Women drilled on entrepreneurship

A 26 year old Malawian  entrepreneur has asked women in the country to be active in entrepreneurship if they want to improve their lives.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, the entrepreneur Wangiwe Joanna Kambuzi who is the co-founder of Mzuzu Entrepreneurship Hub said  women in the country should not relax in doing various entrepreneurial activities if they want to progress.

Kambuzi told Malawi24 that if more women venture into entrepreneurship, it can mean a boost to Malawi’s development since women are many.

“What I can say is that women in the country are many and their active involvement in entrepreneurship can mean a lot,” she told Malawi24.

She further advised women not to fear any entrepreneurial activities since anything is possible in life.

“Most women fear to do some entrepreneurial activities saying that they are only for men. This is not true since women can also do everything that men do,” Kambuzi said.

She added that women sometimes fail to venture into entrepreneurial activities because of capital.

“Indeed capital is one of the pulling factors for women to engage in entrepreneurship. Most times it tend to be hard to get a loan especially in banks but there are other ways that can be used to source capital,” she said.

She advised women to form groups and be saving money that will be shared among them at some point .

“Women can be keeping money in groups and share among themselves at some point. ln so doing, women can have capital that can help them to venture into entrepreneurial activities to be a parcel of the country’s social-economic development.






  1. Tiyeni tithane ndi vuto lakuzima kwa magetsi kenako we can urge women about enterpreneurship; otherwise in this modern world electricity is required in each and every field in as far as business is concerned.

  2. Am agreeing with that 26 yr old man/lady that’s the only way we can turn things around but this works hand in hand with the government side, you got my vote man/lady

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