Govt committed to improve education – Msaka

Malawi school

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Bright Msaka has said that Malawi Government is committed to improve education in the country.

Msaka made the sentiments in France during the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) General Conference.

Bright Msaka
Msaka: Govt is committed to improve education.

In his remarks, Msaka said that among other indicators that government is committed to improve education is the allocation of additional money towards the sector in 2017/18 National Budget.

“Malawi continues to place emphasis on the importance of education. This is evidenced by the fact in its 2017/18 budget 18% has been allocated to education. This allocation is more than in any other single sector of Malawi’s economy,” Msaka said.

Malawi’s education minister further said that the adoption of National Strategy on Inclusive Education which will run from 2017 to 2021 is another response to challenges facing education sector in the country.

“The strategy is in line with the national education goals and objectives of promoting equity, access, quality, relevance, governance and management in education.

“Furthermore, our national strategy responds to the UN conventions and agreements to which Malawi is a party. More specifically, it is designed to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all, in line with the aims of SDG4,” he said.

Msaka also commended UNESCO for supporting Malawi in various sectors including education.

“It is pleasing to note that UNESCO has already taken concrete action in order to contribute to the attainment of the SDGs through its work in Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Science, Culture, Communication and Information,” he said.

On education, Msaka mentioned of Skills and Technical Programme (STEP) which is aimed at seeing youth equipped with vocational skills.



  1. improvement akunenayi ndikuthetseratu ENGLISH musukulu za boma,ndekuti ngati kumpoto azimphunzira mchitumbuka,eg;m’malo mwa 2+2= iziti viwiri kusazgapo viwiri zgolo ni…

  2. In so many schools classes are still being held under trees die lack of classrooms, and
    that’s while the minister of education is being driven around in a very expensive government vehicle. That actually shows commitment to the minister’s welfare, not the school children he pretends to serve.

  3. Zoseketsa izi how can u improve maphunziro ngat pa std 3 mukuika 10 subjects do u match nd zeru za mwana km? Ana 100 one t- cher, changing masilabas now n then mpake mwana form4 kumakanika chizungu.old days in education are best.!

  4. Boma laukape!!! improving Education???? Syllabus munasntha km mabook mayaz zinaz mumafulumila kutalker agalu inu . U r good on the paper bt on ground the human dung is better than you. Kd sukulu imafuna zambil2 Magets anu anazma kalekale inu mul dyooo as of u don’t the vital link btn electricity and xul ndye APA mul mimba nganganga mul govt is improving Education. Mumaoneka azelu pamaso pa Anthu ngat ndnud olikonda dziko km mbal muliononga. Pot kul ufulu olankhula ndye mukakhuta khobwe muzingobwebweta??!? Apa ndye bolaso atsamunda they can at least take into account ppoz grievances .

  5. The government should make it mandatory to all civil servants, ministers, MPs and other government related institutions to send their children and dependants to government (public) schools. The government should increase the perks for teachers as they are key to development.

  6. Kutengera za kunja kukutsikitsa maphunziro mmbuyo. Tisamaone ngati za kunja zonse ndizabwino ayi. The problems here are large classes without teaching& learning resources. Your r there bcz of a tr so consider them. Many r suffering with poverty.

  7. Then Why The Change Is Making Pipo Worring To Say The Next Year Exams Will Make The 1ns Failling To Start F1 What A Crazy Change Coz That Will Make More Xul Drop Out Ever In Mw My Country Will Nvr Change In Edu Dat Wu Make It Fail To Be Developed Wat He’s Saying He Just Wana To Convice Mw Ans

  8. MUYAMBE MWAKWEZA MA SALARY for Primary school teachers. Munayankhula kut akulandira change,mukweza malipiro,but u have done nothing about this,

  9. The ISSUE of goin to school just for the sake of knowing ENGLISH has brought problems,we dont go to school to kno ENGLISH rather than LEARNING.infact ENGLISH IS JUST AN OFFICIAL LANGUAGE to my surprise your talking about removing Chewa on the syllabus tell some real reasons those who say load instead of Road THUS why there schools for them to learn infact we gat two categories of learners Fast and slow learners no mata wat this is REAL

  10. Implementing New Senior Secondary School Carricurum Has Become An Issue; Coz Resouces Are Not 100% Ready,then Students Wastes Much Time Without Learning.So Improving Education In Malawi…..Aaaah! Seems Adisaster.

  11. Improve? Remove chichewa from syllabus. This has spoiled students. They cant write or talk good English. The resort to a mixture of English and Chichewa. As the result the cant really understand English subjects.
    They teachers,who are also products of this present set up have removed “R” from alphbet. Load onstead of road. Liver for river. Lead for read and so on.
    As ive been saying elsewhere, chichewa is an unneccessary burden on pupils and students. It has achieved negative resultsvon other languagesvin the country. It has united nothing.

    1. Easy,get the message. Calling me stupid or “mulibe nzeru” do not add value to your comment.
      Read again and understand the points. Tell me, who has a degree in Chichewa? Whobis a manager or head of Government department because he /she majored in Chichewa?
      What does it help a boy from Chitipa to know Chiwea grammer or Miyambo ya achewa or Angoni, when a Ngoni or Chewa boy does not lnow miyambo ya a Nyakuskya? Dont stress, give me reasons why Chichewa is a baluable subject for the development of the country.

    2. As for you Felip Bonjesi, ate you fast asleep not to notice what is going on with Wandale and his divisive mission. Whether you like it or not,iam a Malawian,pure one. And there is completely nothing you can do about it. Accept other people’s ideas and comments as part of rights we fought for inbthose exciting days 1991 to 1994. Or were you not yet born or anroad enjoying?

    3. Poor grammar at the same time advocating foreign language, those who go to study in china are forced to learn chinese first because they use chinese for communication, in Europe a lot of countries do not speak English but their own languages, so think big! Think outside the box.

    4. Yes, poor grammar. English is a global language. There is no advocacy for foreign language. If you can translate biology,chemistry,physics,mathematical formulas etc into Chichewa,fine with me. As fo being an idiot, yes idiots have space in this world for proper comparison.
      I ve put across my comments, no one is tackling the issues ive raised.
      Usually when one converts to insults instead of issues means he/she is arid in the brain. Which is our language? Chichewa is not a national language. It is just one onf languages. Also note that before it became chichewa it was known as chinyanja. MBC had three languages: chinyanja chitumbula and english.

    5. The issue is NO scrapping off of chichewa as subject, NOT teaching chemistry in chichewa but as for your concern, the chinese are doing it I bet you and china has the fastest growing economy in the world.

    6. Yes because the understand what is talked about. If these subjects were on Chichewa ism very sure we would have many qualified people in all sphere of education. For example, those Latin words in biology just confuse students. There is no need to complicate parts of the heart or whatever instead of our simple language. Fingers may easily be understood by saying mafupa a chala chaching’ono, chachiwiri chapakati mkombaphala chachikulu. Names those fingers in biological names,the get stuck

  12. If the government was committed to improve education, it could not have implemented new senior secondary school curriculum without resources

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