Mutharika should address Malawians over blackouts – Mayaya


Human rights activist Billy Mayaya has asked President Peter Mutharika to address Malawians over persistent blackouts that have rocked the country.

Mayaya was speaking in Lilongwe during demonstrations that were organised against persistent power cuts.

Billy Mayaya

Billy Mayaya: We need the state president to address Malawians on the the issue.

Speaking to media after giving a petition to ESCOM, Mayaya said President Peter Mutharika should address the country on the issue as it is his role as a head of the state.

“We need the state president to address Malawians on the the issue. We need answers on this because if he will not we will also demand for his resignation as well,” Mayaya said.

He also asked ESCOM to stop blaming low water levels for the power challenges saying in other countries the scenario is the same but they are able to have electricity.

Speaking at the same function , Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) Executive Director Joel

Jobe said rampant blackouts in the country are also affecting health services.

Jobe said blackouts that have rocked the country are killing Malawians in the hospitals .



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  2. Tell yo subjects what the problem is & the practical short & long-term measures u av put in place 2 address the crisis at hand.u are a servant so appear 2 yo masters & confirm yo failures in the management of their affairs.!

  3. My fellow malawians, persistent black outs is a one man problem and cant be addressed within days or months that’s a total lie and those who think like that have a mental problem like billy mayaya and yona lazalo chakwera, to prove that chakwera absconded the work of God joining politics its a sign of mental problem and malawians need not to take this person for granted, u may agree with me people who left brotherhood, priest etc do they behave normally? Malawis problem are deep rooted and they need collective effort inorder to overcome them, they need long term solutions not short terms, pali zabwino pamakhala mabvuto, owotche njuchi udzadya malesa, i believe one day persistent blackouts will be the story of the past like, maize, delayed salaries, membership party cards,shortage of foreign currency etc, may i repeat those who wants to gain political mileage due to power outrage are faluires because they have nothing to offer to malawians but only destructive criticisms

  4. Addressing people waste of time, he must just resign he has failed Malawians with immediate effect that will be noble thing for Malawians. But since he’s a power hungry man he won’t.

  5. The issue of electricity is not a one man problem let’s be frank here……..nkhani iyi tinailekerera tokha mmbuyomu……..Mr mayaya when did you last plant a tree to conserve the nature!!!!!! Even if the regime changes but this issue will always be there cause its about chilengedwe basi……..let’s conserve nature and all things will be ok apa sizoloza chala munthu mmodzi……….does munthalika generate electricity??????? Or is he going to raise the water levels in shire???????

  6. This is the worst leader Malawi has ever had. Siuja analephera kusova issue ya university ali min of educ. Lero ndiye angathe kusova za magetsi pamene ali bize ku panga za 2019. My foot

  7. Ambiri timagona nyumba zopanda magetsi thats why sizikutipweteka muntima mkumati tafanana ife nde tidazolowera kugona mu nthochi kwa amene mukulira zanu ife tidazolowera mabvuto president ameneyu nonse akumeretsani dazi nonse mufune musafune kaya muziwona

  8. U think mr president can climb a radder to electricity pooll and fix electricity no nooooo he cant have sex simple thing what about electricity he fall to fix his personal problems he think that malawians are useless soon he will sell nyasaland and go back to america bt before he go first he must follow his brother his days are numbered

  9. Take Mutharika as a dead person and it’s when you can understand him.. We as living being don’t think like him.. And it’s only fear of some sort or unknown that keep his cabinet ministers not to resign..

  10. tikudandaula za magetsi ndife akutauni ppamene wukumudzi ali pheeeee, bola kumudzi basi safuna zambiri anazolowera zikoloboyi daily kkkkk

  11. These presidents when it comes to campaign they talk this and that so that once they are on that seat they ignore our problems and they look the other side they don’t care at all, the things is we need someone who has a clean sheet and arrest all these mbava and punished

  12. Only if Malawi has a president who cares of the plight of his people, him can do that! With this one in power I very much doubt! No wonder he’s busy attacking Chakwera’s concern of the masses than him swallowing his pride and take a bold approach to ending the blackouts! Malawi is on autopilot cruise!

    • because he is the president and our leader. we put the presure on him and the rest is his job. people voted him in power to run the country not the admin in ESCOM so of course we can only demand action from APM. travel around the world and u will understand how the goverment works.

    • Why all along there wasn’t electricity problems and who is the president of Malawi and what are his duties,don’t just bark u toothless dog

  13. To my side i think this is not a case muntharika…. this is a case of failing to have visions right from the start…that malawi will grow big as it is now. For me i dont see MCP or Dpp overcoming the issue too soon… no government is perfect. MCP tried us.. Dpp tried us.. UDF failed us. All of them are failures
    .. so stop perfecting ur political parties. No one is perfect in politics… thank u my fellow malawian…dont be fooled with these stingy politicians we have… Mavuto sangathe ku malawi

    • Even u also your head is like an Empty backet u don’t know what u r talking about? Why is he stupid? Whom are u asking? Think before u write and even a Dog can come with the facts may be try to ask it if u hav got

    • A Vitu,inunso muti chani apa dont care ndiye kuti chani?adakakhala kuti sasamala bwenzi titaona za 2002 njala phwanga yoopsye kma wagwira ntchito anthu tapulumuka kudxera mwa iye Mulungu atampatsa mzeru ndiye u bad ulipati kumayankhula zoti zimange dxiko osati kupasula

    • Inunso a Chipiliro mwina mnachokeranso ku Thyoloko bwanji kumalankhula ngati Pitalayo mumakalima nayo pa munda wanupo, mkamakamba zanjala imabwera ndimmene mvula yagwera osati Pitala ndiponso chiwelengero cha Feteleza wa Ziphaso chasikaso muwulamuliro wake. Waku Thyolo can defend him but generally Peter is the worst Leader Malawi have ever had since 1994


    • Tsopano inu mumafuna asalakhule ku mtundu okhala iyeyo president?tsopano mukat zotumidwa amutuma ndindani mummaganizo anu?ameneyi watumizidwa ndiife mzika za malawi