Fourteen Malawians leave for month-long leadership drilling

U.S Embassy YALI fellowship

Fourteen young Malawians have left the country for South Africa where they are expected to obtain skills and experience in leadership in their various fields.

The fourteen will participate in a month long YALI RLC SA leadership program which brings together young leaders from across the Southern Africa region.

U.S Embassy YALI fellowship
Fourteen young Malawians to participate in  YALI leadership program.(File)

Speaking before departure, one of the participants, Amos Nsabwe expressed enthusiasm towards the program as it will sharpen his leadership skills and enhance his volunteerism in his community.

“I am excited about the training as it will equip me with necessary skills to enhance my community work as a young leader, it will among other things equip me with an expert understanding to the intricacies of leadership,” he said.

He further said that the program will help them to make a huge impact when working with fellow youths in their respective communities throughout the country.

Khadija Sungeni Musa, another participant to attend the program commended the reputation of the program and its impact in the lives of young people in Africa.

“The YALI program has a great reputation, and I expect to come back well equipped with enough skills to go out into the world empowered, refreshed and confident to make positive impact in my career path,” she said.

YALI RLC SA develops the young African leaders in the tracks of Business and Entrepreneurship Development, Civic Leadership, Public Management and Governance through a hybrid of innovative and complimentary approaches.

Being few among many who applied, Sella Pumani didn’t hide her excitement by being considered to take part in the program.

“I am personally excited to have been successful and being able to participate in the program, many attempted but were not successful as the few of us, so I am happy about that, and also the opportunity to be exposed to the advanced ways of leadership,” she said.

Some of the fourteen Malawian to participate in the program include Doreen Chirwa, Anita Likambale, Pemphero Banda, Madalitso Charles Phiri,  Rex Kalima and Melissa Kalitera.



  1. Tawalandila amenewo azatithandize kupakila kuno tikamayenda timayendatu okonzeka kale wapepala ndi opanda pepala just the same!!!

  2. Fourteen yake makamaka ndiati? Kodi kulimaohunziro Ku south africa?

  3. You send them to South Africa to learn how start Xenophobia????? Ok let them go but they will grasp nothing, you would have bee better sending them to other Countries not Zuma Nation!!!!

  4. Hope they will get their training there . South Africa is very xenophobic country. As a guy from middle East country and after spending 7 years in South Africa, My adviçe is please send them to first world country. SA people don’t like anyone from outside and they will alwyase think that you are taking their positions

  5. Les not always have a negative mind towards an issue, appriciate for good work. Leadership skill is not the same as wanting a position in goverment that you fit in but rather helping in building the country through various skill that is learnt. Thump out for the fourteen!

  6. Thank you Malawi24 poika photo yosagwirizana ndi nkhani yanuyi, pa photo apapa Ineyo ndi agulu anga mwaikawo sitikupita nawo. In short, palibe ngakhale ndi mmodzi yemwe akupita nawo pa anthu awawa.

    1. Hihihihi awawa alindi nkhaza poika zinthuzi. The photo is contrary to the program. Luckia Tupakombwele Emment akunenatu inu awa, mwina muwatumizire pic YANU ku inbox hahaha

  7. Just west of time, what are good young malawians are coming n learn from this heartless, South African people here? Why you don’t send them to other better country if you want them to learn those kind of skills?

    1. Akubwera kuzaphunzira momwe xenophobia amachitira kuti tikazapita kumudziko akativeke matayala mkhosi ndikutiyasa moto.what skills would they come and learn here? Waist of time n money

  8. In Malawi ??? Leadership for youth ???? Mmmmmm ndakaika if they will be given a room to lead Malawi ,here we believe seventy something up to 90 not youth

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