NAM defiant amid resignation calls

Netball Malawi

The Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) Executive Committee has trashed calls to step down in the wake of the national team’s awful showing at the just ended Fast5 World Series in Melbourne, Australia.

Netball Malawi
Matiya: We need to chart the way forward

The Queens lost all their six matches to finish bottom of the six nation tournament, which infuriated some netball fans and commentators, who believe the lacklustre display was solely down to NAM’s decision to drop poster girl Mwawi Kumwenda from the squad, for reporting late to camp.

The disappointment has reached another level with calls for the NAM Executive Committee to resign, for bringing shame and disgrace to the mighty netball nation.

Veteran sports commentator Charles Nyirenda said: “NAM has held the netball fraternity to ransom for its arrogant decision. The Sports Minister (Francis Kasaila) offered them advice to reconsider their stance, but they never listened. Now they have embarrassed the nation and they have to pay for their sins by stepping down,” said Nyirenda.

Another commentator who weighed in on the saga is Humphrey Mvula who faulted the association for priotising personal issues over national interest.

“Am told it’s not the entire committee but some few individuals who have personal scores to settle against the player. But when that compromises matters of national pride like what we have now, those involved should go,” added Mvula.

But speaking at the Kamuzu International Airport, on arrival from the competition, NAM President Khungekile Matiya said resignation is not a solution.

“Is this the first ever defeat for Queens, if not were those previous administrators forced to resign as well? Let’s sit down to do a postmortem of the tournament, identify our weak areas and chart the way forward,” said Matiya.

The NAM President also denied holding grudges against Kumwenda.

“Mwawi is our daughter, she is a queen. We hold nothing against her, the door will always remain open for her to return and represent the nation. After all every athlete must feel proud and honoured to represent his/her country,” she said.

Matiya however declined to disclose who exactly made the big call on the Melbourne Vixens shooter, saying no individual calls the shots at NAM but the entire Executive Committee.

In a separate interview with Malawi24, Queens coach Mary Waya insisted the team did not miss the services of the decorated shooter.

” Mwawi is as good as the players we had at the tournament. She was there last year, just like most of them, so experience and everything is the same. The girls didn’t miss her, they played well, according to instructions but the best team at the tournament won it,” said Waya who took over the mantle following the resignation of Samuel Kanyenda over the same storm.

Waya is the only coach in the history of the team to have overseen two winless trips to the tournament.



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  2. Anthu ena anangobadwa ozikonda basi what they forget is that before they came in as Nam executive committee others came before them.

  3. I beg NAM to respect the coach they have chosen to select the squad not NAM because you are blamed because you are the ones who chased Mwai Kumwenda in disagreement with the coach thats why the first coach left the camp as well

  4. Sakuwonapo cholakwika kuti mpaka apange apologise or even resign. Ndiye kuwuza munthu yotereyo chinthu cha nzeru munthu ungayambire pati. First step to solving a problem is acceptance that there is and you have a problem. I think as a nation zinazi tinazizolowera eti?

  5. Dont be stupid NAM is not your properrty, you ego has emarrassed the nation just pack and go.

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  7. Is the NAM boss a Malawian? Her name sounds strange. Please let’s open our eyes when choosing people to represent our associations. This to me, am suspecting match fixing.

  8. When did waya & her friends realise that Mwai ndi Mwana wao,she is a Malawian & welcome to contribute in the development of netball in her own country? I think is right & proper if they humbly swallow their pride & apologise to the nation. After all u lose nothing by saying”sorry”. Malawi is on the map because of netball & not football according to their baseless argument. Here u’ve no option, either u resign or apologise. Useless NAM officials..

  9. NAM yopanda manyazi yamakani,zoti analakwitsa sakuvomereza.kodi akanganya awa adzamvera ndani ndipo adzamva liti?Vomerezani kuti sinunayendetse bwino zinthu aMalawi ndiwokwiya kwabasi makani thoooooo

  10. I don’t See the reason for them to resign. If these are to resign what about FAM?Bcoz fam is organization which have been failing for so long in Malawi. And I believe the whole team is not in good form bcoz one player could not make the whole team that worse.Yes he deserves to be in the team.

    1. bambo chisale inu simunamvepo kuti game yinasintha atalowa wakuti wakuti. yes, u’re right kuti munthu mmodzi payenkha sangasinthe zinthu koma his/her inclusion pays dividend. ndikupatseni chitsanzo, ku noma seasm ya 15/16 kunkavuta zigoli (1st round), koma atabwera kamwendo zinthu zinasinta.

    2. Chitsanzo china ndi Ernest mtawali adabwera tsiku lagame coach atapanga kale line up mu cosafa cup pa kamuzu stadium,coach adasintha line up mtawali adakhala pa first choice,game kuyamba,mtawali kusewera 3kik yoyamba,maduka kuheda chigoli,malawi kuwina game,mwayi akadakhalapo magame enawo tikadawina,mwayi ndi goal shooter wodziwa ndimaonera mipira yawo maqueens

    3. Team ya mpira wa miyendo yatsikana inalimba ndi Tabitha Chawinga Ndi mbale wake apo biii tinkanawona za Qeens! Yes! Munthu mmodzi wa experience can make a difference!!


  11. Who ever resigned in this country becsuse of incompetence?
    Listening to NAM president and interim coach was so sickening. They are very proud of their failures.

  12. They are stupid so who is arrogant between NAM and Mwai. They have just shot there feet anybody who took part should resign forthwith.

  13. Onsewa akutula pansi udindo 12:00am usiku uno, sindikufunanso mawa ndimve maina azigawengazi ayi. Kunyumbako bambo a Mercy, ali pamavuto makani mpaka kukalipira dziko latunthu, chokani basi anthu atopananu timathamangitsa makochi achizungu inu ndiye ndani tiyeni kwanu mukalowe ufumu.

  14. If they don’t want to resign peacefully we’ll force them to resign coz what they did was more than embarrassment to whole Malawi as Nation.

  15. Please fix this problem cos this is only team we have in our country this lady’s the pick it up our country flag to put our Name hi

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