Mzimba accident death toll hits 21

Malawi Defence Force

…. Funeral service held for 19 soldiers

The death toll from Thursday’s road accident involving Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers has reached 21.

The accident occurred at Mapanjira in Mzimba and 19 soldiers were confirmed dead on Thursday.

Malawi Defence Force
A funeral service for the soldiers has been held

Several other soldiers sustained injuries and the MDF says those still admitted at Mzimba District Hospital are stable with others slowly recovering.

A funeral service for the 19 soldiers was held today at Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe with President Peter Mutharika in attendance.

Vice President Saulos Chilima also attended the funeral and the two gave the bereaved families K500,000.

The accident occurred at Mapanjira on the Mzuzu- Kasungu M1 road in Mzimba when the Iveco truck registration number 922 MDF overturned after the driver had failed to negotiate a corner.

There were 60 soldiers in the car a majority of whom were recruits while others were their trainers. They were going to Malawi Armed Forces College (Mafco) in Salima.

Thirteen died on the spot, five upon arrival at Mzimba District Hospital while one died at around 7pm as he was receiving treatment.

Among the injured, twelve were referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital while 30 with minor injuries are being treated at Mzimba District Hospital.








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  5. Sad indeed.Let God intervene Malawi why so many accidents
    Let’s wake up Malawians with prayers.Satan is using us like a ball

  6. My brother what happened to this tragedy, to lose all this family’s, May God bless all the family who lost their family and those who survived ?

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  9. In most countries there will be a comprehensive investigation and people will be held accountable but in Malawi????????

  10. Oh man this is such a tragedy. So many losing their lives needlessly. MTSRIP. Such a large number of people losing their lives on Malawian roads this year. Drive safe everyone.

  11. Sorry and RIP all brothers but to me I blame the bosses they buying retreading tyres bcs of cheap and tell to the government higher price the lest money they pu to their accounts that the big problems to the bosses example George Chaponda what he did to us with our president muthalika .corruption too much this country thas y u are killings our future soldiers,stupid peter wamva

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  15. May their Souls Rest In Peace and may God’s healing hand be upon those injured and the bereaved famillies thru out ths trying tym

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  21. Parents friends and relatives were looking forward to cheer them during the passin out parade….very sad development

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  23. Malawi as a nation needs to have special prayers asking GOD almighty to take away tragidies from it and to forgive us in any way we have offended him.May their souls rest in peace,Amen!

  24. Sadly missed by families. May their soul rest in peace.

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