Newly donated compactor truck to revamp sanitation


The Japanese government has donated a refuse compactor truck to Lilongwe City Council (LCC) which residents hope will improve sanitation in the capital city.

Malawi24 caught up with some Lilongwe city residents who said the new truck has come at the right time when the council is finding it hard to make the city clean.

LL city mayor receiving the truck.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Agnes Banda hailed the Japanese government for the offer.

“The refuse compactor truck has come at the right time since it will help the duties of the city council to make Lilongwe City free from garbage,” she told Malawi24.

Her Excellency Ambassador Kae Yanagisawa who is the Japanese ambassador to Malawi handed over the refuse compactor truck to Lilongwe City Council.

The truck will aid the council to improve on refuse collection service delivery which is challenging due to inadequate resources.

Speaking after receiving the truck, Mayor of Lilongwe His Worship Dr. Desmond Bikoko attributed the challenges in waste collection to the increased population of the city of Lilongwe.

Lilongwe City Council has two skip carriers and four compactor trucks which are operating; serving a population of one million in the city. In addition, the city’s 21 skip bins and 52 street bins which are used to store waste before collection are not enough to deliver satisfactory waste collection services.

The city requires at least 1000 skip bins and street bins, and 30 skip carriers and 200 refuse compactors to be able to deliver efficient waste management services.

The Japanese government is one of the stakeholders in the city of Lilongwe who have supported Lilongwe City Council’s ventures to eradicate challenges in waste management.



  1. The best way to keep a city clean is by involving everyone and not leaving it to the city alone, people throw things anywhere because they know the city guys will collect or sweep, but a law should be passed whereby anyone who litters should be punished or must pay a fine in that way people will be afraid of littering around. In Swaziland you could be arrested if you smoke in public or urinate anywhere

  2. Q= What is the government doing to ensure sanitation in all parts of the country (especially in major cities and towns) independently?

    We can’t always be relying on donors all the time.

  3. Is this a government running a country or a small estate receiving as charity an unwanted hand me down? you should be looking at sanitation plants for the country as a whole. beggars belief!

  4. This is a well done to Japanese. Cant government add some of these vehicles?
    Thanks to Japan government.

  5. Anthu akuba inu Ndalama zomwe mumatolera mmisika ndi ground rent zimapita kuti akubainu ntchito kupepha basi osachita manyazi

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  7. This is the poorlest gvmnt Malawi ever had . It pains me when i see other country develop while Malawi with the leadership of a professor is going back

  8. You mean peter and his idiots cannot buy refuge truck for the city ?. I dont believe this rabish. We will see 2019 .i feel sorry for my Malawi .

    1. ngati mukudana ndi munthu chisamakhale chidzolowedzi chomunyodzera kapena kumutukwanira ngati public kuti ngati nafenso zikutikhunza sikuti ngati umadananaye ndie ndi wina aliyense enafe timamukonda ukamati tiona 2019 ukuphatikidza ndindani?

    2. Its not duty of central gvt to buy waste management truck its city assemblies and district councils to do that its one reason we have councillors

  9. You mean that 3 tonne Toyota Dyna/HINO in a picture? Only Lilongwe city council needs more than ten – tonne trucks for refusal collection not that 1 it’s too small for the job, alternatively to a wheelbarrow my beloved Malawi…. Only skilled to steal monies from the government…. Idiots ⚠ ⚠

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