Mwawi gets Queens recall

Mwawi Kumwenda

Australia based netball star Mwawi Kumwenda has been named in the latest Malawi Queens squad for friendly matches against England.

Mwawi was last month booted out of Queens’ camp for reporting late. This saw her missing the Fast5 Netball World Series in Australia where the Queens lost all their five games.

Mwawi Kumwenda
Mwawi Kumwenda: recalled

She is now back in the squad which is expected to go into camp on Sunday, 12 November at Blantyre Youth Centre.

Malawi will be preparing for three friendly matches against England to be played in the European country later this month.

The Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) has since warned players that anyone who will report late will lose her place in the squad.

“The deadline for reporting for camp is Monday 13 November 2017. Should any player fail to report to join camp during the stated period without any written document, the player will be considered to be not part of the team,” says a statement signed by NAM General Secretary Carol Bapu.

Queens squad:


  1. Joanna Kachilika – Captain
  2. Caroline Ngwira
  3. Laureen Ngwira
  4. Martha Dambo
  5. Wezzie Mzemba
  6. Fanny Mwale
  7. Juliet Sambo


  1. Takondwa Lwazi
  2. Thandie Galeta
  3. Shira Dimba
  4. Pilirani Msukwa
  5. Rose Mkanda


  1. Jane Chimaliro – Vice Captain
  2. Joyce Mvula
  3. Jessie Sanudi
  4. Alinafe Kamwala
  5. Mwawi Kumwenda
  6. Grace Chazungulira








  1. Queens coach and WHOLE NAM should be removed NOW ! NOW! Lets not waste our precious resources on these failed managers and administrators they have completely failed all MALAWIANS SHAME! OUT! OUT ! NOW!

  2. Queens coach and WHOLE NAM should be removed NOW ! NOW! Lets not waste our precious resources on these failed managers and administrators they have completely failed all MALAWIANS SHAME! OUT! OUT ! NOW!

  3. Why recalling her? Mwawi is no bigger than the team. Let her bowout for now and groom the others who can replace her. Discipline is paramount.

  4. Before calling Mwai Kumwenda NAM president Carol Bhapu must resign for shaming Malawi netball team at the Fast5 in Melbourne, Australia.
    Why calling Mwai now? Shame.

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  6. mwayi mwayi my foot…Malawi queens was the best in Africa even before her…she must always remember kuti its the same team that made her who she is today…aziopa kumpasa discpline cos ndi star?she is just a player not a coach and she has to respect the coach in charge….

  7. I just wish atakana Kaye… Until atakambirana.
    In football achina Mabedi amatha kubwera tsiku la game from South Africa but amasewera for the flames. What more ndi mwayi? She can’t just skip training for no good reason.

  8. Kelvin Chisomo Kafuwa Jnr if sports were being considered in your way we wouldn’t have be enjoying it. In every sporting activities there is a spirit of #GiveAndTake. You give something while you also take something from what you gave. A good coach values every player’s concerns. If Mwawi is pompous let the coach handle it and reason with her. She must be doing that for a reason. Even Balotelli is still a favourite of some coaches. Arsenal wants to keep Sanchez and Ozil. If we were all like you they would already been gone I think.

  9. Ngati akukana kupepesa ndekuti mdziko muno mulibe umodzi,tiyeni tinene chilungamo apa even ma player anzakewo akumuziwa Mwayi kuti amashuta heve ,tiziganiza apa kodi netball ya MW Ikanakhala pa gud position Mwayi akanadya yekha ndalama, kodi nanga bwanji MW coach yo amagwesa nkhope pansi manyazi atagwira ,? Apa chofunika kupepesa basi APO bii Mwayi azikhala ndi mantha, halalal

  10. After feeling the heat!!, People must leave personal vendetta’s, aside, Malawi netball team represent not only Nyasaland, but the entire Africa, hence neibours like us follow the happenings with Keen interest. God bless Malawi.

  11. To me yes it is good idea but I don’t think that is Wright recalling Mwai to join the Qweens before settling the differences which is between NAM and Mwai. What is special for England game? NAM has been forced to recall Mwai. Please settle things first there is alot which has been talked in media otherwise you might think you are solving a problem when you are creating a problem. They will be alot of witchhunting. Don’t forget that this is the second time for NAM to behave in this manner. To my surprise we have never heard from the former coach Griffin Sayenda that Mwai is rude why always when there is Mary Waya as Coach? NAM should come up with a statement so that we believe them

  12. Mwawi K should not accept the call. Please advise her or if you have seen this comment do not to honour the recall to the queens. NAM must swallow her pride and apologize to the nation first for letting us down. Mwawi has nothing to lose but as a nation we have lost it all.

  13. thats malawi killing an ants while the snake is bitting you…. how can u recall mwawi yet we are done with the fast five games.. congrats once again NAM for winning pollicital mind games ..u thot mwawi is an MCP fan f*ck NAM

  14. To most people it is an honor, to represent their country. To Mwawi, it is neither an honor nor a privilege. I say again, she should never have been recalled. She should have been banned indefinitely. The queens squad that went for the fast five didn’t have enough time to prepare. We need stars who are willing to honor and respect the pride of our motherland. Recalling her is humilliating the whole nation. The Queens is not a one woman team!

    1. who has humiliated the nation between Mwai and NAM? Alipo amene sanachedwepo ku ntchito or malo ena amene akufunifwa? Remember they say ‘better late than never” . kodi sanabwere kuzakonzekera? kodi waya anali ndi team kuyambira liti? Didn’t she join the team late herself after Kanyenda had decided to pull out? Let’s not judge Mwai on tribal lines or petty jealousy.

    2. ????? shame on u indeed kaduka basi nsanje you r the kind of people amawatchula okhomerepa progress ban her indefinitely for what?? have u ever played any sport or being in any team ever when you have a star the best thing to do is recognise the huge star and value to the team they are and bring… yes it a team but they are on there own level mukamati wamatama disrespectful osasatira ma rude to who?? nsanje amalawi eish

    3. Aaaa Malawi adaa palibe phindu mutima wachikolopa uwu musiye nyakumwenda alibe problem.problem ndinu osafuna kuvomeleza kuti zonse tikusunga ndife kuno like flames 2010 just mind u

    4. Chomwe mungadziwe ndichakuti Mwayi ndi mary waya sagwirizana kuyambira kale ndipo zidani zawo akuzidziwa okha eniakewo 2013 anamusiyanso Mwayi tidakamalizira pa 6 nanga kodi mwano azingouona ekha mary wayayo?

    5. kkkkkkk mwinadi anamugwanda uyo and ngati pali anthu omwe sakulifunira zabwino dziko lathu m’modzi mwa anthuwo ndiweyo….muleke mdumbu withu akutemwa chalo chake awenge mnyake ate akanenge so poti mitundu yakuno kwithu njakujifira yayi

    6. Those of you who think i have issues with her must understand how the sporting world works. Cameroonian international footballers in the form of Liverpools Joel Matip and co refused to represent their country at Afcon in favor of their clubs. Didn’t Cameroon win the African Cup??… Find out the fate of the players now… You think recalling her will make things better,, just wait and see!!

    7. hahaha refused brother not the other way round…. recognise what a huge talent and how lucky we are to have her….. without her in the team yes its possible to be winning but with her thw best netballer in the world and the best shooter in the worls we should feel lucky she is even playing for us if it were u and me inakatha kukhala nkhani ina….. sitingaluze anything with her in the team but gain a lot more from her presence and she has proven that and she has earned it….. messi retired the whole country his team mates as well as the president begged the guy to come back why its not like amasewera yekha naaaa! but the know he is a special player huge talent and on another t level than them olo atazipopa motani the important and during these world cup qualifiers anachedwa kubwera ku camp with 3 days koma because his team mates football association and the whole country recognise how valuable special and on his own level kind of player he is they let it go and in the game he scored 3 goal Argentina is in the world cup coz of him its not that anasewera yekha by the way…. lets learn to recognise respect those that are special than us

    8. there are other talented netballers out there than mwawi but are denied a chance bcoz of nepotism and ethinicism.running netball malawian way.very annoying.

    9. above ur comments u said consider the situation ndindani anamubweza mwai instead of letting coach’s decision to left her NAM over ruled coach

    10. the problem with africa, a celebrity is given an immunity to disciplinary issues…she misbehaved, she deserved an equal punishment osati just cause she is a star nde azingopanga xomwe akufuna…nah

  15. The cancer known as the current office holders of NAM is still there. So until those hateful witches are paraded out of NAM and donated as feed for the crocodiles, the problem is not yet resolved.

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