Activist happy with 6 years for Area 25 women


A human rights activist has expressed satisfaction with the court ruling that the Area 25 women in Lilongwe should serve 6 years and 6 months in prison each.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Malawi24, Lucky Mbewe who is Executive Director of Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE) said that this is  progress as it will act as a lesson to others.

Lucky Mbewe

Mbewe: Happy with the Judgement.

“Well, I feel being first offenders it’s fine because it still sends signals to would be offenders considering that such malpractices are becoming so huge these days,” Mbewe told Malawi24.

“Secondly, the courts do consider other factors before judgement but for us the fact that they have been sentenced  is a very good progress in fair justice. We hope people will learn from this and avoid taking the law in their hands,” Mbewe added.

He further expressed concern that   women are doing such immoral acts to their fellow women despite stakeholders fighting to curb such issues.

“It’s sad that women can resort into such inhumane behaviours over fellow women when at the same time government and stakeholders are spending so much money to end any form of GBV and SGBV.

“We appeal to all people to ensure reporting such kind of practices as they happen so that we build a better Malawi fit for all people,” Mbewe told Malawi24.

Mbewe also advised people who may think that the years are not enough saying that the main issue is that the women have been sent to prison where they will reform.

“Let the people not underrate 6 years meted on these people because the initial point is them being sentenced and committed to prison,” he said.

The three women were on Thursday jailed for six years for assault and 4 months for filming a private part, the sentences will run concurrently .

The three are Thokozani Msiska from Enukweni village, Traditional Authority Mtwalo in Mzimba, Zelifa Phiri from Setha Village , Traditional Authority Zulu in Mchinji and Rodness Chose from Gonthi village , Traditional Authority Kamenyagwaza in Dedza.



  1. Chilango chachepa,muthokoze kuti ndilibe makobidi nkadapanga appeal kuyi izengedwetso nkadakonda akadapatsidwa 14 years IHL

  2. No matter what they should be there for even more than those years …athu ena atengerepo phuziro ndithu azimay osowa umuthu ngat awah sinawone odzichosa ulemu

    • Basi ngati Ali pa banja NDE kuti azimunawo Ali pa mphempho ya zaoneni, nanga adikile mpaka 6 years. Chidule apeze ma ma side chicks.

  3. Dzikundipatsa matha,kundendeko sakapanganso ena kumeneko? chifukwa anzimai alindidzilope.Pempho langa mwasiye malo autatu wawo. amenea

  4. Enawo amavula nkumaonetsa private parts when urinating the victim. But were these women really married or they just felt jealous over the victim? Kuonetsa maliseche awo nkupatsidwanso 6 years IHL, very embarrassing and punitive!!!!!

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