thousand.If knowns can’t read this government please just leave it,

  13. what a stupid regime is it? Now they r denying the development after some people rough at them then they say that is not their plans hahaaa ! This gvt of ours isnothing and doesnt care about well being of its ppl hence r the same mistreated crew who hanged u up there u rr ! Be ware 2019 is around the corner we wil c

  14. The truth is that Kwacha has lost its value and fallen to its record low. Signs that the economy is in shambles are everywhere. Malawians are living miserably and its sad to hear politicians touting a drop in inflation rate which is not trekking down to people as prices of commodities remain high.

  15. Makolo akamati,”Ana anga pitani ku sukulu”, iweyo mkumakana nkuti: “kusukulu kwanuko mupita nokha lero ndi izi zizungu zikutivuta apa maboza basi.Admin bring actual facts then put on this page with good faith for the benefit of citizens please.

  16. It’s just a plan to ease people’s minds… They will reintroduce it into the system next year towards the end of the financial year. These people can’t be trusted.

  17. Thats y we are saying that president is sleeping ,y this President is still keeping goodall gondwe as minister of finance does it mean that there are no young stars n bring new strategy of managing Malawian economy?Swear this magogo is very old to manage economy in Malawi

  18. This government is so corrupted… look at Finance Minister, he is like seventy something old and you think that man can bring up, good ideas..

    This government must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. How old Trump The Potus? I agree all of us are becoming mad. People who cant stand on own feet in times of strong winds lyke our Chines and other eastern countries who hv developed did two decades ago…..wedewede kumangokandana tokhatokha kulozana zala. Pamene even your self you spent alot of time on social media than work. I now believe what my Japanese friend said that African are physically strong but weak minded to support their intelligence.

    2. A phinie mtambalika, this is not China or USA neither Japan this is Malawi and we deal with our matters before we involve somebody.. Inuyo ngati muthu wa nzeru mwapangapo chani ?

      Dont be a fool to fool others..Malawi wa lero siwadzana… u need to woke up… zithu zinasitha, osamangodalira……..

    3. akabwela achinyamata simufunakuwapatsa mpata mpake tizilamulidwa ndimagogo xinthu mkumalowa pansi or apresident mukuona ngat amaganiza mwa active???? mphale yeniyeni

  19. Eish now we can rest there was noise every where now listen fellow noise makers,
    Take a deep breath in and out,
    Now move your tongue out and try to breathe, oky that’s fine now put back your tongue back you look like a dog kkkkk

  20. Wow that sounds good move……. That was a total mess my government. Short one thing now blackout #one must takeover….


  21. Tipemphe kwa nonse omwe muzikhala mukulamulila dzikoli chonde palizinthu zina zadziko osati zachipan pofuna kuzisintha chonde tizikambilanakae musanazisinthe panokha.

  22. Tipemphe kwa nonse omwe muzikhala mukulamulila dzikoli chonde palizinthu zina zadziko osati zachipan pofuna kuzisintha chonde tizikambilanakae musanazisinthe panokha.

  23. Good….having problems wid change for 2000Mk n then introducing 5000note would hv been a really wrong decision…….so happy wid d new decision!!

  24. Ha ha ha minds games at another level kkkkkk it was a U turn on hefty penalties now another U turn on 5,000 note total chaos, confused, disorganised

  25. apa tithokoze chifukwa chomva maganizo aanthu mudakamatelo bwenz zilibwino apa tikuombelen mmanja.Inu anews tathokozanso pobweletsankhanii mofulumila zikomo.Mulungu adalitse malawi.enz

  26. Chitukuko chomwe boma la DPP chapanga chowoneka ndi maso kwa munyasa wina aliyense ndikubwelersa k2000 00. Komaso k5000 00 kuti anthu adziwe zoti peter ndiwophuzira

  27. We hear from you whether it’s a lie or not, you are the very same people who was advertising the introduction of the K5000 and now you turn the story mean while this shows your failure in terms of running a government. In other words you are failing to lead the government as it is supposed to be.

    1. you asking why so you cant see the problem with that big note it makes the most of business people to sale there goods on high price because of that big note wenaver if government bring back that idea of making K5000 note then ugonna see how things gonna go up in stores wakeup

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