Teacher jailed for raping Standard 8 pupil

Rape Malawi

A circuit magistrate court sitting in Mwansambo in Nkhotakota has sentenced a primary school teacher aged 34 to 10 years in prison for raping and impregnating a 16-year-old Standard 8 pupil.

The court heard that, between the months of August-December, 2016 at Kasangazi primary school in Nkhotakota district, the teacher Lawrence Matewere sexually abused the girl who is under the age of 18.

Police prosecutor Mcrhino Lungu of Nkhotakota police told the court that Matewere convinced the girl to go to his house for studies since the house had electricity.

Matewere sexually abused the girl on five different occasions and she later got pregnant.

When Matewere learnt that the girl had got pregnant, he gave her K3, 000 to terminate the pregnancy but the girl narrated the matter to her parents who swiftly reported the matter to police.

When passing the sentence in court, magistrate Fred Jumma Chilowetsa said offences of defilement are on the increase in the district as well as in the country.

Chilowetsa said Matewere being a teacher should have protected the girl but instead he was at the forefront traumatising the girl something that will make many girls to lose trust in their own teachers.

He then sentenced Matewere to 10 years in prison.

Lawrence Matewere, 34, hails from Mbalame village in the area of Senior Chief Mwambo in Zomba district.



  1. Foolish teacher like that, even if they agreed he must save jail, that’s not fare for the elder gentleman to have bada thing to a younger girl(14year)

  2. 1 to 13 years thats raping but 14 years and above is not raping thats kugonana,
    Anawa samamva mabere awo akangokula m’mene mukudziwiramo amatiyamba dala
    Nkhani ngati izizi mutimanga ambiri chepetsani malamulowo

  3. Onse analipamozi wawona kt panoali ndminba ndpo aznamizira wandgwlilira boza,,,, mimbayo wabweza salary yake yimene ankadya,,,bwanji akanaulura poyambayamba,, wawona kt zathina usova nd mimbayakoyo,,,apopomuonepo msapondereze bambo potzathina ayi ndwankulu starndade 8 ndmayesa std2-4….

  4. Of course I don’t like commenting especially on trivial things but this story has just come in my attention….I do hope this judge is mentally ill or brain washed@ what kind of judge is he ? How dare he hold a such terrible decision? Whom does he think is going to take all needed responsibility towards a girl and a baby If i was a judge in this case I would just ask that man to go on with their secret relationship into a marriage as a house wife and breadwinner because here pregnancy is the main reason that forcibly courage a person getting into unplanned parenthood….shame on you! Your judgement has just shown how incompetent you are on your job..is this what you call a rape? Kk how can someone be a rapist in existence of a compromise ? Think wisely before you passing the judgment because this would scarcely be fair to the impregnate d girl or whom do you think is going to take care of her? A goat it browses where it is tied so nothing is strange here fotseki kk now it becomes a complex problem ikadakhala galimoto then we should say beyond the repair

    1. mwnimbumba it seems like you live in your own world were constitution is not respected. pipo do watever they wat,no problem wth the judgement bcz he just interpret wat is in the book

    2. #Aubrey pls don’t ever forget that the laws are made by people just like you so some might be amended in favour of your own desires and sometimes it can be changed or altered in order to distort the truth or correct it but all depends on how people’s minds react upon it in regarding the circumstances or situations …mmm this is not an absolute judge perhaps he was born intelligent but education has ruined him kkk I guess this matter was beyond his understanding so he supposed to let those with merit to deserve it rather than sending an innocent person to serve a jail for a such long term….typically no one can manage to control natural feelings therefore nobody is victimized here because anything that happens here is completely something normal…..mmm what a partiality!! Surely women now are ruling us even more powerful than we men SICHONCHO

  5. Tsikanayo axuxika kusowa thandizo mfanaa obadwayoso adzakura muvutika kusowa care from dad instead of solving it u r creating another big problem than this eeeeeee MW aise no wonder them say kumpanje

    1. But mayb they agreed because nowadays childrens mmmmmh they don’t have choice they only mind about money. We have not blame the teacher only the pupil should be blamed too.

  6. maziphunzitsi kuyaluka mwa mwanamo mumaona ngati ndimosiyana ndi mwa akazi anu,kapena mumafuna kuthina ndie ndizo muzikanthinana ku maula

  7. Achita bwino kumumanga andnso amuchepesera zikanakhala 20 bcoz iyeyo malamulo antchito yake akuwazi akanafuna kunyenga mahule bwa?

  8. JOHN 8:7,says “If anyone of u is without sin,let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”Temptations are for everyone.

  9. M’phunzitsi amafunika akhale odzigwira,akakanika kutero nkhani yake ndi imeneyi.Awa anali pa chibwenzi, si kugwilira kumeneku ayi.

  10. zautsiru basi,, bwanji mwanayo sanaulure tsiku loyamba lomwe anapanga za chiwerewere? anthuwa anali pa chibwezi ndye makolowo angofuna kumudyera mnthuyo

  11. Did he really raped her? If so, did they report to police,?This two were in love and the parents i believe they chopped his money. The case here should be, impregnating a student not raping

    1. Komadi Kungoti Iyeyu Wasowa Ndalama Akanakhalanazo Sakanamumanga Uyu. Kmano Azinena Bwno, Wagwililira Kapena Anali Paubwezi Ndmwana Waxul, Kugwililila Mpaka Mimba? Kma Amalawi Sazatheka Nd2

  12. They were in relationship cause if she was raped the pregnant was not supposed to appear now its too early guys .Something here is not making sense

    1. Musamakhale ngati simukudziwa kuti akati uyu ndi mwana amafunika kumuthandiza mzeru osati kumuwonongera tsogola inuyo munayiwala kuti mudakhalaponso mwana???

    2. Ngati akupanga period ndiye kuti ndiwakulu.Kodi mesa anati wa zaka 14 atha kukwatiwa anatero anthu omwewa opanga malamulowa ndiye lero akutinji?

  13. Why Arresting Him,atleast They Would Have Jst Terminated His Job Bt Not Arresting Him.Who Is Going To Take Care Of That Shit!

    1. Ndekuti mphuzisiyo analowa ndiyoti ndizakuthandiza mayeso mpaka ukhoze nde sizinachitike kkkkkk mphuzisiyo changu zida zake ndizamakono (nuclear )

    2. He pledge guilty? ok yes, who will take care of mother and baby? parents challenged to take a man’s responsible, why not force him to marry her, is that all you guess its right decision? anyway, answers against questions, Dziko laopsa ili.

    1. Eya #alicia cause chirichonse chimakhala ndi terms and condition. Mr teacher ndiye kuti ndiokwatira ndipo ali ndi ana awo ndithu.

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