Balaka WASH strategy launched


The issue of sanitation lapse will be a thing of the past in Balaka district thanks to the Malawi government and its development partners.

On Friday, Balaka district council in partnership with Plan Malawi, Project Concern International-PCI Malawi and Nkhadze Youth alive organization-NAYORG launched a district strategic plan that will guide the council and NGOs in its operations regarding water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in the district starting from now to 2020.

The aforementioned organisations have been actively working in a WASH project in various Traditional Authorities in the district under financial support from Plan Malawi-Global sanitation fund.

The much anticipated strategy will among other things help the district council in effectively planning and smooth delivery of various sanitation related projects from the council level to the grassroots, thereby identifying priorities to be executed on the ground.

This will also greatly aid various non-governmental organizations working in the district to only work within the set boundaries, hence effectively complementing government’s effort of eradicating various diseases through preventive health measures.

Representing traditional leaders present at the function, Traditional Authority Msamala applauded all the stakeholders for coming up with the plan of action saying that this will boost the social wellbeing people in the district.

“I should commend all who have been involved in the formulation of the plan of action because this will help us to live a strong and healthy life, thus significantly contributing to the development of our country,” he stressed.

Guest of honour at the function councillor T.T. Bwanali who is also chairman of the Balaka district council highlighted the need for partners to follow the set frameworks provided in the booklet so that desired goals are met.

“The issue of sanitation requires a collective effort, therefore, I urge all involved to strictly abide by the strategic plan so that we achieve a common goal,” he said.

Bwanali further warned all NGOs that will work outside the framework that they risk being expelled from working on related issues.




  1. Six districts launched theirs some three or four years back. Developing a strategy is one thing and implementation is another.

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