Power cuts will soon be history – govt

Millennium Challenge Corporation

Government has said blackouts that have rocked Malawi will soon be a thing of the past when initiatives introduced to boost power supply are completed.

According to Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Aggrey Masi, when existing power sub-stations are rehabilitated and new ones constructed, there will be no more blackouts in Malawi.

Blackouts Malawi
Phombeya substation

Masi was speaking on Saturday during a visit to the construction site of 400/132kv Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi’s (ESCOM) Phombeya sub-station and 400kv overhead line sites in Balaka respectively.

The sub-station at Phombeya and another one at Nkhoma are being constructed and rehabilitated with support from the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) which has pumped in USD350 million.

“I am quite impressed with the work progress at both Phombeya and Nkhoma sub-stations where at least 90 percent of the equipment has arrived in the country; meaning that the 2018 deadline will be met,” Masi said.

He added that other initiatives which government is relying on include the tapping of electricity from Mozambique and construction of Kam’mwamba coal fired plant.

Speaking during the tour, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Resident Country Coordinator Molly Glenn said the reforms at ESCOM, Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority and Electricity Generation Company are quite crucial towards sustaining the investment MCC has made in the energy sector through the grant.

The MCC compact which Malawi obtained came into force in September 2013 and runs up to September 2018.


The compact also supports government to increase the capacity and stability of the national electricity grid and the efficiency and sustainability of hydropower generation to enhance future expansion opportunities and sector regulation and governance.






  1. That will be years from now, and politics will be used through that power development…. I’m telling you, apangilapo kae ndala zawo until alowe m’boma

  2. I don’t think kut zitheka cos munthu wodana ndimzake chilichonse chimamuda.Bomali likudedwa ndi more fans including Magetsi thats why always blackout.Govt must 1st mantain relationship with us magetsi nawo azizayaka time after time

  3. In 3 years APM can’t be a panacea to our electricity problems others were leaders for 31 and 10 Years but with nothing to show so let’s appreciate as we anticipate the visible projects that are underway

  4. AMALAWI TIYENI TISIYE NDALe KUONA CHITUKUKO ,CHITO YOBWELESA MAGESI AWA SINALI YOTHEKA KWA TSIKU LIMOZi,coz akuchoka ku Mozambique and ma pole ake siamitengo ayi ,zinangoyenela kutenga thawi ,olomunyoze boma atabwelewo 2019 mukuonangat azata,ndani ku zipanizinazi sanakhaleko mboma ?? Stop politics maso pachitukuko,ndale 2019 pano titukule Malawi wathuyi mothandizana ndiamene akulamula kutsusa sikungatukule Dziko mavuto enawa chifukwa cha ndale ,lelo tili pa one pamayiko osaukitsitsa

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  7. Zinazi tazingopangani Action basi….munabwebweta kale zoti ma blackout atha,ndipo zinanenedwa 2013 this is 2017..Action njee

  8. I went to Mkula falls , guys kuli chinchiiiiiito!!!! Ma black outs ndipakedi, koma when they are done I’m sure kuti things will change for the better.

    Koooooooomaaaa!!! Ndilindichisoni
    Ku boma la DPP, kuti nchitoyi ikamazatheka mwiiiiiinaa!!!!
    Adzalhala ena akulamula, ndiyeee, a Malawi azizaona ngati blackout imapangisa ndi DPP, ndiye enawo azizaoneka ngati okonza.

    But honestly ku Nkula kuli nchito!!
    You can make a day and visit there ndipo mukachezeso ndi ma enginears if possible.

  9. During the reign of Ngwazi,Dr.Kamuzu banda, people hardly talked about the issue of electricity simply because every five years Kamuzu would increase the power of electricity by 65Meggawatts.The idea was to catter the changing population,For he knew that as the number of people living in a country was increasing,the need for power improvement was also crucial.Koma pano, mmmmm zachisoni…I have always said without missing words,that the future of this country is unpredictable,scary and itching.As a young man who is indeed the true citizen of this country,l feel sorry for my Fellow malawians especially kids.Soon or later,Malawi will be the most dangerous place to have your child in.The issue of electricity would have been a story of the past by now,koma mpaka pano….Zachisoni .In other countries like South Africa for example,this blackout issue would have been taken seriously by every citizen but here at home,our anger ends on social media.Shame!!!!

  10. Dont be fooled good people of our beloved country Malawi. These people in govnment they think they r clever. I heard frm one of top gvnment top official kuti ndalama zilipo kale zamagetsi ndi Belt..koma maplan onse anawaimitsa kuti ayambe cha mu december umu nkumapita cha ku 2018 kuti apeze chomawauza anthu kuti mwaona…tayambapotu zitukuko mukavotera otsutsa zosezi zizaima. My worry is my people frm chiradzulu..mulanje..thyolo…partly zomba amavotela kuti wakwathu komaso wakwathuyo alibe chikondi olo mpangono pomwe. Tiyeni abale ngati nkotheka tisinthe boma tione kuti kodi timatsalila olo chimodzimodzi. Tiwayese abusa ndi chipani chawo mu democracy tione kuti angatani…zikazakhala chimodzimodzi tizawatulusemoso. Mpaka wina azabwela ngati King m. Sata of zambia

  11. Hey hey we are not kids anymore! Mumakonda kunena kuti madzi ndiwochepa mu nyanja kenako mvula yikagwa zonenanso zimachuluka like mapolo agwa!eeee zinyalala ndizambiri! So so you think we are going to believe that???!the problem is this hydro are those old one’s used by the British,now instead of boosting others escom you were just eating money,now this is it!

  12. Escom think of other ways of generating Electricity and think of other sources,other than just only depending on the lake

  13. Good news,
    Blackouts derails the economy of the county.
    Nobody can be happy to live in a blackout country.
    Investors can be scared…

  14. The best thing is to sign an agreement with minister of Energy and natural resources akalephera tizimudula mutu ndikupachika pa pole LA Escom coz tatopa ndi nthano zimenezi amalawi, Dziko silinakhalepo pa war since 1964 koma mpaka pano tikuphikira nkhuni ,madzi tikumwabe kumadambo , nanga Nkhondo itakhalako zingakhale bwanji ?

  15. The same story all along since I was born the rains that has started falling. will boost the flow of water on Shire river, but not that something has been done

  16. Lets see the word (SOON)
    Soon is unknown it can be 2morrow,nxt wk,nxt year.It can also not happen since its unknown.
    What if gvt says first november 2017?
    This can give us a picture and help us to prepare for that even those working to fix the problem can prepare too to finish it,either in-time or on-time.

  17. The same story all along since I was born the rains that has started falling. will boost the flow of water on Shire river, but not that something has been done

  18. Aggrey Masi doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. SUB STATIONS don’t generate power they only step down or step up voltage. They are not 100% efficient so they actually loose a bit of power during the voltage conversion. It takes 3 to 5 years to build a coal power station. Government has as yet not started work on it. The power lines from mozambique are still not connected
    So WHERE is the power coming from Honerable Aggrey Masi? The only.hope we have is enough rain fall..if we don’t and the Shire stops running then there in NO POWER in Malawi. This was predicted 5 years ago by the Germans who came and did a power study here.

  19. We r not children to be telling us like that, hw u can use escom in politically way, am said the country can’t develop without electricity, water, proper road, and other infrastructure what u know is selfish, stop using our taxi in mis-using way plz we r tared with u political pple plz?????

  20. Bvuto la munthu wa bodza nkukhalanso woyiwalayiwala Chaka chilichonse umangobwerenza kunena zomwe unanena kale I don’t know why we should believe this time

  21. I Can See Future Now.Bravo Our President.Bravo Egenco.Bravo Escom.Thanks To You All Who Are Taking Part In This Project.Thats What We Call “vision” Do Not Rush Because Of Politics.Remember “short Cuts Cut”

  22. Amen. Let’s keep praying for the Government and for Escom. I’m actually proud of Malawi, you may not be contented with your Government and stuff you have here, but I tell you are better than many African countries. Nigeria, my own country does not have, for example, steady electricity like you have it now. Your lights can go for hours or an entire day, ours can go a whole week and even more. I have faith in Malawi

    1. Wich Nigeria are talking about….the same nigeria that aliko dangote comes from or the mystery one u just talking about…and who’s responsible?? Al-shababu or those other terrorists??…..come on bro we know nigeria is bigger and wich ever part of nigeria u come from is very backward

    2. I am not saying we are better than Nigeria but what Achi is saying has also been said in a documentary that was filmed by BBC a few years ago. The documentary also shows a certain town which is close to Lagos but its literally in water. I’ve just forgotten the name of the doc. Nigeria is overpopulated though and One wonders what Malawi would become in the future with all this political propagandas if we hit that population level

  23. kkkkkkkk sooon? anthu openga mwapanga bwanji? tinayambira kumva zimenezo silerotu ulendo okha kungofika 2019 magetsi akumatere voti yanga ipitatu koyenera coz ndimadyera magetsi pano ndikudzunzika chifukwa a escom opusawa……..Ndikupempha anzanga onse odyera magetsi kut vote wisely pa 2019 mwina abwereko ena achidwi ndi kuzunzika kwa anzawo

  24. iii i pay last year ku escom to supply our house with electricity koma inu osatiyikila ..ayika kwa okhao ogwira ku escom kapena ali ndindalama eeish..malawi

  25. 2018 is not soon… How soon is that?? Mumangoyankhula kumeneko not necessarily having a thought in mind of how much life gets tough, running 3 days without electricity mkuzawona tsiku linalo for 3 hrs as if I am staying in a thatched house. Pano mvula ikugwa kuno, ngati madzi sanayambebe kudzadza munyanja munene titchinjirizire zidebe kuno tizikathira. Anthu oipa inu!! And to make matters worse, magetsi kulibe kuno 🙁

  26. How many times the same old song is boring. Can you change to new lies. Or this is controlled by political cats. Seems if the area voted another party then they get punishment of these blackout.

  27. Akuona kuti 2019 yayandikira atipusise tizawavotere after that back to blackouts a Malawi tisapusitsidwe magetsi or no magetsi come 2019 they shld go enough is enough

    1. Lovemore Ngoma, this tells you that Malwians are proud of their mother and mother tongue. Don’t impose English.

  28. Eni ake akalowa mu boma akayatsa switch yomwe mwakhala musakuwona nthawi yonseyi. Koma inu ndiye ayi, mwalephela ndithu..

  29. kkkkkkk angoonadi mvula adzitiso zativuta kamba koti kumkula kwadzaza zinyalala ofunika kunja kuwale kae kunenaso nthaw ngt ino chaka chamawa aaaaa abwampin

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