China gives Malawi two drones


The Government of China has donated to Malawi two drones worth US$10,000 to help in times of disasters.

The Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Shi Ting Wang presented the donation to Vice President Saulos Chilima at Capital Hill in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

Chilima(Left): DODMA needs more drones.

In his remarks, Chilima said the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA) will now do rapid assessment and reach out to impassable areas by collecting video and still pictures using the drones.

The Vice President who is also responsible for Disaster Management Affairs in the country said last year the department had to depend on partners to help it with drones in order to conduct assessment.

According to Chilima, DODMA needs more drones so that each district in Malawi should have a drone to be used in disaster response.

Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, Shi Ting Wang hoped that the drones would be used for the intended purpose.

He said the drones are advanced with high tech and able to fly a few kilometres collecting video and still pictures which could be used for planning purposes.



  1. Blessed is de hand dat give than de 1 dat receive,guess whr our bless go to,yor guess is gud as mine.A Malawi kodi tizigokhalila kulandila basi….!!….zochititsamanyazi!!!

    1. Electing of leaders that has no heart and soul ,reather a hurt to punsh its people thats how Africans people are as much as there leader starve them to hunger steal all there taxes , there will still hail them and vote for them ?? its baiscally stuipdness

    2. No that’s not the point China diplomat is doing his job to find market for their drones, if you find it worthy using u will press an order to buy more for use. Osati ma diplomats anu mumatumiza kunjaku kukangogonako tulo plus just signing ma visa permits basi

  2. Naoso a China kusokoneza kwache ma drones achani????? mmadera momwe muli disaster mumafunika mose kugawamo mapanti

  3. civic education must be conducted across the nation about appearence of those drones otherwise,amalawi mkuwadziwa kale zikhulupililo 2much azayamba kuthawa

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  5. Ha ha is this a joke??? During a disaster Malawi will spent its energy to see the people dying from the air???

  6. But VIP said malawi is no longer a relief country but rather a resilient nation , but surprisingly I don’t see this song being sang , we r not yet that kind of pple

  7. A vice president mwalandila katundu wondula koma mutha kupitazo kunyumba kwa chifukwa mawa akakuchosani ntchito mutha kuzagulisa Maiko azathu woyandikana nawo

  8. nothing to be happy about… No one is expecting a Disaster here. The Chinese are nothing but crooks stripping our Continent naked shame on them… These fools have a museum in their country showing us as monkeys and here you are praising every stupid move they do! Chi stadium chanu chopanda ntchito it has not made a difference in our lives

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