Wandale arrested


Police in Lilongwe on Sunday arrested leader of People’s Land Organisation (PLO) Vincent Wandale.

According to reports, Wandale has been charged with spreading false rumours and is under police custody at Area 3 Police Station.

Vincent Wandale

Vincent Wandale: arrested

He was reportedly on the run after he announced that he would declare secession of Thyolo and Mulanje from Malawi to form the United States of Mulanje and Thyolo on Thursday.

A post on Wandale’s Facebook account confirms his arrest.

“I’m under arrest by Lilongwe police for spreading false rumour. Viva MUST. I’m head of state and ought to be treated as such. The United Nations must make their views known on this. God knows,” says Wandale’s Facebook post.

The arrest comes on the same day President Peter Mutharika warned Wandale against creating anarchy in the country.





  1. kukhala president kudela komwe kukuchokela president wa dziko lonse kkkkkkkj.uyu anafunika kasinja ingomusinja wakwana….olo kungomusowesa tawauzani bambo tembo ndi a chair kuti kuli ntchito aona chochita

  2. Chaponda …waba chimanga ndindalama za amalawi kuyambira kumpoto kukafika kunsanje …lelo ndi mfulu osamangidwa bwanji???…kodi uyu ndamene walakwa kwambiri??? Tionana may 2019

  3. Palibe chilungamo maize Gate ndi u president Gate chinayamba chani tamumangeni kaye wa maize Gate then uyuyuno chilungamo palibe

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  5. Now that “wandale” has been arrested. Let us take this opportunity to remind ourselves of the 2017 by election results. Nsanje lalanje Mcp 8036 Dpp 4587 Lilongwe city south Mcp 6722 Dpp 3597 Ndirande Makata Mcp 968 Dpp 910 Dedza mayani Mcp 1690 Dpp 2390 Lilongwe msozi north Mcp 10015 Dpp 2559 Mtsiriza ward Mcp 921 Dpp 826 They want to forget but we will remind them ……

  6. I know lot of people we dont understand mr wandale wen it comes to land this government of ours is selling our own land maybe you don’t know but u will know wen it comes to your land.in mulanje we have lot of land that sells to those who manage to buy it they almost sell our mountain so mr wandale he stand up for us so that we can open our eyes before its too late.cant you just notice that where is taking his power to challenge gorvement ?he goes to school yes and his law is about land aswell .maybe if you remember the time of our late president bingu mutharika people from mpoto they were planning to do the same thing what wandale he is doing now because that gorvement was also selling their land and now this peter muthalika he is selling his own land in mulanje at the end people will suffer l dont blame wandale coz he is just helping people and if you know he dont ask people to pay him.so woke up my fellow Malawian

  7. Komanso boma ili muli zitsiru zokhazokha. Kumanga munthu chifukwa akufuna kumakakhala kumagombe ndichanzeru? Kodi palinso chanzeru apa? Amene akulamula dziko pano anayamba akapondapo phazi kumagombe? Kulibetu chitukuko kuyambira pomwe mulungu analengera dziko ndiye papezeka ofuna kutenga delalo pano mukumumanganso. Komadi munthu ndiovuta

  8. the problem is that every government hates the truth,Wandale walakwa chani kuti mumumange but on other hand u r failing to handle the maizegate?? mhhh!! Go to the district hospitals like an outpatient mukaone kuli madokotala akuba amene akusandutsa government institutions to b private ones osakamanga amenewo bwanji?? Nosense!!

    • He might be saying the truth but has followed the wrong way of doing things by indulging in treasonous conduct.Law is law and must be complied with! I agree with his philosophy,not his conduct!

    • you will realise that he is innocent later,ndindani mmalawi muno saphwanya lamulo but there are so many who mishandled their pisitions koma look wht hv happened to them,nothing they are still in offices akakhala malamulo ammene dziko limakhalira palokha iwowa adakwanitsa kale mpaka internationally how come that he need to b charged?? apatseni ufulu anthu apange zomwe akufuna rather than harrasing them with alot of problems omw source yake is already known by everyone no

  9. we r ready for demonstrations …to de country ov Malawi for arresting our President Vin-Wandale..b4 72hours ….ngat simumutulutsa….©®©©®™

  10. Even if they kill him now we know our history government must feed us shit yet we got our wandale who can standup and challenge the crocodiles,arrest him n deport him to our land so that we must unite our country,#mulathyolo for government

  11. Prestent or afatse,ngati sapanga bwino Anthu sangakondebe.Amangaangat poti omukonda ndiwocepa?Osamukondandigulu. Kuluzakwama MPndi Ma Khasala MULIBEUMBON? AKAPITIZA KUMANGA ANTHU AKUWONJEZELA KUNUKHA.MUKAMUZEEE!

  12. Prestent or afatse,ngati sapanga bwino Anthu sangakondebe.Amangaangat poti omukonda ndiwocepa?Osamukondandigulu. Kuluzakwama MPndi Ma Khasala MULIBEUMBON? AKAPITIZA KUMANGA ANTHU AKUWONJEZELA KUNUKHA.MUKAMUZEEE!

  13. Alright.charcoal is still smouldering,Tiyambe zeleza was an intelligent man too.Now those knowledge awaken many peoples,what wandale do its an example to the nation And we cant stay seing elephants and lions fighting,we cant tip toe marvering instead lets start our best level same like what wandale opted.Malawi its a good country,malawi its a wealth country,we have a lake malawi..Mulanje mountain..Zomba mountain and many more but we’re still developing,other countries they dont hv beuntiful tourism places bt they develop little by little ther countries.Why not malawi?Reason is all followers like you and me tip toe..And start running when we hear lions voices,wandale he’s not like that,we have polical parties here in malawi,they lameting when they need a hummer after salary upgrades they close there smell mouth waiting another project in future.Is it politicians or thieves.Luciou Banda is my example,while he was poor songs was abt government,now he’s a leader where is he?Congrants wandale timeny

    • thax big man.Tiyambe zeleza was an intelligent man.The book smouldering charcoal is my polical lesson book..This book was written during one party rule under h kamuzu banda.All what was hapen ages ago still occur.Government was slaughtered innocent people nowadays also.,where is matafale,chasowa,rodwell munyenyembe and gadama?whats wrong they do?Please boma osagamula mwakupha its better to stay arrested.Ndikuziwa kamwa ya president ikamutchula munthu kt iwe apolice amapezera mwayi-diminish such habit.Welcome all in this democrancy not dictatorship or mornachy leadership.Feel free.

  14. One of the greatest sources of mental illness is an empty wallet,If u want to decrease the number of people suffering ,just give them a chance to earn an honest living….”Professor Emeritus Valentine Tobius”…

  15. Onse ndi a mitsala. Ena akulephera kuyendetsa boma lopezapeza. Ena ndi awa akufuna boma la okha. Onse ndi Ana aNgolongoliwa mfumu yopanda tsogolo.. Chanzeru palibe apa. Angomutaya. Amangiranso Ku Lilongwe? Kkkk.

    • Kkkkkkkk! Mamina a anthu. Wandale ndi chitsiru zedi for he is forgettimg kuti a Lhomwe akuwayomieawo came here very late mitundu ina ku Mulanje ndi Thyolo itakhazikikako kale like yhe Chewa (Mang’anja,) the Yao and Ngoni. Kanyimbi uyu akufuna kupusitsa anzake

  16. No justification, y arresting Wandale? He just expressing his democratic rights. Boma lkuopa ndi minga ya usipa yomwe. Is Wandale commanding any following? By arresting him U’re trying to panel beat him so much so that he’ll now be real supreme leader.After all u don’t have moral grounds to have him convicted. uku ndikuopa ndi minga yausipa yomwe.

  17. No justification, y arresting Wandale? He just expressing his democratic rights. Boma lkuopa ndi minga ya usipa yomwe. Is Wandale commanding any following? By arresting him U’re trying to panel beat him so much so that he’ll now be real supreme leader.After all u don’t have moral grounds to have him convicted. uku ndikuopa ndi minga yausipa yomwe.

  18. Kkkkk koma naye amalowa dzikolo la eni opanda passport kkkkkkk ndiye ndizimenezotu mkwezen Yolanda mipando abwelele dziko lake.

  19. From the comments,it is clear most of us don’t know or follow Wandale.You will soon hear he is off the hook. He is a highly learned guy who knows what he is doing. The state has never sat down to listen to his voice of reason.They r just reactive by arresting him.Its like they r dancing before listening to the rythm of the song.They will surely be out of step. Let those who have ears hear.Wandale is not mad, has never been mad and has no intention whatsoever of being one.

    • On point GG, most of us just comment out of curiosity; negatively about Vincent but for sure we don’t understand what is he fighting for. Even the big Kahunas’ in this sinking ship hardly understand the guy hence arresting him on insufficient and pale accusations.

    • When I just tried to follow him, I realized that the guy has facts… referral facts not just saying… I agree with U. If the Government could just give him a sober ear and listen.

  20. Amuchita bwino ngati ndi chamba chikathere Ku ndende a Malawi sazapeza president ofasa ngati Peter ndiye tikumutenga ngati opusa anakakhala enawa atasowa kale

  21. Wandale is a scatterbrain person, he don’t know that if he play with GOVERNMENT, he play with FIRE! Government must arrest him without mercy or …….whatever, so that other fucken people they can get lesson! ARREST HIM TO DEATH, please government!

  22. Vuto lathu pamalawi pano ndi CHAMBA tikuchulutsa kusuta.Pulesidenti akafasa timafuna kumamuyesa dala,pofuna kumpezera pomunenera akatimanga.Wandale ngati akufuna bwanji osayambitsa chipani chandale,mkuzapikisana nawo pa general Election??,Ameneyi ayenera kumuimba mlandu yobweletsa chisokonezo komanso akanayeyera kumupatsa zaka zoyenera kuti ena aphunzirepo kanthu.

    • DUDE IT SEEMS LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW THE CONSTITUTION …..THE GUY IS NOT WRONG….. He’s right only kuti chilungamo chimakanidwa…..

    • Which constitution u toking abt??,tell m which section of ur constitution which allow anyone to be a President without vote??.Ndikanakonda nawe ulizuzule boma kuti lalakwa polionesa Constitution yomwe ukunenayo poyera.Tikakhuta sibwino kumaliyesa boma.

    • so you want me to teach you about the constitution? haha dude you crazy the shit is broad just find some time on your own, go through it.. then you will see what am talking about . ..try to come up with valid arguments other than the one you hv brought this time dude

    • Ur fool and who r u??.First go and bath then u can say shit to m??,kapena ukufuna kuphunzira kuyankhula paine??.Iwe ndani??.Son of bitch..Palibe unanganene paine,wina makolo ako.ulipatali kwambiri.Constitution ukuinenayo ngakhale makolo ako sangandiphunzitsepo kanthu,ngati uli ochenjera bwanji osapita ukamtengeko.Ukasuta uziona omawayankhula sete zakozo.Fuck.

  23. Koma Ku Malawi tili pa mavuto
    Opopa magazi
    Dan Lu
    Lucius Banda
    The list will never end kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  24. What ever you say, fact is,this guy is intelligent than most of us here, he exposed weakness’s of our colonial inherited law’s & if you think he’s going down with this better not think rather the government is making him a political rock star status.

    • What treason. He is not a treat by arms or any war equipments. Trust me this guy will make Malawi a laughing stock. They were suppose to sit down with this guy longtime ago and hear his side of his story. This guy is a genius. He know how he is playing his cards. He was aware of being arrested. Political he is building his brand. The more he is arrested the more he gain famous. The solution was to bring him for talks not arrest. In this case they are no components of treason.

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