Mzuzu golfers smile With UGI


United General Insurance Company on Saturday gave K200,000  to Mzuzu golf club with the aim to keep Mzuzu golf course green all the time.

This happened after a golf tournament the company organised where it also launched a new service for the company called Auto Serve.

golfThe Auto Serve is a new service from UGI that will help to minimize road accidents and car thefts by monitoring registered vehicles.

In his remarks, the company’s CEO Bywell Chioni said they decided to help the club so that the golf course should remain open for tournaments.

“Last time we were here, you might recall that this golf course was closed sometime and remember last year we were approached that the golf course is ready.

“As UGI we came in and we are proud to be the first company to host the tournament this year when it was opened,” he said.

Chioni also said the little token will help the golf course to be green all year and he promised to host the tournament every year from now.

Kalusha Phiri won the tournament and was seconded by Rodgers Chiumia.



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