Women urged to go for cervical cancer screening

Hawa Sangare
Hawa Sangare: It is important for women to go for screening.

Women around Phalombe district have been told the importance of going for screening for cervical cancer, which is one of the deadliest diseases in the world.

A week long campaign has been launched in the district and is expected to run from 6th to 10th November 2017 with support from Disease Relief through Excellent and Advanced Means (DREAM).

The organization’s National Coordinator for Cervical Cancer Dr Hawa Mamary Sangare told Malawi24 on Saturday during the launch at Nazombe Primary School ground that it is important for women to go for screening since cervical cancer is a dangerous diseases.

“It is alarming in all the districts here in Malawi, we saw that there is need to go step by step and here in Phalombe we are helping the district health office to screen women,” she said.

Meanwhile, Phalombe District Health Officer (DHO) Ketwin Kondowe has said they are expecting to screen many women during the campaign.

“We are very optimistic that more women during the campaign will be screened in all the eight centres we have put in place.

“Cervical cancer kills but if the woman is screened earlier and she has signs and symptoms of it then she can be helped in time,” said Kondowe.

Meanwhile, Senior Chief Nazombe has commended DREAM for the initiative saying this will help women not only from his area but most parts of the district to know their health status.

“Let me thank DREAM for coming up with this initiative on screening cervical cancer, our women here will really be helped,” she told this publication.

Nazombe then asked women to flock to the centres in large numbers during or after the campaign since this is very vital to their daily lives.

In Phalombe the campaign will be done in centres within three Traditional Authorities namely; Nkhulambe, Jenala and Nazombe.

Women in the reproductive age group of 15-45 are those expected to go for screening in the selected health centres.

DREAM is a global health care which aims to lessen non-communicable and communicable diseases.




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