Ekwendeni United pull out of Simama League


Northern Region Football League side Ekwendeni United has pulled out of the league after failing to pay a penalty fee.

The Northen Region Football Association (NFRA) charged the club K285,000  for unsporting behaviour but the club failed to pay.

Karonga United

Team Manager Gerald Dube  told NRFA committee  that they have decided to stop playing in the league because they don’t see any reason to continue playing in the league and they can’t pay the penalty fee they were asked to.

“Ekwendeni United has withdrawn from Simama League this 2017 season. This is so to avoid bringing confusion in your already divided committee. Am asking you as chair to facilitate the paying back of our K50,000,” said Dube’s letter to the NRFA.

Ekwendeni United supporters  on 9th October during the game between Ekwendeni United and Fish Eagles fc manhandled and beat referee James Chisunkha and linesman. They also beat up a sports journalist on duty and broke his camera.

The Association later found the team guilty of failing to control its supporters and charged the team K285,000 Kwacha which Ekwendeni has failed to pay.

The team pulled out after playing 17 games and were on position 12 with 25 points.



  1. Vuto la malawi.. ma league kuyendetsedwa mdi anthu oti sadziwa za mpira (awa ndi anthu oti sanamenyepo mpira wa league iliyonse or kuphunzirako za mpira pena paliponse)

  2. Hahaha. ..anthu ena alindi mzimu oipa ndithu akangosamukira kumalo always problems. ..kkkkk…Leonard Kazembe wangogika ku Ekwendeni basi pompo Ekwendeni United pulling out of the league

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