Two sentenced to 9 yrs for robbing a police officer


Senior Resident Magistrate Court in Limbe sentenced two men to 9 years imprisonment with hard labour for robbing a police officer based at Limbe Police Station.

The two are George Size  and Patrick Mteketa both aged 18.

According to Deputy Public Relations officer for Limbe police Patrick Mussah this occurred  on July 30, 2017 at around 6pm as the police officer was coming from Limbe Shops going to Manje bus depot in Limbe market.

Mussa  said that as the victim was passing through some shops he met six criminals who robbed him of his laptop bag containing things like driving licence, ATM cards and other items worth K245,000.

They also stabbed him on his left hand with a sharp object.

Investigations led to the arrest of the two who were charged with Robbery with Violence Contrary to Section 301(2) of the penal code.

In court, both Size and Mteketa pleaded guilty and asked for leniency saying that they are first offenders and bread winners for their families.

When passing judgement, Senior Residence Magistrate Court Thoko Soko sentenced the two to 9 years IHL for Robbery with violence.

George Size hails from Maida village in Traditional Authority Mabuka and Patrick Mteketa comes from Nalikata village in Traditional Authority Mkando both from Mulanje district.




  1. Kkkkkkkkk komaya kumalawi zoona mpaka kukaba kupolice zoona? Apa nde zachionekele kuti police yathu is very poor asilikali nawo angofa ngati nkhuku zachitopa Tata ikugwa osalumpha monga nsilikali aaa nchito basi kulembana pachibale zopusa zokhazokha basi

    1. kkkkkk analembesa kale pa tsiku lodandaulankhaniyake that’s y awa awapasa sentence yao bro kkkkkl chifukwa nae pasikulo anali ngat munthu wamba

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  3. Iiiiiiiii bola pamenepo kumabera police yomweyo kuti idziwe kuti kunja kuno kuli mbava ndikanakonda opopa magazi aja akanapopaso apolice omwewo

  4. 18 years – bread winners???????????????????????? they deserve the punishment. Koma wa policeyo anali ndi goods worth 245,000 on that day???????????????????????????

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