Burundi orders all unmarried couples to wed by end of 2017

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza

Burundi has issued an ultimatum that all unmarried couples have until the end of the year to tie the knot to show patriotism and help protect women.

The order was signed  into law by President Pierre Nkurunziza in May. His government insists a legal document recognising a marriage helps protect women and their children, especially when it comes to issues such as inheritance.

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza
President Nkurunziza

The government also said the order had been issued to help “moralise” the country.

Terence Ntahiraja, interior ministry spokesman, told the AFP last May that Burundi was facing a population explosion, which he blamed on “illegal marriages”, polygamy, bigamy and “hundreds of schoolgirls getting pregnant”.

He said church and state-sanctioned weddings were the solution and were a patriotic duty. President Nkurunziza  has been urging Burundians to show their love for each other and their country by getting married.

According to a report by Al Jazeera, government officials have now started organising mass weddings  as a way of enacting the president’s orders.



  1. I like that… Many men are cowards… They like giving women children that they can not take care of…. Some say.. I can NOT marry two yet they have children in Locations…. All its about running away from there responsibilities shame on us men who do that…. Big Up Mkuluzinza.

    1. In the bible a man is referred to Jesus Christ while a woman is church so I guess the above statement was a prophecy

    1. If two people are staying together with the same interest of enjoying their sacred places whether they have children or not, officially married or not,its a couple

    2. The headline is 100% correct Biggy. Married or not, a team, mix can be a couple it doesn’t mean only married.

    3. Couple guys imayila zithu zambiri kaya ndi athu , zithu ,masiku eg: couple of days = masiku ambiri ndiye # Festus ukubwela ndima Romantic , sexual tandiwuze bwino bwino kuphuzira sikutha mandipinda man

    4. COUPLE

      1 ~ Noun: Two people or things of the same sort considered together.

      E.g. Couple of girls were playing marbles three weeks ago.

      (pair, duo, duology, set of two, match, more……

      2 ~ Two people who are married or otherwise closely associated romantically or sexually.

      E.g. The couple fell in love and became engaged.

      “Two or few people who in some way connected.

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