Bullets, Silver battle for second spot

Nyasa Big Bullets vs Karonga United

As the battle for the TNM Super League championship continues, Silver Strikers and Nyasa Big Bullets will this afternoon look for nothing but maximum points during their matches.

The Central Bankers are expected to welcome Moyale Barracks at Silver Stadium in Lilongwe as Bullets will be taking on Premiere Bet Wizards at MDC Stadium in township of Chilomoni in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Nyasa Big Bullets vs Karonga United
Bullets, Silver to face each other this afternoon.

The Lilongwe soccer giants will be praying for a win while wishing bad luck to the People’s team so that it should lose in order to take over the second position and partly edge closer to the league leaders, Be forward Wanderers.

The Bankers who are on 46 points are aware that dropping any point in the afternoon’s clash will minimise their chances of clinching the championship as the gap will now be up to 9 points.

A Bullets victory over Wizards will pile much pressure on Nomads as the gap will now be reduced to less than five since they are topping the table with 55 points and the Ndirande outfit stands second with 48 points as both will be having only six matches each to wrap up the season.

Wizards, who started the season on a high note as they topped the top flight table for few weeks in the first eight matches of the season, have to win at all costs in the afternoon if they want to increase their hope of remaining in the league.

Presently, the Peter Mponda boys are on third position from the bottom of the table with 23 points and a win against Bullets will see them moving to up to position 12, surpassing teams such as Red Lions and Masters Security FC.

However, a draw or loss will edge them closer to the Southern Region Premier Division.

At the moment, all the teams in the league are remaining with less than 8 matches to wrap up the 2017 season.




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  3. Chinya bullets chinya mumatimvetsa kukoma anyamata inu. Neba pena uziyangana kutsogoloko, umgoyangana mbuyo, samala with the last six games. Uzalira ngati mwana kuti mayooo mayooo mayoooo kkkkkk

  4. Mmmmmmmmmm km this game is vry umportant to sliver so may ask god to bles us!!!!!!! Mulung ndiwachokondi ndip salephra

  5. who told you bullets is fighting for second?we are already there n our aim is to kick this khumba from one to two!!

    1. at least my dreams becomes true now and again! but u my neba your dreams takes years kenako zimangokhala bwerera!!kkkkkkkkkkk

  6. Nkhani koma imeneyo osati mukakhtala basi gundi kukamba za B4ward aaah akusekani bakha! vula ikagwa kuchuluka zolira achule,amvivi,nyenje and etc koma chomwe ndinganene ndichakuti ma Team onse awa ama user mankhwala its not only BB and B4ward no! koma kuti anthu sakufuna kuvomereza kuti anzawo zayenda B4ward kuti buuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! pa Bingu mpatose!

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